1. 07 Sep, 1997 2 commits
  2. 06 Sep, 1997 9 commits
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      (m4-mode): Add autoload cookie. · 10918533
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      Add OpenBSD clause to set $machine. · e3ac1b7f
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      Test __OpenBSD__ along with __NetBSD__. · cb1ee811
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      [__OpenBSD__]: Include sys/exec_elf.h.
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      new version · bd698e98
      Michael Kifer authored
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      Some comment and doc fixes. · a18ed129
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (ps-print-version): New version number (3.05.1).
      (ps-adobe-tag): Replace defvar by defcustom, and doc fix.
      (ps-print-with-faces, ps-print-without-faces)
      (ps-spool-with-faces, ps-spool-without-faces): Add arg REGION-P.
      (ps-print-region-with-faces, ps-print-region)
      (ps-spool-region, ps-spool-region-with-faces): Fix calls to
      the functions above.
      (ps-setup): Print value of ps-zebra-stripe, ps-number-of-zebra,
      ps-line-number, ps-print-background-image,
      and ps-print-background-text.
      (ps-print-prologue-1): Bug fix in PostScript programming:
      /BeginDSCPage, /BeginPage.
      (ps-showpage-count, ps-ref-bold-faces, ps-ref-italic-faces)
      (ps-ref-underlined-faces, font-lock-face-attributes)
      (ps-initialize-faces): Vars deleted.
      (ps-override-list, ps-extension-to-bit-face)
      (ps-extension-to-screen-face, ps-initialize-faces, ps-header-height)
      (ps-hard-lf, ps-soft-lf, ps-get-face, ps-map-font-lock): Fn deleted.
      (ps-extend-face-list, ps-extend-face): Doc fix.
      (ps-print-face-alist): New var to handle face alist.
      (ps-printing-region): New var and fn.
      (ps-header-page, ps-set-face-bold, ps-set-face-italic)
      (ps-set-face-underline, ps-set-face-attribute, ps-map-face): New fn.
      (ps-rmail-mode-hook, ps-rmail-print-message-from-summary)
      (ps-print-message-from-summary, ps-vm-print-message-from-summary):
      Fns moved.
      (ps-background): New argument PAGE-NUMBER.
      (ps-begin-file): Bug fix and print proper line number in a region.
      (ps-begin-page): Call ps-header-page.
      (ps-get-buffer-name): Indicates in the header when printing a region.
      (ps-end-page): Delete ps-showpage-count.
      (ps-dummy-page): Calls ps-header-page.
      (ps-set-color): Programming improvement.
      (ps-plot-region): Doc fix.
      (ps-face-attributes): Same functionality as deleted ps-get-face.
      (ps-build-reference-face-lists): Do the job by calling
      ps-set-face-bold and ps-bold-faces, and friends.
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      Mode line format has changed. · 3c72adf2
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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