1. 15 Apr, 2015 5 commits
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  3. 13 Apr, 2015 13 commits
    • Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar
      Use gmm-called-interactively-p in Gnus · 56dfd3de
      Katsumi Yamaoka authored
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-topic.el (gnus-topic-mode): Use gmm-called-interactively-p.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/loadup.el ("cus-start"): Load it after loaddefs.el · 40d67a3b
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Fixes: debbugs:20321
      * lisp/cus-start.el (read-buffer-function): Don't advertize
      iswitchb-read-buffer any more.
      (iswitchb): Don't tweak this obsolete group any more.
    • Artur Malabarba's avatar
    • Artur Malabarba's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-defstruct): Implement docstrings · 13634dec
      Artur Malabarba authored
      Adding a string after a constructor's argument list will use
      that string as the constructor function docstring.  If this string
      is absent but the struct itself was given a docstring, use that as
      the constructor's docstring.
      Fixes (bug#17284).
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Deprecate `intangible' and `point-entered' properties · 84e0b7da
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cursor-sensor.el: New file.
      * lisp/simple.el (pre-redisplay-functions): New hook.
      (redisplay--pre-redisplay-functions): New function.
      (pre-redisplay-function): Use it.
      (minibuffer-avoid-prompt): Mark obsolete.
      (redisplay--update-region-highlight): Adapt it to work as a function on
      * lisp/cus-start.el (minibuffer-prompt-properties--setter): New fun.
      (minibuffer-prompt-properties): Use it.  Use cursor-intangible rather
      than point-entered to make the prompt intangible.
      * lisp/forms.el: Move `provide' calls to the end.
      (forms-mode): Don't use `run-hooks' on a local var.
      (forms--make-format, forms--make-format-elt-using-text-properties):
      Use cursor-intangible rather than `intangible'.
      (forms-mode): Enable cursor-intangible-mode.
      * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-mode): Use defvar-local.
      (cursor-sensor-inhibit): Declare.
      (isearch-mode): Set cursor-sensor-inhibit.
      (isearch-done): Set it back.
      (isearch-open-overlay-temporary, isearch-open-necessary-overlays)
      (isearch-close-unnecessary-overlays): Don't bother with `intangible'
      any more.
      * lisp/ses.el (ses-localvars): Remove `mode-line-process'.
      (ses-sym-rowcol, ses-cell-value, ses-col-width, ses-col-printer):
      Add Edebug spec.
      (ses-goto-print, ses-print-cell, ses-adjust-print-width)
      (ses-goto-data, ses-setup, ses-copy-region): Don't let-bind
      inhibit-point-motion-hooks any more.
      (ses--cell-at-pos, ses--curcell): New functions, extracted from
      (ses-set-curcell): Use them.
      (ses-print-cell, ses-setup): Use cursor-intangible instead of
      `intangible'.  Make sure cursor-intangible isn't sticky at BOB.
      (ses-print-cell-new-width, ses-reprint-all, ses-recalculate-all):
      Use ses--cell-at-pos.
      (ses--mode-line-process, ses--cursor-sensor-highlight): New functions,
      extracted from ses-command-hook.  Make them work with multiple windows
      displaying the same buffer.
      (ses-mode): Use them via mode-line-process and pre-redisplay-functions.
      Enable cursor-intangible-mode.
      (ses-command-hook): Remove cell highlight and mode-line update code.
      (ses-forward-or-insert, ses-copy-region-helper, ses-sort-column):
      Update for new name of text-property holding the cell name.
      (ses-rename-cell): Don't mess with mode-line-process.
      * lisp/erc/erc-stamp.el (erc-add-timestamp): Use the new
      cursor-sensor-functions property instead of point-entered.
      (erc-insert-timestamp-right, erc-format-timestamp):
      Use cursor-intangible rather than `intangible'.
      (erc-munge-invisibility-spec): Use add-to-invisibility-spec and
      remove-from-invisibility-spec.  Enable cursor-intangible-mode and
      cursor-sensor-mode if needed.
      (erc-echo-timestamp): Adapt to calling convention of
      (erc-insert-timestamp-right): Remove unused vars `current-window' and
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-group.el (gnus-tmp-*): Declare.
      (gnus-update-group-mark-positions): Remove unused `topic' var.
      (gnus-group-insert-group-line): Remove unused var `header'.
      (gnus-group--setup-tool-bar-update): New function.
      (gnus-group-insert-group-line): Use it.
      (gnus-group-update-eval-form): Declare local
      dynamically-bound variables.
      (gnus-group-unsubscribe-group): Use \` and \' to match string bounds.
      * lisp/gnus/gnus-topic.el (gnus-topic-jump-to-topic)
      (gnus-group-prepare-topics, gnus-topic-update-topic)
      (gnus-topic-change-level, gnus-topic-catchup-articles)
      (gnus-topic-remove-group, gnus-topic-delete, gnus-topic-indent):
      Use inhibit-read-only.
      (gnus-topic-prepare-topic): Use gnus-group--setup-tool-bar-update.
      (gnus-topic-mode): Use define-minor-mode and derived-mode-p.
      * lisp/textmodes/reftex-index.el (reftex-display-index):
      Use cursor-intangible-mode if available.
      (reftex-index-post-command-hook): Check cursor-intangible.
      * lisp/textmodes/reftex-toc.el (reftex-toc):
      Use cursor-intangible-mode if available.
      (reftex-toc-recenter, reftex-toc-post-command-hook):
      Check cursor-intangible.
      * lisp/textmodes/sgml-mode.el: Use lexical-binding.
      (sgml-tag): Use cursor-sensor-functions instead of point-entered.
      (sgml-tags-invisible): Use with-silent-modifications and
      inhibit-read-only.  Enable cursor-sensor-mode.
      (sgml-cursor-sensor): Rename from sgml-point-entered and adjust to
      calling convention of cursor-sensor-functions.
      * lisp/textmodes/table.el (table-cell-map-hook, table-load-hook)
      (table-point-entered-cell-hook, table-point-left-cell-hook):
      Don't autoload.
      (table-cell-entered-state): Remove var.
      Use cursor-sensor-functions rather than point-entered/left.
      (table--point-entered/left-cell-function): Merge
      table--point-entered-cell-function and table--point-left-cell-function
      and adjust to calling convention of cursor-sensor-functions.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Update ldef-boots.el · b430d2a8
      Stefan Monnier authored
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      xterm and OSC 52: Add NEWS entry, and tweak the code · 5d9432e6
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/term/xterm.el (gui-set-selection) <nil>: Move method definition to
      (terminal-init-xterm-activate-set-selection): Set a terminal property.
      (xterm--set-selection): Use it instead of checking the value of
      `terminal-initted'.  Don't use string-bytes.
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      xterm.el: Implement OSC-52 functionality for setting the X selection · 2b2fd396
      Philipp Stephani authored
      * lisp/term/xterm.el (xterm-max-cut-length): New var.
      (xterm--set-selection, terminal-init-xterm-activate-set-selection): New funs.
      (terminal-init-xterm, xterm--version-handler): Use them.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Remove left over code from when we used an obsolete/loaddefs.el file · a2f9da45
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/subr.el (do-after-load-evaluation): Remove left over code from when
      we used an obsolete/loaddefs.el file.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * cedet/semantic/fw.el: Use declare. · 2a72ae28
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * cedet/semantic/fw.el (semantic-exit-on-input)
      (semanticdb-without-unloaded-file-searches): Use declare.
      (semantic-fw-add-edebug-spec): Remove.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (completion-lisp-mode-hook): Use completion-separator-chars · f6bdbdf1
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/completion.el (completion-lisp-mode-hook):
      Use completion-separator-chars rather than local key binding.
    • Fabián Ezequiel Gallina's avatar
      python.el: Keep symmetry on sexp navigation with parens · 659609d1
      Fabián Ezequiel Gallina authored
      Fixes: debbugs:19954
      * lisp/progmodes/python.el
      (python-nav--forward-sexp): Add argument skip-parens-p.
      (python-nav-forward-sexp, python-nav-backward-sexp)
      (python-nav-backward-sexp-safe): Use it.
      * test/automated/python-tests.el
      (python-nav-forward-sexp-1): Fix test.
  4. 12 Apr, 2015 14 commits