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      Merge from upstream, upto version 5.22. · 9968f10f
      Stefan Monnier authored
      After 5.0:
       `cperl-add-tags-recurse-noxs-fullpath': new function (for -batch mode)
       Fine-grained changelog:
      `cperl-hook-after-change':	New configuration variable
      `cperl-vc-sccs-header':	Likewise.
      `cperl-vc-sccs-header':	Likewise.
      `cperl-vc-header-alist':	Default via two preceding variables
      `cperl-invalid-face':	Remove double quoting under XEmacs
                                      (still needed under 21.2)
      `cperl-tips':		Update URLs for resources
      `cperl-problems':		Likewise.
      `cperl-praise':		Mention new features
      New C-c key bindings:	for `cperl-find-bad-style',
      `cperl-pod-spell', `cperl-here-doc-spell', `cperl-narrow-to-here-doc',
      `cperl-perdoc', `cperl-perldoc-at-point'
      CPerl Mode menu changes:	"Fix style by spaces", "Imenu on Perl Info"
      moved, new submenu of Tools with Ispell entries and narrowing.
      `cperl-after-sub-regexp':	New defsubst
      `cperl-imenu--function-name-regexp-perl': Use `cperl-after-sub-regexp',
                              Allows heads up to head4
                              Allow "package;"
      `defun-prompt-regexp':	Use `cperl-after-sub-regexp',
      `paren-backwards-message':	??? Something for XEmacs???
      `cperl-mode':		Never auto-switch abbrev-mode off
                              Try to allow '_' be non-word char
                              Do not use `font-lock-unfontify-region-function' on XEmacs
                              Reset syntax cache on mode start
                              Support multiline facification (even
                                      on legacy `font-lock')
      `cperl-facemenu-add-face-function':	??? Some contributed code ???
      `cperl-after-change-function':	Since `font-lock' and `lazy-lock'
              refuse to inform us whether the fontification is due to lazy
              calling or due to edit to a buffer, install our own hook
              (controlled by `cperl-hook-after-change')
      `cperl-electric-pod':	=cut may have been recognized as start
      `cperl-block-p':		Moved, updated for attributes
      `cperl-calculate-indent':	Try to allow '_' be non-word char
                              Support subs with attributes
      `cperl-where-am-i':		Queit (?) a warning
      `cperl-cached-syntax-table'	New function
      `cperl-forward-re':		Use `cperl-cached-syntax-table'
      `cperl-unwind-to-safe':	Recognize `syntax-type' property
                                      changing in a middle of line
      `cperl-find-sub-attrs':	New function
      `cperl-find-pods-heres':	Allow many <<EOP per line
                              Allow subs with attributes
                              Major speedups (3.5x..15x on a real-life
                                      test file nph-proxy.pl)
                              Recognize "extproc " (OS/2)
                                      case-folded and only at start
                              /x on s///x with empty replacement was
                                      not recognized
                              Better comments
      `cperl-after-block-p':	Remarks on diff with `cperl-block-p'
                              Allow subs with attributes, labels
                              Do not confuse "else::foo" with "else"
                              Minor optimizations...
      `cperl-after-expr-p':	Try to allow '_' be non-word char
      `cperl-fill-paragraph':	Try to detect a major bug in Emacs
              with `looking-at' inside `narrow' and bulk out if found
      `cperl-imenu--create-perl-index':	Updates for new
      `cperl-outline-level':	Likewise
      `cperl-init-faces':		Allow multiline subroutine headers
              and my/our declarations, and ones with comments
                              Allow subroutine attributes
      `cperl-imenu-on-info':	Better docstring.
      `cperl-etags'		Rudimentary support for attributes
                              Support for packages and "package;"
      `cperl-add-tags-recurse-noxs':	Better (?) docstring
      `cperl-add-tags-recurse-noxs-fullpath': Likewise
      `cperl-tags-hier-init':	Misprint for `fboundp' fixed
      `cperl-not-bad-style-regexp':	Try to allow '_' be non-word char
      `cperl-perldoc':		Add autoload
      `cperl-perldoc-at-point':	Likewise
      `cperl-here-doc-spell':	New function
      `cperl-pod-spell':		Likewise
      `cperl-map-pods-heres':	Likewise
      `cperl-get-here-doc-region':	Likewise
      `cperl-font-lock-fontify-region-function': Likewise (backward compatibility
                                              for legacy `font-lock')
      `cperl-font-lock-unfontify-region-function': Fix style
      `cperl-fontify-syntaxically':	Recognize and optimize away
              deferred calls with no-change.  Governed by `cperl-hook-after-change'
      `cperl-fontify-update':	Recognize that syntaxification region
              can be larger than fontification one.
              XXXX we leave `cperl-postpone' property, so this is quadratic...
      `cperl-fontify-update-bad':	Temporary placeholder until
              it is clear how to implement `cperl-fontify-update'.
      `cperl-time-fontification':	New function
      `attrib-group':		New text attribute
      `multiline':		New value: `syntax-type' text attribute
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      * dnd.el (dnd-handle-one-url): Fix typo in doc-string. · a3545af4
      Jan Djärv authored
      * help-at-pt.el (scan-buf-move-to-region): Likewise.
      * longlines.el (longlines-window-change-function): Likewise.
      * simple.el (undo-ask-before-discard): Likewise.
      * wid-edit.el (widget-field-prompt-internal)
      (widget-documentation-link-p): Likewise
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