1. 17 Jan, 1999 18 commits
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      Major rewrite to support cleaner method of dumping; a · 5b79dba5
      Andrew Innes authored
      static "bss" section is used for heap space during preload, and
      bss data is now written to the proper section area when dumping.
      (need_to_recreate_heap): Renamed to using_dynamic_heap.
      (heap_index_in_executable): Obsolete variable removed.
      (data_section): New variable.
      (data_start_va): Renamed to data_start.
      (data_start_file): Obsolete variable removed.
      (heap_section): New variables.
      (_start): Remove code based on old unexec method.  Call init_heap
      to initialize sbrk heap.
      (close_file_data): Update size of file when closing, so that
      unexec doesn't have to work out exact size in advance.
      (get_section_size): Obsolete functions removed.
      (rva_to_section): Fix minor bug, and add a work-around for a bug
      in very old linkers.
      (relocate_offset): New functions.
      (OFFSET_TO_PTR): New macros.
      (get_section_info): Modify to support new unexec method;
      determines address ranges in process that need dumping, and COFF
      sections where data will be dumped.  Allows for static and global
      bss data to be in separate ranges.  No longer relies on knowledge
      of section names.
      (copy_executable_and_dump_data_section): Renamed
      copy_executable_and_dump_data.  Completely rewritten to copy
      executable section by section, so that raw data areas can be
      expanded to hold dumped data as necessary.  Allows for bss data to
      be in same section as initialized data.  Reduces size of static
      heap section to that used during preload.
      (map_in_heap): Obsolete functions removed.
      (unexec): Rounds off preload heap to nearest page rather than
      virtual allocation unit.  Modified to match other changes.
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      (get_lim_data): Use reserved_heap_size instead of · 3bc2366f
      Andrew Innes authored
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      (TEMACS_TMP): New macro. · ea01f002
      Andrew Innes authored
      ($(TEMACS)): Output to TEMACS_TMP from link, use post-link
      processor to add static heap section in support of new unexec.
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      Include config.h to pick up data layout pragmas. · cfe8de43
      Andrew Innes authored
      [WINDOWSNT]: Remove explicit pragma.
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      (ALL): List top-level targets. · 32c0fe80
      Andrew Innes authored
      (addsection): New top-level target.
      (install): Copy fns-*.el to bin directory.
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      Initial revision · 6012853d
      Andrew Innes authored
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      (MS-DOS Printing): Rewrite section. · 9d9d68ed
      Andrew Innes authored
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      Initial revision · ca2565b0
      Andrew Innes authored
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      Initial revision · 3f973d9b
      Andrew Innes authored
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      (find-buffer-file-type-coding-system): Use · ca19ad67
      Andrew Innes authored
      default-buffer-file-coding-system when file doesn't exist (and isn't
      covered by a special case) instead of forcing undecided-dos against
      the user's wishes.
      (direct-print-region-helper): New function based on
      direct-print-region-function; sends data to specified printer port
      without further translation.  Recognize and handle specially the
      standard `print' and `nprint' programs, as well as `lpr' and
      similar programs.  Only write directly to the printer port if no
      print program is specified.  Work around a bug in Windows 9x
      affecting Win32 version of Emacs by invoking command.com to write
      to the printer port instead of writing directly.
      (direct-print-region-function): Use direct-print-region-helper to
      do most of the work.
      (direct-ps-print-region-function): New function; analogue of
      direct-print-region-function for ps-print.
      (ps-lpr-command): Comment out setq; leave as example usage.
      (ps-lpr-switches): Ditto.
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      (printer-name): Update docstring about usage on MS-DOS · 8bc62130
      Andrew Innes authored
      and MS-Windows.
      (lpr-command) [ms-dos, windows-nt]: Initialize to empty string on
      DOS and Windows platforms, to indicate direct printing.  Update
      the docstring accordingly.
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      (ps-printer-name): Update docstring about usage on · 52cf535f
      Andrew Innes authored
      MS-DOS and MS-Windows.
      (ps-lpr-command): Update docstring as for lpr-command.
      (ps-print-region-function): New variable.
      (ps-do-despool): Use it.
      (ps-do-despool) [ms-dos, windows-nt]: Remove special case code for
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      (subst-char-in-string): New function. · 1ccaea52
      Andrew Innes authored
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      (cp852-decode-table): Fill a nil entry. · 795537a2
      Eli Zaretskii authored
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      (bdf-cache-file): Use convert-standard-filename. · 6c743efb
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      (bdf-find-font-info): New function, looks for the first readable
      file from a list of alternatives.
      (bdf-get-bitmaps, bdf-generate-font): Call bdf-find-font-info
      instead of bdf-get-font-info.
      (bdf-generate-glyphs): If font-name is a cons cell, pass its car
      to ps-mule-generate-bitmap-glyph.
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      (ps-mule-font-info-database-bdf): Add alternative · 5d5bea97
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      file names that avoid clashes in DOS 8+3 namespace.  FONT-NAME can
      now be a list of alternative names.
      (ps-mule-generate-font): If FONT-NAME is a cons cell, use its car.
      (ps-mule-prepare-font): Likewise.
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