1. 06 Jul, 2003 10 commits
  2. 05 Jul, 2003 11 commits
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      (auto-mode-alist, interpreter-mode-alist): Removed entries to CC Mode · 3aae776c
      Martin Stjernholm authored
      modes to avoid duplicates; they are now added with autoload directives
      in cc-mode.el.
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      New patch version. · a2f3d16b
      Martin Stjernholm authored
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      (c-style-alist, c-lang-variable-inits, c-lang-variable-inits-tail): The · 2eb455ab
      Martin Stjernholm authored
      values of these are changed, so declare them as variables and not constants.
    • Martin Stjernholm's avatar
      Fixed some autoload problems: Try to ensure that the entry for ".c" · 50fdde0e
      Martin Stjernholm authored
      extension comes before the one for ".C" on auto-mode-alist', to behave
      better on case insensitive OS:es.  Fixed incorrect entries that were added
      to interpreter-mode-alist'.  Moved the autoload directives for AWK to the
      top level since they aren't recognized anywhere else.  Do not use the new
      AWK mode doc in the autoload form for the old AWK mode.
    • John Paul Wallington's avatar
      (customize-create-theme): Call `customize-create-theme' in · 392cb21b
      John Paul Wallington authored
      Reset widget's notify function.  Blush.
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    • Kai Großjohann's avatar
      2003-06-30 Roland Winkler <Roland.Winkler@physik.uni-erlangen.de> · d715b065
      Kai Großjohann authored
      	* textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-sort-entry-class): new entry
      	(bibtex-sort-ignore-string-entries): default value t.
      	(bibtex-entry-kill-ring-max): Reintroduced as it was removed
      	erroneously in previous version.
      	(bibtex-string-files): Docstring reflects new parsing scheme.
      	(bibtex-autokey-transcriptions): Merge some rewrite entries, fix
      	docstring, add # as one of the chars to crush
      	(bibtex-autokey-prefix-string, bibtex-autokey-names)
      	(bibtex-autokey-names-stretch, bibtex-autokey-additional-names)
      	(bibtex-autokey-name-case-convert, bibtex-autokey-name-length)
      	(bibtex-autokey-name-separator, bibtex-autokey-year-length)
      	(bibtex-autokey-use-crossref, bibtex-autokey-titlewords)
      	(bibtex-entry-type-history, bibtex-entry-maybe-empty-head): Fix
      	(bibtex-strings, bibtex-reference-keys): Use
      	lazy-completion-table and make-variable-buffer-local.
      	(bibtex-sort-entry-class-alist): Use downcase, account for
      	(bibtex-quoted-string-syntax-table): New variables.
      	(bibtex-parse-nested-braces): Remove.
      	(bibtex-parse-field-string): Use syntax table and forward-sexp.
      	(bibtex-parse-association): Simplify.
      	(bibtex-parse-field-name): Obey bibtex-autoadd-commas.
      	(bibtex-parse-field-text): Simplify.
      	(bibtex-search-forward-field, bibtex-search-backward-field):
      	argument BOUND can take value t.
      	(bibtex-start-of-field, bibtex-start-of-name-in-field)
      	(bibtex-end-of-name-in-field, bibtex-end-of-field)
      	(bibtex-start-of-text-in-field, bibtex-end-of-text-in-field)
      	(bibtex-start-of-text-in-string, bibtex-end-of-text-in-string)
      	(bibtex-end-of-string, bibtex-type-in-head): Use defsubst.
      	(bibtex-skip-to-valid-entry): Return buffer position of beginning
      	and ending of entry. Update for changes of bibtex-search-entry.
      	(bibtex-map-entries): FUN is called with three arguments.
      	(bibtex-search-entry): Return a cons pair with buffer positions of
      	beginning and end of entry.
      	(bibtex-enclosing-field): Simplify.
      	(bibtex-format-entry): Use booktitle to set a missing title.
      	(bibtex-autokey-get-names): Fiddle with regexps.
      	(bibtex-generate-autokey): Use identity.
      	(bibtex-parse-keys): Use simplified parsing algorithm if
      	bibtex-parse-keys-fast is non-nil. Simplify. Change order of
      	arguments. Return alist of keys.
      	(bibtex-parse-strings): Simplify. Return alist of strings.
      	(bibtex-complete-string-cleanup): Fix docstring.
      	(bibtex-read-key): New function.
      	(bibtex-mode): Fix docstring. Do not parse for keys and
      	strings when the mode is entered. Set fill-paragraph-function to
      	bibtex-fill-field. Setup font-lock-mark-block-function the way
      	font-lock intended.
      	(bibtex-entry): Use bibtex-read-key. Obey bibtex-autofill-types.
      	(bibtex-parse-entry, bibtex-autofill-entry): New functions.
      	(bibtex-print-help-message, bibtex-remove-OPT-or-ALT)
      	(bibtex-Preamble): Avoid hard coded constants.
      	(bibtex-make-field): Fix docstring. Simplify.
      	(bibtex-beginning-of-entry): Always return new position of point.
      	(bibtex-end-of-entry): Rearrange cond clauses.
      	(bibtex-count-entries, bibtex-validate, bibtex-reformat): Update
      	for changes of bibtex-map-entries.
      	(bibtex-ispell-abstract): Do not move point.
      	(bibtex-entry-index): Use downcase. Simplify.
      	(bibtex-lessp): Handle catch-all.
      	(bibtex-find-crossref): Turned into a command.
      	(bibtex-find-entry): Simplify. Use bibtex-read-key. Fix regexp.
      	(bibtex-clean-entry): Use bibtex-read-key. Handle string and
      	preamble entries.
      	(bibtex-fill-field-bounds): New function.
      	(bibtex-fill-field): New command. Bound to
      	(bibtex-fill-entry): Use bibtex-fill-field-bounds
      	(bibtex-String): Use bibtex-strings. Always obey
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      (ibuffer-backward-line, ibuffer-forward-line) · 34a4faa0
      John Paul Wallington authored
      (ibuffer-mark-interactive): Use `or' instead of `unless'.
      (define-ibuffer-column name): Add summarizer.
      (define-ibuffer-column size): Likewise.
      (define-ibuffer-column filename): Likewise.
      (define-ibuffer-column process): Likewise.  Change BODY's output too.
      (define-ibuffer-column filename-and-process): Likewise, likewise.
      (ibuffer): Remove local vars `already-in' and `need-update'.
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      *** empty log message *** · 4d5bb891
      Stefan Monnier authored
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      (cl-transform-lambda): Strip &cl-defs · 1360464e
      Stefan Monnier authored
      thingies from constructors created by defstruct.
  3. 04 Jul, 2003 19 commits