1. 24 May, 1997 6 commits
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      (texinfo-version): New function and variable. · 5ccb13ff
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (texinfo-update-node): New autoload call.
      (texinfo-every-node-update): Likewise.
      (texinfo-sequential-node-update): Likewise.
      (texinfo-mode-map): New binding for C-c ].
      (texinfo-environment-regexp): Use concat, for clarity.
      (texinfo-insert-@end): Fix paren error.
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      (texinfo-extra-inter-column-width): · c988a68a
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Renamed from extra-inter-column-width.  Doc fix.
      Variable renamed from multitable-temp-buffer-name.
      Variable renamed from multitable-temp-rectangle-name.
      (texinfo-format-key): Don't insert angle-brackets.
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      [This finishes the change log for the changes in the previous version.] · 5aa34729
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Add properties for new commands.
      Move all the no-op commands to the end, and add some.
      Add many commands for ligatures and for letters with diacritics
      and other non-English special characters.
      (texinfo-multitable): New Texinfo cmd.
      (texinfo-end-multitable): New function.
      (texinfo-multitable-widths): New function.
      (texinfo-multitable-extract-row): New function.
      (texinfo-multitable-item): New function.
      (texinfo-format-timestamp): New Texinfo cmd.
      (texinfo-format-kbd-regexp): New variable.
      (texinfo-format-kbd-end-regexp): New variable.
      (texinfo-format-kbd): New function for @kbd.
      (texinfo-format-ifeq): New Texinfo cmd.
      (texinfo-format-pounds): Likewise.
      (texinfo-format-refill): Handle *'s specially at line start.
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      (texinfmt-version): New function and variable. · 92f62199
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (texi2info): New function.
      (texinfo-accent-commands): New variable.
      (texinfo-no-refill-regexp): Use concat to make it clearer.
      Add some more elements.
      (texinfo-part-of-para-regexp): Likewise.
      (texinfo-append-refill): Extend criterion 3 for when not to refill.
      (texinfo-raisesections-alist): Add @centerchap.
      (texinfo-lowersections-alist): Add @centerchap.
      (texinfo-format-scan): Handle many more @-char commands.
      (detailmenu): Add texinfo-format and texinfo-end properties,
      (centerchap): Add texinfo-format property,
      (texinfo-format-buffer): Doc fix.
      (texinfo-parse-line-arg): Add doc string.
      (texinfo-parse-arg-discard): Likewise.
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      (libc-highlight-overlay): New variable. · 63f125ee
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (libc-search-index): Use an overlay for highlighting.
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      Initial revision · 2c989468
      Richard M. Stallman authored
  2. 23 May, 1997 10 commits
  3. 22 May, 1997 12 commits
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      Doc fix. · 8c988426
      Per Abrahamsen authored
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      (eldoc-message-commands): Move docstring into comments, since this isn't · c1286376
      Noah Friedman authored
      a user variable.
      (eldoc-message-commands-table-size, eldoc-use-idle-timer-p,
      eldoc-function-argstring-from-docstring-method-table): Use defvar,
      not defconst.
      (eldoc-last-data): Use cons explicitly; don't rely on dotted pair read
      syntax.  I'm worried the latter might get compiled as read-only data someday.
      (eldoc-docstring-message): If truncating symbol name, show ending of name
      rather than beginning.  The former is generally more unique.
      (eldoc-function-argstring-from-docstring-method-table): Handle
      pathological `save-restriction' case.
      [top level]: Add `indent-for-tab-command' to eldoc-message-commands.
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      The inode number can be an integer. · 2a7d4505
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (describe-key-briefly, where-is): Prefix arg means · e88a2c59
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      insert help text into current buffer.
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      iso-syntax.el renamed to latin-1.el. · 2b1df7a9
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (pc-selection-mode): Swap meanings of f16 and f18; · 8c4ba7c8
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      they were backwards.
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      (ada-krunch-args): Use gnatkr instead of gnatk8. · cadd3658
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (ada-make-filename-from-adaname): Ditto.
      (ada-adjust-case-region): Use format functionality of message.
      (ada-indent-region): Ditto.
      (ada-check-matching-start): Ditto.
      (ada-check-defun-name): Ditto.
      (ada-font-lock-keywords): Default to subdued.  Doc fix.
      (ada-font-lock-syntactic-keywords): New variable.
      (ada-mode): Use it to set font-lock-defaults.
      (ada-font-lock-keywords-2): Single "raise" will be
      highlighted. "in out" parameters get type face (depends on order
      in regexp).
      (ada-mode): Remove explicit setting of user option
      `blink-matching-paren', font-lock treats `.' as word char.
      (ada-in-string-or-comment-p): Call `parse-partial-sexp' only once.
      (ada-untabify-buffer): Force returning `nil'.
      (ada-font-lock-keywords-1): Move "task" before "task (body|type)" to
      correct highlighting (regexp depends on order).
      (ada-in-char-const-p): Renamed from `ada-after-char-p'.
      Also test following character.
      (ada-adjust-case): Use better function `ada-in-char-const-p'
      (ada-in-string-or-comment-p): Test for being in a char constant.
      (ada-clean-buffer-before-saving): Changed default to t.
      (ada-mode): Set `font-lock-defaults' for Emacs only, use properties
      for XEmacs.
      (ada-indent-newline-indent): Simplified by just calling
      (ada-end-stmt-re): Added word delimiters in regexp.
      Removed `interactive' statements which were needed only for debugging.
      Put format commands back in for emacs 19.30/19.29 compatibility.
      (ada-get-indent-label): A named block can begin
      without a declare part.
      (ada-check-defun-name): First of all, check for correct name in a
      named block without `declare' part.
      (ada-goto-matching-start): Change regexp as there may be no
      semicolon between `end' and keyword.
      (ada-get-current-indent): Remove warning as `begin' can introduce
      a block without a `declare'.
      (ada-goto-matching-decl-start): When searching backward, skip
      generic default proc/func ("is <>").
      (ada-named-block-re): New regexp for the name of a named block or loop.
      (ada-get-current-indent): Handle loop names at the stmt start.
      (ada-get-indent-end): Handle loop names at the stmt start.
      (ada-get-indent-noindent): Handle loop names at the stmt start.
      (ada-get-indent-loop): Handle loop names at the stmt start.
      (ada-search-prev-end-stmt): Generic instances are not `stmt-ends'.
      (ada-goto-previous-word): Use new function `ada-goto-next-word'.
      (ada-goto-next-word): Generalized old `ada-goto-previous-word' for
      both directions.
      (ada-indent-function): Removed unnecessary `package' case.
      (ada-get-indent-case): Before testing for `=>', be sure there is an `is'.
      (ada-search-prev-end-stmt): Test for `separate' keyword on the
      same line, which is not an `end-stmt'.
      Correct regexp for hilit of unfollowed `end'.
      (ada-in-open-paren-p): Start parsing definitely outside of strings.
      (ada-gnat-style): New function.
      Doc fixes.
      (ada-mode): Support new font-lock-mode.
      (ada-format-paramlist): Changed all `accept' to `access'.
      (ada-insert-paramlist): Changed all `accept' to `access'.
      (ada-in-comment-p): Use standard emacs way `parse-partial-sexp'.
      (ada-font-lock-keywords-1): Regexps in not byte-compiled code bahave
      different than byte-compiled regexps.
      Change order of some ored entries.
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  4. 21 May, 1997 6 commits
  5. 20 May, 1997 6 commits