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      Sync with Tramp 2.1.19. · 20b8ac83
      Michael Albinus authored
      * net/tramp-cmds.el (tramp-cleanup-all-connections)
      (tramp-reporter-dump-variable, tramp-load-report-modules)
      (tramp-append-tramp-buffers): Use `tramp-compat-funcall'.
      (tramp-bug): Recommend setting of `tramp-verbose' to 9.
      * net/tramp-compat.el (top): Do not autoload
      `tramp-handle-file-remote-p'.  Load tramp-util.el and tramp-vc.el
      only when `start-file-process' is not bound.
      (byte-compile-not-obsolete-vars): Define if not bound.
      (tramp-compat-funcall): New defmacro.
      (tramp-compat-make-temp-file, tramp-compat-file-attributes)
      (tramp-compat-copy-file, tramp-compat-copy-directory)
      (tramp-compat-delete-file, tramp-compat-delete-directory)
      (tramp-compat-number-sequence, tramp-compat-process-running-p):
      Use it.
      (tramp-advice-file-expand-wildcards): Do not use
      (tramp-compat-make-temp-file): Simplify fallback implementation.
      (tramp-compat-copy-file): Add PRESERVE-SELINUX-CONTEXT.
      (tramp-compat-copy-tree): Remove function.
      (tramp-compat-delete-file): New defun.
      (tramp-compat-delete-directory): Provide implementation for older
      (tramp-compat-file-attributes): Handle only
      `wrong-number-of-arguments' error.
      * net/tramp-fish.el (tramp-fish-handle-copy-file): Add
      (tramp-fish-handle-delete-file): Add TRASH arg.
      Do not use `tramp-fish-handle-file-attributes.
      (tramp-fish-maybe-open-connection): Use `with-progress-reporter'.
      * net/tramp-gvfs.el (top): Require url-util.
      (tramp-gvfs-mount-point): Remove.
      (tramp-gvfs-file-name-handler-alist): Add `file-selinux-context'
      and `set-file-selinux-context'.
      (tramp-gvfs-stringify-dbus-message, tramp-gvfs-send-command)
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-set-file-selinux-context): New defuns.
      (with-tramp-dbus-call-method): Format trace message.
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-copy-file): Handle PRESERVE-SELINUX-CONTEXT.
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-copy-file, tramp-gvfs-handle-rename-file):
      Implement backup call, when operation on local files fails.  Use
      progress reporter.  Flush properties of changed files.
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-delete-file): Add TRASH arg.  Use
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-expand-file-name): Expand "~/".
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-make-directory): Make more traces.
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-write-region): Protect deleting tmpfile.
      (tramp-gvfs-url-file-name): Hexify file name in url.
      (tramp-gvfs-fuse-file-name): Take also prefix (like dav shares)
      into account for the resulting file name.
      (tramp-gvfs-handler-askquestion): Preserve current message, in
      order to let progress reporter continue afterwards.  (Bug#6257)
      Return dummy mountpoint, when the answer is "no".  See
      (tramp-gvfs-connection-mounted-p): Test also for new mountspec
      attribute "default_location".  Set "prefix" property.  Handle
      (tramp-gvfs-mount-spec): Return both prefix and mountspec.
      (tramp-gvfs-maybe-open-connection): Test, whether mountpoint
      exists.  Raise an error, if not (due to a corresponding answer
      "no" in interactive questions, for example). Use
      * net/tramp-imap.el (top): Autoload `epg-make-context'.
      (tramp-imap-handle-copy-file): Add PRESERVE-SELINUX-CONTEXT.
      (tramp-imap-handle-file-local-copy): Use `with-progress-reporter'.
      (tramp-imap-handle-delete-file): Add TRASH arg.
      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-handle-copy-file): Add
      (tramp-smb-handle-file-local-copy, tramp-smb-handle-rename-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-write-region, tramp-smb-maybe-open-connection):
      Use `with-progress-reporter'.
      (tramp-smb-handle-delete-file): Add TRASH arg.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-methods): Move hostname to the end in all
      ssh `tramp-login-args'.  Add `tramp-async-args' attribute where
      (tramp-verbose): Describe verbose level 9.
      (tramp-file-name-regexp, tramp-chunksize)
      (tramp-local-coding-commands, tramp-remote-coding-commands)
      (with-connection-property, tramp-completion-mode-p)
      (tramp-action-process-alive, tramp-action-out-of-band)
      (tramp-check-for-regexp, tramp-file-name-p, tramp-equal-remote)
      (tramp-exists-file-name-handler): Fix docstring.
      (tramp-remote-process-environment): Use `format' instead of
      `concat'.  Protect version string by apostroph.
      (tramp-shell-prompt-pattern): Do not use a shy group in case of
      (tramp-completion-file-name-regexp-unified): On W32 systems, do
      not regard the volume letter as remote filename.  (Bug#5447)
      (tramp-perl-directory-files-and-attributes): Don't pass "$3".
      (tramp-vc-registered-read-file-names): Read input as
      here-document, otherwise the command could exceed maximum length
      of command line.
      (tramp-file-name-handler-alist): Add `file-selinux-context' and
      (tramp-debug-message): Add `tramp-compat-funcall' to ignored
      backtrace functions.
      (tramp-error-with-buffer): Don't show the connection buffer when
      we are in completion mode.
      (tramp-progress-reporter-update, tramp-remote-selinux-p)
      (tramp-handle-set-file-selinux-context, tramp-process-sentinel)
      (tramp-connectable-p, tramp-open-shell, tramp-get-remote-trash):
      New defuns.
      (with-progress-reporter): New defmacro.
      (tramp-debug-outline-regexp): New defconst.
      (top, tramp-rfn-eshadow-setup-minibuffer)
      (tramp-rfn-eshadow-update-overlay, tramp-handle-set-file-times)
      (tramp-handle-dired-compress-file, tramp-handle-shell-command)
      (tramp-completion-mode-p, tramp-check-for-regexp)
      (tramp-compute-multi-hops, tramp-read-passwd, tramp-clear-passwd)
      (tramp-time-diff, tramp-coding-system-change-eol-conversion)
      (tramp-set-process-query-on-exit-flag, tramp-unload-tramp):
      Use `tramp-compat-funcall'.
      (tramp-handle-make-symbolic-link): Flush file properties.
      (tramp-handle-load, tramp-handle-file-local-copy)
      (tramp-handle-insert-file-contents, tramp-handle-write-region)
      (tramp-handle-vc-registered, tramp-maybe-send-script)
      (tramp-find-shell): Use `with-progress-reporter'.
      (tramp-do-file-attributes-with-stat): Add space in format string,
      in order to work around a bug in pdksh.  Reported by Gilles Pion
      (tramp-handle-verify-visited-file-modtime): Do not send a command
      when the connection is not established.
      (tramp-handle-set-file-times): Simplify the check for utc.
      (tramp-get-remote-path): Use `copy-tree'.
      (tramp-completion-handle-file-name-all-completions): Ensure, that
      non remote files are still checked.  Oops.
      (tramp-handle-copy-file, tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file): Handle
      (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file): Add progress reporter.
      (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-directly): Do not use
      Use `tramp-compat-delete-directory'.
      (tramp-compute-multi-hops, tramp-maybe-open-connection):
      Use `format-spec-make'.
      (tramp-handle-delete-file): Add TRASH arg.
      (tramp-handle-dired-uncache): Flush directory cache, not only file
      (tramp-completion-handle-file-name-completion): Use
      (tramp-handle-start-file-process): Set connection property "vec".
      Use it, in order to invalidate file caches.  Check only for
      `remote-tty' process property.
      Implement tty setting.  (Bug#4604, Bug#6360)
      (tramp-file-name-for-operation): Add `call-process-region' and
      (tramp-set-auto-save-file-modes): Remove superfluous check for
      `stringp'.  This is done inside `tramp-tramp-file-p'.
      (tramp-file-name-handler): Trace 'quit.  Catch the error for some
      operations when we are in completion mode.  This gives the user
      the chance to correct the file name in the minibuffer.
      (tramp-completion-mode-p): Use `non-essential'.
      (tramp-handle-file-name-all-completions): Backward/ XEmacs
      compatibility: Use `completion-ignore-case' if
      `read-file-name-completion-ignore-case' does not exist.
      (tramp-get-debug-buffer): Use `tramp-debug-outline-regexp'.
      (tramp-find-shell, tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell):
      (tramp-action-password): Hide password prompt before next run.
      (tramp-process-actions): Widen connection buffer for the trace.
      (tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell): Set `remote-tty'
      process property.  Trace stty settings if `tramp-verbose' >= 9.
      Apply workaround for IRIX64 bug.  Move argument of last
      `tramp-send-command' where it belongs to.
      (tramp-maybe-open-connection): Use `async-args' and `gw-args' in
      front of `login-args'.
      (tramp-get-ls-command, tramp-get-ls-command-with-dired): Run tests
      on "/dev/null" instead of "/".
      (tramp-get-ls-command-with-dired): Make test for "--dired"
      (tramp-set-auto-save-file-modes): Adapt version check.
      (tramp-set-process-query-on-exit-flag): Fix wrong parentheses.
      (tramp-handle-process-file): Call the program in a subshell, in
      order to preserve working directory.
      (tramp-handle-shell-command): Don't use hard-wired "/bin/sh" but
      `tramp-remote-sh' from `tramp-methods'.
      (tramp-get-ls-command): Make test for "--color=never" stronger.
      (tramp-check-for-regexp): Use (forward-line 1).
      * net/trampver.el: Update release number.
      * net/tramp-gvfs.el (tramp-gvfs-handle-copy-file): Do not pass
      empty argument to gvfs-copy.
      * net/tramp-compat.el (tramp-compat-delete-file): Rewrite to
      handle new TRASH arg of `delete-file'.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-insert-directory): Don't use
      `forward-word', its default syntax could be changed.
      Implement compression for inline methods.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-inline-compress-start-size): New defcustom.
      (tramp-copy-size-limit): Allow also nil.
      (tramp-inline-compress-commands): New defconst.
      (tramp-find-inline-compress, tramp-get-inline-compress)
      (tramp-get-inline-coding): New defuns.
      (tramp-get-remote-coding, tramp-get-local-coding): Remove,
      replaced by `tramp-get-inline-coding'.
      (tramp-handle-file-local-copy, tramp-handle-write-region)
      (tramp-method-out-of-band-p): Use `tramp-get-inline-coding'.
      Detect ssh 'ControlMaster' argument automatically in some cases.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-detect-ssh-controlmaster): New defun.
      (tramp-default-method): Use it.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-file-name-for-operation):
      Add file-selinux-context.
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      * dired.el (dired-revert): If DIRED-DIRECTORY is a cons cell, call · d5b3979c
      Michael Albinus authored
      `dired-uncache' for every elemnt which is an absolute file name.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-dired-uncache): When DIR is not a
      directory, handle its directory component.
      (tramp-handle-file-remote-p): Let-bind `tramp-verbose' to 3; this
      function is called permanently and creates noise, otherwise.
      * net/tramp-imap.el (tramp-imap-handle-insert-directory):
      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-handle-insert-directory):
      Handle the case, FILENAME is not in `default-directory'.  (Bug#5478)
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      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-get-stat-capability): New defun. · fc754ea1
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-smb-handle-file-attributes): Use it.
      (tramp-smb-do-file-attributes-with-stat): Don't raise an error.
      (tramp-smb-handle-insert-directory): Use `mapc' rather than
      `mapcar'.  Use `tramp-smb-get-stat-capability'.  Add
      `dired-filename' text properties.
      (tramp-smb-get-cifs-capabilities): Apply `save-match-data'.
      (tramp-smb-maybe-open-connection): Simplify check for smbclient
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  10. 15 Oct, 2009 1 commit
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      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-errors): Add error messages. · 4260b402
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-smb-get-share, tramp-smb-get-localname): Use only VEC as
      (tramp-smb-handle-copy-directory, tramp-smb-handle-copy-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-delete-directory, tramp-smb-handle-delete-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-rename-file, tramp-smb-handle-set-file-modes)
      (tramp-smb-handle-write-region, tramp-smb-get-file-entries)
      (tramp-smb-maybe-open-connection): Apply the changed parameters.
      (tramp-smb-read-file-entry): Read Disk names in compressed format.
      Handle long file names.
      (tramp-smb-get-cifs-capabilities): Check, whether the connection
      process is running.
      (tramp-smb-maybe-open-connection): Trace "smbclient -V" command.
      Read share names with "-g" option.
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  12. 11 Oct, 2009 2 commits
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      Fix last change. · 585eedef
      Michael Albinus authored
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-errors): Add error messages. · f6f7e059
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-smb-file-name-handler-alist): Add handlers for
      `add-name-to-file', `make-symbolic-link'.
      (tramp-smb-get-cifs-capabilities): New defuns.
      (tramp-smb-handle-copy-directory, tramp-smb-handle-copy-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-delete-directory, tramp-smb-handle-delete-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-rename-file, tramp-smb-handle-write-region): The
      file name syntax depends on cifs capabilities.
      (tramp-smb-handle-file-attributes); Call
      `tramp-do-file-attributes-with-stat' if possible.
      (tramp-smb-handle-insert-directory): Use posix attributes if
      (tramp-smb-handle-set-file-modes): It is applicable for posix
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  14. 07 Oct, 2009 1 commit
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      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-errors): Add error messages. · c2dc9732
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-smb-file-name-handler-alist): Add handler for
      `copy-directory', `expand-file-name', `set-file-modes'.
      (tramp-smb-handle-set-file-modes): New defuns.
      (tramp-smb-handle-copy-file): Handle KEPP-DATE.
      (tramp-smb-handle-file-attributes): Simplify check for retrieving
      (tramp-smb-handle-insert-directory): Don't flush the cache.
      (tramp-smb-maybe-open-connection): Check for samba client and
      server versions.
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  32. 23 Dec, 2007 1 commit
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      Sync with Tramp 2.1.12. · adb67129
      Michael Albinus authored
      * net/tramp.el: New todo item.
      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-handle-insert-directory): Handle "-F"
      switch.  Reported by Mark T. Kennedy <mkennedy@diamondbackcap.com>.
      * net/trampver.el: Update release number.
  33. 07 Nov, 2007 1 commit
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      * net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-substitute-in-file-name): Don't · b08104a0
      Michael Albinus authored
      expand the remote connection identification.
      (tramp-find-shell, tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell):
      Set also $PS2 and $PS3 when setting $PS1.  Check for shell echoing
      before calling stty.
      * net/tramp-cache.el (tramp-cache-print)
      (tramp-dump-connection-properties): Fix docstring.
      (tramp-list-connections): Renamed from
      * net/tramp-cmds.el (tramp-cleanup-connection): Apply it.
      * net/tramp-ftp.el (tramp-ftp-file-name-handler): Don't expand the
      remote connection identification when setting connection property.
      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-handle-substitute-in-file-name):
      "//" substitutes only in the local filename part.
  34. 27 Oct, 2007 1 commit
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-wrong-passwd-regexp): Tune regexp. · a4aeb9a4
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-get-remote-tmpdir): New defun.
      (tramp-make-tramp-temp-file): Use it.
      (tramp-local-call-process): New defun.  Replace all calls of
      `call-process' by this when appropriate.
      (tramp-handle-write-region): Replace calls of `file-attributes' by
      (tramp-find-shell, tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell):
      Make the first command a `tramp-send-command' call, with let-bind
      of `tramp-end-of-output'.
      (tramp-version, tramp-bug, tramp-reporter-dump-variable)
      (tramp-load-report-modules, tramp-append-tramp-buffers): Move to
      * net/tramp-fish.el (tramp-fish-handle-copy-file)
      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-handle-copy-file):
      Add parameter PRESERVE-UID-GID.
  35. 04 Oct, 2007 1 commit
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-make-temp-file): Move to tramp-compat.el. · 258800f8
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-directly): Handle tmpfile only in
      the cond clauses where needed.
      (tramp-handle-write-region): Rearrange code for proper handling of
      * net/tramp-compat.el (tramp-compat-make-temp-file): New defsubst.
      * net/tramp.el:
      * net/tramp-fish.el:
      * net/tramp-ftp.el:
      * net/tramp-smb.el: Rename `tramp-make-temp-file' to
  36. 03 Oct, 2007 1 commit
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp.el (top): Add tramp-compat to `tramp-unload-hook'. · 94be87e8
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-file-name-handler-alist): Add
      `tramp-handle-insert-file-contents-literally'.  Neded for XEmacs.
      (tramp-make-temp-file): Use `make-temp-name'. `make-temp-file',
      used before, creates the file already, which is not desired.
      (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-directly): Simplify handling of
      temporary file.
      (tramp-handle-insert-file-contents): Assign the result in the
      short track case.
      (tramp-handle-insert-file-contents-literally): New defun.
      (tramp-completion-mode-p): Revert change from 2007-09-24.
      Checking for `return' etc as last character is not sufficient, for
      example in dired-mode when entering <g> (revert-buffer) or
      <s> (dired-sort).
      * net/tramp-compat.el (top): Add also compatibility code for loading
      appropriate timer package.
      (tramp-compat-copy-tree): Check for `subrp' and `symbol-file' in
      order to avoid autoloading problems.
      * net/tramp-fish.el:
      * net/tramp-smb.el: Move further compatibility code to
      * net/tramp-ftp.el (tramp-ftp-file-name-handler): Handle the case
      where the second parameter of `copy-file' or `rename-file' is a
      remote file but not via ftp.
  37. 30 Sep, 2007 1 commit
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp-compat.el: New file. · 9e6ab520
      Michael Albinus authored
      * net/tramp.el:
      * net/tramp-fish.el:
      * net/tramp-smb.el:
      * net/tramp-uu.el:
      * net/trampver.el: Move compatibility code to tramp-compat.el.
      Apply `mapc' instead of `mapcar' when the code needs side effects
      only.  Move utf-8 coding cookie to the second line.
  38. 21 Sep, 2007 1 commit
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * rfn-eshadow.el (rfn-eshadow-setup-minibuffer-hook) · d037d501
      Michael Albinus authored
      (rfn-eshadow-update-overlay-hook): New defvars.
      (rfn-eshadow-setup-minibuffer, rfn-eshadow-update-overlay): Run
      the hooks.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-rfn-eshadow-overlay): New defvar.
      (tramp-rfn-eshadow-update-overlay): New defuns.  Hook into
      * net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-errors): Add error message for call
  39. 29 Jul, 2007 1 commit
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp.el: · bce04fee
      Michael Albinus authored
      * net/tramp-uu.el:
      * net/trampver.el: Use utf-8 encoding with coding cookie.
      * net/tramp-cache.el:
      * net/tramp-fish.el:
      * net/tramp-ftp.el:
      * net/tramp-gw.el:
      * net/tramp-smb.el: Remove coding cookie.
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-verify-visited-file-modtime): Flush
      buffer file-name's file property.
      (tramp-handle-file-remote-p): The first parameter is FILENAME.
      * net/trampver.el: Update release number.