1. 18 Jan, 2008 1 commit
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      (Property inheritance): New section · dbc28aaa
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(Conventions): New section.
      	(Structure editing): Document C-RET, the prefix arg to the cut/cpy
      	commands, and the new bindings for refiling.
      	(Sparse trees): Document the new special command for sparse trees.
      	(References): Be more clear about the counting of hilines.
      	(Handling links): Document M-p/n for accessing links.
      	(Fast access to TODO states): New section.
      	(Per file keywords): New section.
      	(Property inheritance): New section.
      	(Column attributes): New summary types.
      	(Capturing Column View): New section.
      	(The date/time prompt): Cover the new features in the date/time
      	prompt.  Compactify the table of keys for the calendar remote
      	(Clocking work time): Document the new :scope parameter.
      	(Remember): Promoted to chapter.
      	(Quoted examples): New section.
      	(Enhancing text): New verbatim environments.
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