1. 05 Dec, 2002 13 commits
  2. 04 Dec, 2002 19 commits
  3. 03 Dec, 2002 8 commits
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    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (gdba): Use the default for gud-find-file. · 65d7dd2e
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (def-gdb-variable): Remove: fold into def-gdb-var.
      (def-gdb-var): Use buffer-local-value and with-current-buffer.
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    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (gud-running): Rename from gdb-running. Update uses. · b94a3001
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (gud-tool-bar-map): Use tool-bar-local-item-from-menu rather than
      tool-bar-add-item-from-menu to avoid let binding tool-bar-map
      which fails if tool-bar.el is loaded in the mean time.
      (gud-file-name): New fun.
      (gud-find-file): Use it as default value for gud-find-file.
      (gud-speedbar-buttons): Discriminate on gud-minor-mode rather than
      on gud-find-file.
      (gud-gdb-find-file, gud-dbx-file-name, gud-dbx-find-file)
      (gud-xdb-file-name, gud-xdb-find-file, gud-perldb-find-file)
      (gud-pdb-find-file, gud-jdb-find-file): Remove.
      (gud-query-cmdline): Don't stuff the whole cwd in the command.
      (gdb, dbx, xdb, perldb, pdb, jdb): Use the default for gud-find-file.
      (gud-mipsdbx-massage-args): Remove.
      (gud-dbx-command-name): New var.  Do what gud-mipsdbx-massage-args did.
      (gud-irixdbx-marker-filter): Use match-string and gud-file-name.
      (gud-jdb-command-name): New var.
      (gud-common-init): Re-instate RMS code of 11/13.
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      *** empty log message *** · 02d588e2
      Dave Love authored
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      (ucs-unify-8859, ucs-unify-8859) · a4895da1
      Dave Love authored
      (ucs-fragment-8859): Don't use set-buffer-major-mode-hook.
      (ucs-set-table-for-input): Use optional arg.  Check for null `cs'.
    • Dave Love's avatar
      (Qucs_set_table_for_input): New. · 48265e61
      Dave Love authored
      (Fget_buffer_create): Use it.
      (Qset_buffer_major_mode_hook): Deleted.
      (Fset_buffer_major_mode): Revert previous change.
      (init_buffer_once): Intern ucs-set-table-for-input.
      (syms_of_buffer): Delete Qset_buffer_major_mode_hook.  Add
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      . · 5a1a5f58
      Andreas Schwab authored