1. 29 May, 2010 1 commit
  2. 28 May, 2010 4 commits
  3. 27 May, 2010 3 commits
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Change delete-by-moving-to-trash so Lisp calls explicitly request trashing. · f1a5d776
      Chong Yidong authored
      * src/fileio.c (Fdelete_file): Change meaning of optional arg to mean
      whether to trash.
      (internal_delete_file, Frename_file): Callers changed.
      (delete_by_moving_to_trash): Doc fix.
      (Fdelete_directory_internal): Don't move to trash.
      * src/callproc.c (delete_temp_file):
      * src/buffer.c (Fkill_buffer): Callers changed.
      * src/lisp.h: Update prototype.
      * lisp/diff.el (diff-sentinel):
      * lisp/epg.el (epg--make-temp-file, epg-decrypt-string)
      (epg-verify-string, epg-sign-string, epg-encrypt-string):
      * lisp/jka-compr.el (jka-compr-partial-uncompress)
      (jka-compr-call-process, jka-compr-write-region):
      * lisp/server.el (server-sentinel): Remove optional arg from
      delete-file, reverting 2010-05-03 change.
      * lisp/dired.el (dired-delete-file): New arg TRASH.
      (dired-internal-do-deletions): New arg TRASH.  Use progress
      (dired-do-flagged-delete, dired-do-delete): Use trash.
      * lisp/files.el (delete-directory): New arg TRASH.
      * lisp/speedbar.el (speedbar-item-delete): Allow trashing.
      * lisp/net/ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-del-tmp-name, ange-ftp-delete-file)
      (ange-ftp-rename-remote-to-local, ange-ftp-load)
      (ange-ftp-compress, ange-ftp-uncompress): Remove optional arg from
      (ange-ftp-delete-directory): Add optional arg to `delete-file', to
      allow trashing.
      * lisp/net/tramp-compat.el (tramp-compat-delete-file): Rewrite to
      handle new TRASH arg of `delete-file'.
      * lisp/net/tramp-fish.el (tramp-fish-handle-delete-directory)
      (tramp-fish-handle-process-file): Use null TRASH arg in
      `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-ftp.el (tramp-ftp-file-name-handler): Use null TRASH
      arg in `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-gvfs.el (tramp-gvfs-handle-delete-file): Rename arg.
      (tramp-gvfs-handle-write-region): Use null TRASH arg in
      `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-imap.el (tramp-imap-handle-delete-file): Rename arg.
      (tramp-imap-do-copy-or-rename-file): Use null TRASH arg in
      `tramp-compat-delete-file' call.
      * lisp/net/tramp-smb.el (tramp-smb-handle-copy-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-file-local-copy, tramp-smb-handle-rename-file)
      (tramp-smb-handle-write-region): Use null TRASH arg in
      tramp-compat-delete-file call.
      (tramp-smb-handle-delete-directory): Use tramp-compat-delete-file.
      (tramp-smb-handle-delete-file): Rename arg.
      * lisp/net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-delete-file): Change FORCE arg to TRASH.
      (tramp-handle-make-symbolic-link, tramp-handle-load)
      (tramp-handle-process-file, tramp-handle-call-process-region)
      (tramp-handle-shell-command, tramp-handle-file-local-copy)
      (tramp-handle-insert-file-contents, tramp-handle-write-region)
      (tramp-delete-temp-file-function): Use null TRASH arg in
      tramp-compat-delete-file call.
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Fix redisplay crash (Bug#6177). · f44a59e6
      Chong Yidong authored
      * xdisp.c (redisplay_window): After redisplay, check if point is
      still valid before setting it (Bug#6177).
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Do not preprocess src/Makefile.in. · 81ac4f35
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.in: Do not preprocess src/Makefile.in.
      (cpp_undefs, CPP_NEED_TRADITIONAL): Remove.
      (AC_EGREP_CPP): Test no longer needed.
      * configure: Regenerate.
      * config.bat: Do not preprocess src/Makefile.in.
      * make-dist: No more Makefile.c files.
      * INSTALL, src/README: Makefiles are not preprocessed.
      * src/Makefile.in, src/autodeps.mk, src/deps.mk, src/ns.mk:
      Convert comments to Makefile format.
      * lib-src/Makefile.in (distclean): No more Makefile.c.
      * src/Makefile.in (bootstrap-clean): No more Makefile.c.
      * admin/notes/cpp: Remove file.
      * admin/quick-install-emacs (AVOID): No more Makefile.c files.
      * etc/PROBLEMS, etc/MACHINES: Remove details of cpp problems which can
      no longer occur.
  4. 26 May, 2010 3 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Replace YMF_PASS_LDFLAGS with autoconf. · 90278cb6
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.in (YMF_PASS_LDFLAGS): Remove.
      (PRE_EDIT_LDFLAGS, POST_EDIT_LDFLAGS): New output variables.
      * configure: Regenerate.
      * src/Makefile.in (YMF_PASS_LDFLAGS): Remove.
      * msdos/sed1v2.inp (@PRE_EDIT_LDFLAGS@, @POST_EDIT_LDFLAGS@): Edit to nothing.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Remove some NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP build dead code. · ccd89fb3
      Glenn Morris authored
      (GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES): Remove.
      stuff to here.
      No longer present.
      See http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2010-05/msg00846.html.
      Nothing from gui.make was used at all in src/Makefile.in.  The only
      thing used from base.make was $CONFIG_SYSTEM_LIBS, but because we only
      set shared _after_ sourcing base.make, it was always empty.  We can
      move the remaining flags, set in configure, to the standard variable
    • Kenichi Handa's avatar
      Fix for finding a static composition. · b7050583
      Kenichi Handa authored
  5. 25 May, 2010 5 commits
  6. 24 May, 2010 1 commit
  7. 23 May, 2010 1 commit
  8. 22 May, 2010 4 commits
  9. 21 May, 2010 7 commits
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Improve image cache clearing logic (Bug#6230). · 98fe5161
      Chong Yidong authored
      * xdisp.c (redisplay_internal): Clear caches even if redisplaying
      just one window.
      * image.c (Vimage_cache_eviction_delay): Decrease to 300.
      (clear_image_cache): If the number of cached images is unusually
      large, decrease the cache eviction delay.
    • enami tsugutomo's avatar
      Backport from trunk: close bug#6190. · f5b416d2
      enami tsugutomo authored
      * src/s/netbsd.h: If terminfo is found, use it in preference to termcap.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Revert previous change. · d8ca3b11
      Glenn Morris authored
      I misunderstood EXEEXT (I don't think it can be working though).
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Minor Makefile fix. · c468346e
      Glenn Morris authored
      * src/Makefile.in (temacs${EXEEXT}, prefix-args, mostlyclean):
      prefix-args neither gets nor needs the $EXEEXT extension.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Handle some HAVE_NS Makefile conditionals with configure. · 66dbf213
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.in (ns_frag): New output file.
      * src/Makefile.in (${ns_appdir}, ${ns_appbindir}Emacs, ns-app):
      Move these rules to ns.mk.
      * ns.mk: New file.  Copyright years based on date of nextstep merge.
      * msdos/sed1v2.inp(@ns_frag@): Edit to nothing.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Build simplifications for oldxmenu. · 04384b2d
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.in (OLDXMENU): Set to "nothing" if !HAVE_X11 || USE_GTK.
      (OLDXMENU_TARGET): Set to empty if USE_GTK.
      * src/Makefile.in (../src/$(OLDXMENU), $(OLDXMENU)): Always define rules.
      * msdos/sed1x.inp (OLDXMENU): Replace any initial value.
      * msdos/sed1v2.inp (OLDXMENU): Edit to "nothing".
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Handle CANNOT_DUMP (partially) with configure. · e8752c66
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.in (cannot_dump): New output variable.
      * src/Makefile.in (CANNOT_DUMP): New, set by configure.
      (emacs${EXEEXT}, bootstrap-emacs${EXEEXT}): Use $CANNOT_DUMP.
      * msdos/sed1v2.inp (CANNOT_DUMP): Edit to no.
  10. 20 May, 2010 4 commits
    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      * fileio.c (Fdelete_file): Change interative spec to use · 2e2bbddb
      Juri Linkov authored
      `read-file-name' like in `find-file-read-args' where the default
      value is `default-directory' instead of `buffer-file-name'.
    • Kevin Ryde's avatar
      Doc fix (Bug#6224). · 31c4aaf6
      Kevin Ryde authored
      * keyboard.c (Vlast_command, Vkeyboard_translate_table)
      (Voverriding_terminal_local_map, Vsystem_key_alist)
      (Vlocal_function_key_map): Fix manual link in docstring (Bug#6224).
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      Doc fix (Bug#6224). · aeb77d46
      Chong Yidong authored
      * keyboard.c (Vlast_command, Vkeyboard_translate_table)
      (Voverriding_terminal_local_map, Vsystem_key_alist)
      (Vlocal_function_key_map): Fix manual link in docstring (Bug#6224).
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Handle auto-depend with configure. · 9d5cf9b6
      Glenn Morris authored
      * make-dist (src): Include *.mk.
      * config.bat: Concatenate deps.mk onto the end of src/Makefile.
      * configure.in (DEPFLAGS, MKDEPDIR): New output variables.
      (deps_frag): New output file.
      (AUTO_DEPEND): Remove this definition.
      * src/Makefile.in (DEPDIR): New constant.
      (DEPFLAGS): Set with configure, not cpp.
      (MKDEPDIR): New, set by configure.
      (.c.o, .m.o, ecrt0.o): Use $MKDEPDIR.
      (clean): Use $DEPDIR.
      (deps_frag): Include from configure.
      Move static/dynamic dependency stuff to deps.mk/autodeps.mk.
      * src/deps.mk, src/autodeps.mk: New files, extracted from Makefile.in.
      * msdos/sed1v2.inp (DEPFLAGS, deps_frag): Edit to empty.
      (MKDEPDIR): Edit to ':'.
  11. 19 May, 2010 6 commits
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Completed initial debugging and testing of reimplemented cursor motion. · 0416466c
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       .gdbinit (prowlims): Display row->minpos and row->maxpos.
       Display truncated_on_left_p and truncated_on_right_p flags.
       Formatting fixes.
       (pmtxrows): Display the ordinal number of each row.  Don't display
       rows beyond the last one.
       xdisp.c (RECORD_MAX_MIN_POS): New macro.
       (display_line): Use it to record the minimum and maximum buffer
       positions for glyphs in the row being assembled.  If word wrap is
       in effect, restore minimum and maximum positions seen up to the
       wrap point, when iterator returns to it.
       (find_row_edges): Fix logic; eol_pos should be tested before the
       (try_window_reusing_current_matrix): Give up if in bidi-reordered
       row and cursor not already at point.  Restore original pre-bidi
       code for unidirectional buffers.
       bidi.c (bidi_cache_shrink, bidi_cache_iterator_state): Fix
       reallocation of the cache.  (Bug#6210)
       (bidi_cache_iterator_state): Don't zero out new_paragraph (it is
       not copied by bidi_copy_it).
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * url-util.el (url-unhex-string): Don't accidentally decode as latin-1. · c3bb441d
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * editfns.c (Fbyte_to_string): New function.
      * NEWS: Add sections for Emacs-23.3.
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix bug #6210. · ead6f8f5
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       bidi.c (bidi_cache_shrink, bidi_cache_iterator_state): Fix
       reallocation of the cache.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Minor msdos build change. · d494e8f2
      Glenn Morris authored
      * msdos/sed2v2.inp (ORDINARY_LINK): Set here rather than in s/msdos.h.
      * src/s/msdos.h (ORDINARY_LINK): Move to sed2v2.inp.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Set linker-related things with configure. · c1d0dcfd
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.in (LINKER, YMF_PASS_LDFLAGS): New output variables.
      (LIB_GCC): No need to set if ORDINARY_LINK.
      * src/Makefile.in (LD, YMF_PASS_LDFLAGS): Set with configure, not cpp.
      (GNULIB_VAR): Remove.
      (LIBES): Use LIB_GCC instead of GNULIB_VAR.
      * src/m/ibms390x.h (LINKER):
      * src/m/macppc.h (LINKER) [GNU_LINUX]:
      * src/s/aix4-2.h (ORDINARY_LINK):
      * src/s/cygwin.h (LINKER):
      * src/s/darwin.h (ORDINARY_LINK):
      * src/s/gnu.h (ORDINARY_LINK):
      * src/s/netbsd.h (LINKER):
      * src/s/usg5-4.h (ORDINARY_LINK):
      Move to configure.
      * msdos/sed1v2.inp (LD): Edit to $(CC).
      (YMF_PASS_LDFLAGS): Edit to `flags'.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      * s/aix4-2.h (LINKER): Remove; this file sets ORDINARY_LINK. · 7f34aec3
      Glenn Morris authored
      In any case, ORDINARY_LINK means uses the C compiler as the LINKER,
      so setting LINKER=cc is redundant.
  12. 18 May, 2010 1 commit