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    • Juri Linkov's avatar
      (USAGE1): Replace Info node name "command arguments" · 49ca717b
      Juri Linkov authored
      with "emacs invocation".
      (USAGE3): Fix usage of `--color=MODE' which actually doesn't
      allow arguments `--color' and `MODE' to be separated by space.
      Add --no-blinking-cursor, -nbc.
      (standard_args): Add -nbc, --no-blinking-cursor.
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    • Jason Rumney's avatar
      2004-11-08 Benjamin Riefenstahl <Benjamin.Riefenstahl@epost.de> · 52c7f9ee
      Jason Rumney authored
              * w32select.c: Summary: Thorough rework to implement Unicode
              clipboard operations and delayed rendering.
              Drop last_clipboard_text and related code, keep track of
              ownership via clipboard_owner instead.  Drop old #if0
              (clipboard_owner, modifying_clipboard, cfg_coding_system)
              (cfg_codepage, cfg_lcid, cfg_clipboard_type, current_text)
              (current_coding_system, current_requires_encoding)
              (current_num_nls, current_clipboard_type, current_lcid): New
              static variables.
              (convert_to_handle_as_ascii, convert_to_handle_as_coded)
              (render, render_all, run_protected, lisp_error_handler)
              (owner_callback, create_owner, setup_config)
              (enum_locale_callback, cp_from_locale, coding_from_cp): New
              local functions.
              (term_w32select, globals_of_w32select): New global functions.
              (Fw32_set_clipboard_data): Ignore parameter FRAME, use
              clipboard_owner instead.  Use delayed rendering and provide
              all text formats.  Provide CF_LOCALE if necessary.
              (Fw32_get_clipboard_data): Handle CF_UNICODETEXT and
              CF_LOCALE.  Fall back to CF_TEXT, if CF_UNICODETEXT is not
              available.  Force DOS line-ends for decoding.
              (Fx_selection_exists_p): Handle CF_UNICODETEXT.
              (syms_of_w32select): Init and register new variables.
              * w32.h: Add prototypes for globals_of_w32select and
              term_w32select.  Make the neighboring K&R declarations into
              prototypes, too.
              * emacs.c: Include w32.h to get function prototypes.
              (main): Call globals_of_w32select.
              * w32.c (term_ntproc): Call term_w32select.
              * mule-cmds.el (set-locale-environment): Remove call to
              set-selection-coding-system on Windows.
              * s/ms-w32.h: Guard MSC-specific #pragmas with an #ifdef.
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  14. 27 Dec, 2004 1 commit
    • Steven Tamm's avatar
      * dispextern.h: Change HAVE_CARBON to MAC_OS. · b15325b2
      Steven Tamm authored
      	(struct glyph_string): Likewise.
      * emacs.c (main) [MAC_OS8]: Call mac_term_init instead of
      * fileio.c (Fnext_read_file_uses_dialog_p, Fread_file_name):
      * fns.c (vector): Change MAC_OSX to MAC_OS.
      * frame.c (x_set_frame_parameters, x_report_frame_params)
      	(x_set_fullscreen): Remove #ifndef HAVE_CARBON.
      	(x_set_border_width, Vdefault_frame_scroll_bars): Change
      * image.c [MAC_OS]: Include sys/stat.h.
      	[MAC_OS && !MAC_OSX]: Include sys/param.h, ImageCompression.h, and
      * mac.c [!MAC_OSX] (mac_wait_next_event): Add extern.
      	[!MAC_OSX] (select): Use mac_wait_next_event.
      	[!MAC_OSX] (run_mac_command): Change EXEC_SUFFIXES to
      	[!MAC_OSX] (select, run_mac_command): Change `#ifdef
      	(mac_clear_font_name_table): Add extern.
      	(Fmac_clear_font_name_table): New defun.
      	(syms_of_mac): Defsubr it.
      	[MAC_OSX] (select_and_poll_event): New function.
      	[MAC_OSX] (sys_select): Use it.
      	[MAC_OSX && SELECT_USE_CFSOCKET] (socket_callback): New function.
      	[MAC_OSX] (sys_select) [SELECT_USE_CFSOCKET]: Use CFSocket and
      	RunLoop for simultaneously monitoring two kinds of inputs, window
      	events and process outputs, without periodically polling.
      * macfns.c (mac_initialized): Remove extern.
      	(stricmp): Put in #if 0.  All callers changed to use xstricmp in
      	(strnicmp): Decrement `n' at the end of each loop, not the
      	(check_mac): Use the term "Mac native windows" instead of "Mac
      	(check_x_display_info, x_display_info_for_name): Sync with xfns.c.
      	(mac_get_rdb_resource): New function (from w32reg.c).
      	(x_get_string_resource): Use it.
      	(install_window_handler): Add extern.
      	(mac_window): New function.
      	(Fx_create_frame): Use it instead of make_mac_frame.  Set
      	parameter for Qfullscreen.  Call x_wm_set_size_hint.
      	(Fx_open_connection, Fx_close_connection): New defuns.
      	(syms_of_macfns): Defsubr them.
      	(x_create_tip_frame) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Add
      	kWindowNoUpdatesAttribute to the window attribute.
      	(x_create_tip_frame) [!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Use NewCWindow.
      	(x_create_tip_frame): Don't call ShowWindow.
      	(Fx_show_tip): Call ShowWindow.
      	(Fx_file_dialog): Change `#ifdef TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON' to `#if
      	(mac_frame_parm_handlers): Set handlers for Qfullscreen.
      	(syms_of_macfns) [MAC_OSX]: Initialize mac_in_use to 0.
      * macgui.h [!MAC_OSX]: Don't include Controls.h.  Include
      	(Window): Typedef to WindowPtr and move outside `#if
      	(XSizeHints): New struct.
      * macterm.c (x_update_begin, x_update_end)
      	[TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Disable screen updates during update of a
      	(x_draw_glyph_string_background, x_draw_glyph_string_foreground)
      	[MAC_OS8]: Use XDrawImageString/XDrawImageString16.
      	(construct_mouse_click): Put in #if 0.
      	(x_check_fullscreen, x_check_fullscreen_move): Remove decls.
      	(x_scroll_bar_create, x_scroll_bar_handle_click): Change `#ifdef
      	(activate_scroll_bars, deactivate_scroll_bars)
      	[!TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Use ActivateControl/DeactivateControl.
      	(x_make_frame_visible) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Reposition window
      	if the position is neither user-specified nor program-specified.
      	(x_free_frame_resources): Free size_hints.
      	(x_wm_set_size_hint): Allocate size_hints if needed.  Set
      	(mac_clear_font_name_table): New function.
      	(mac_do_list_fonts): Initialize font_name_table if needed.
      	(x_list_fonts): Don't initialize font_name_table.  Add BLOCK_INPUT
      	around mac_do_list_fonts.
      	(mac_unload_font): New function.
      	(x_load_font): Add BLOCK_INPUT around XLoadQueryFont.
      	(init_mac_drag_n_drop, mac_do_receive_drag): Enclose declarations
      	and definitions with #if TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON.
      	[USE_CARBON_EVENTS] (mac_handle_window_event): Add decl.
      	(install_window_handler): Add decl.
      	(do_window_update): Add BeginUpdate/EndUpdate for the tooltip
      	window.  Use UpdateControls.  Get the rectangle that should be
      	updated and restrict the target of expose_frame to it.
      	(do_grow_window): Set minimum height/width according to
      	(do_grow_window) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]: Use ResizeWindow.
      	(do_zoom_window): Don't use x_set_window_size.
      	[USE_CARBON_EVENTS] (mac_handle_window_event): New function.
      	(install_window_handler): New function.
      	[!USE_CARBON_EVENTS] (mouse_region): New variable.
      	[!USE_CARBON_EVENTS] (mac_wait_next_event): New function.
      	(XTread_socket) [USE_CARBON_EVENTS]: Move call to
      	GetEventDispatcherTarget inside BLOCK_INPUT.
      	(XTread_socket) [!USE_CARBON_EVENTS]: Use mac_wait_next_event.
      	Update mouse_region when mouse is moved.
      	(make_mac_frame): Remove.
      	(make_mac_terminal_frame): Put in #ifdef MAC_OS8.  Initialize
      	mouse pointer shapes.  Change values of f->left_pos and
      	f->top_pos.  Don't use make_mac_frame.  Use NewCWindow.  Don't
      	call ShowWindow.
      	(mac_initialize_display_info) [MAC_OSX]: Create mac_id_name from
      	Vinvocation_name and Vsystem_name.
      	(mac_make_rdb): New function (from w32term.c).
      	(mac_term_init): Use it.  Add BLOCK_INPUT.  Error if display has
      	already been opened.  Don't pass argument to
      	mac_initialize_display_info.  Don't set dpyinfo->height/width.
      	Add entries to x_display_list and x_display_name_list.
      	(x_delete_display): New function.
      	(mac_initialize): Don't call mac_initialize_display_info.
      	(syms_of_macterm) [!MAC_OSX]: Don't call Fprovide.
      * macterm.h (check_mac): Add extern.
      	(struct mac_output): New member size_hints.
      	(FRAME_SIZE_HINTS): New macro.
      	(mac_unload_font): Add extern.
      * xdisp.c (expose_window, expose_frame): Remove kludges for Mac.
      * xfaces.c (clear_font_table) [MAC_OS]: call mac_unload_font.
  15. 23 Dec, 2004 1 commit
  16. 15 Dec, 2004 1 commit
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      * syssignal.h: Declare main_thread. · 333f1b6f
      Jan Djärv authored
      (SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK): New macro.
      * keyboard.c (input_available_signal): Move thread checking code
      to macro SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK and call that macro.
      (interrupt_signal): Call SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.
      * alloc.c (uninterrupt_malloc): Move main_thread to emacs.c.
      * emacs.c: Define main_thread.
      (main): Initialize main_thread.
      (handle_USR1_signal, handle_USR2_signal, fatal_error_signal)
      (memory_warning_signal): Call SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.
      * floatfns.c (float_error): Call SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.
      * dispnew.c (window_change_signal): Call SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.
      * sysdep.c (select_alarm): Call SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.
      * process.c (send_process_trap, sigchld_handler): Call
      * data.c (arith_error): Call SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.
      * atimer.c (alarm_signal_handler): Call SIGNAL_THREAD_CHECK.
  17. 11 Dec, 2004 1 commit
  18. 07 Dec, 2004 2 commits
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      * emacs.c (Fdump_emacs): Add ! defined (SYSTEM_MALLOC) around · cf435f39
      Jan Djärv authored
      * keyboard.c (handle_async_input, input_available_signal): Add
      ! defined (SYSTEM_MALLOC) around thread code.
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      * gtkutil.c: Include signal.h and syssignal.h. · aa477689
      Jan Djärv authored
      (xg_get_file_name): Block and unblock __SIGRTMIN if defined.
      * alloc.c: If HAVE_GTK_AND_PTHREAD, include pthread.h,
      new variables main_thread and alloc_mutex,
      define (UN)BLOCK_INPUT_ALLOC to use alloc_mutex to protect
      emacs_blocked_* calls and only do (UN)BLOCK_INPUT in the main thread.
      If not HAVE_GTK_AND_PTHREAD, (UN)BLOCK_INPUT_ALLOC is the same as
      (emacs_blocked_free, emacs_blocked_malloc)
      (emacs_blocked_realloc): Use (UN)BLOCK_INPUT_ALLOC.
      (uninterrupt_malloc): Initialize main_thread and alloc_mutex.
      (reset_malloc_hooks): New function.
      * lisp.h: Declare reset_malloc_hooks.
      * emacs.c (Fdump_emacs): Call reset_malloc_hooks.
      * keyboard.c: Conditionally include pthread.h
      (handle_async_inpu, input_available_signalt): If not in the main
      thread, block signal, send signal to main thread and return.
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  24. 20 Oct, 2004 1 commit
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      * emacs.c (my_heap_start, heap_bss_diff, MAX_HEAP_BSS_DIFF): · dede2792
      Jan Djärv authored
      New variables and constant.
      (main): Calculate heap_bss_diff.  If we are dumping and the
      heap_bss_diff is greater than MAX_HEAP_BSS_DIFF, set PER_LINUX32
      and exec ourself again.
      (Fdump_emacs): If heap_bss_diff is greater than MAX_HEAP_BSS_DIFF
      print a warning.
      * lastfile.c: Make my_endbss and my_endbss_static available on all
      * Makefile.in (RUN_TEMACS): Remove @SETARCH@.
      * config.in (HAVE_PERSONALITY_LINUX32): Regenerate.
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  32. 11 Mar, 2004 1 commit
    • Kim F. Storm's avatar
      Image consolidation: · 6e7e181d
      Kim F. Storm authored
      (main) [HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM]: Add calls to syms_of_image
      and init_image.  Remove call to init_xfns.
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  36. 16 Nov, 2003 1 commit