1. 14 Nov, 2013 9 commits
    • Bozhidar Batsov's avatar
      * lisp/progmodes/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding): · 6c1bf086
      Bozhidar Batsov authored
      Add support for always inserting an utf-8 encoding comment.
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      * net/tramp-gvfs.el (top): Run init code only when · 2f7e72f8
      Michael Albinus authored
      `tramp-gvfs-enabled' is not nil.
      (tramp-gvfs-enabled): Check also :system bus.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Sync with upstream verilog-mode revision 78e66ba. · 0f137a73
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/progmodes/verilog-mode.el (verilog-end-of-defun)
      (verilog-type-completion, verilog-get-list): Remove unused funcs.
      (verilog-get-end-of-defun): Remove unused argument.
      (verilog-comment-depth): Remove unused local `e'.
      (verilog-read-decls, verilog-read-sub-decls, verilog-read-instants):
      Don't pass arg to verilog-get-end-of-defun.
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    • Glenn Morris's avatar
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      Simplify, port and tune bool vector implementation. · 2cf00efc
      Paul Eggert authored
      * configure.ac (BITSIZEOF_SIZE_T, SIZEOF_SIZE_T): Remove.
      * src/alloc.c (bool_vector_exact_payload_bytes)
      (bool_vector_payload_bytes): Remove.
      (bool_vector_fill): Return its argument.
      * src/alloc.c (bool_vector_fill):
      * src/lread.c (read1):
      * src/print.c (print_object):
      Simplify by using bool_vector_bytes.
      * src/alloc.c (make_uninit_bool_vector):
      New function, broken out from Fmake_bool_vector.
      (Fmake_bool_vector): Use it.  Use tail call.
      (make_uninit_bool_vector, vector_nbytes): Simplify size calculations.
      * src/data.c (BITS_PER_ULL): New constant.
      (ULLONG_MAX, count_one_bits_ll): Fall back on long counterparts
      if long long versions don't exist.
      (shift_right_ull): New function.
      (count_one_bits_word): New function, replacing popcount_bits_word
      macro.  Don't assume that bits_word is no wider than long long.
      (count_one_bits_word, count_trailing_zero_bits):
      Don't assume that bits_word is no wider than long long.
      * src/data.c (bool_vector_binop_driver, bool_vector_not):
      * src/fns.c (Fcopy_sequence):
      * src/lread.c (read1):
      Create an uninitialized destination, to avoid needless work.
      (internal_equal): Simplify.
      (Ffillarray): Prefer tail call.
      * src/data.c (bool_vector_binop_driver): Don't assume bit vectors always
      contain at least one word.
      (bits_word_to_host_endian): Prefer if to #if.  Don't assume
      chars are narrower than ints.
      * src/data.c (Fbool_vector_count_matches, Fbool_vector_count_matches_at):
      * src/fns.c (Fcopy_sequence):
      Simplify and tune.
      * src/lisp.h (bits_word, BITS_WORD_MAX, BITS_PER_BITS_WORD):
      Don't try to port to hosts where bits_word values have holes; the
      code wouldn't work there anyway.  Verify this assumption, though.
      (bool_vector_bytes): New function.
      (make_uninit_bool_vector): New decl.
      (bool_vector_fill): Now returns Lisp_Object.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Prefer tail calls. · d672ac3c
      Paul Eggert authored
      * lib-src/ebrowse.c (xstrdup):
      * lib-src/etags.c (savenstr):
      * lwlib/lwlib.c (safe_strdup):
      * src/xfns.c (xic_create_fontsetname):
      * src/xrdb.c (gethomedir): Prefer tail calls.
      * lib-src/etags.c (concat): Omit unnecessary assignment.
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  2. 13 Nov, 2013 7 commits
  3. 12 Nov, 2013 20 commits
    • Jan Tatarik's avatar
      lisp/gnus/gnus-icalendar.el (gnus-icalendar-event-from-ical): Fix timezone... · 62dfefa0
      Jan Tatarik authored
      lisp/gnus/gnus-icalendar.el (gnus-icalendar-event-from-ical): Fix timezone handling in gnus-icalendar export to org
    • Bastien Guerry's avatar
      org-agenda.el (org-agenda-set-restriction-lock): Autoload · c71bf861
      Bastien Guerry authored
      * org-agenda.el (org-agenda-set-restriction-lock): Autoload.
    • Bastien Guerry's avatar
      Remove non-existent files in Org 8.2.3a · 757f401f
      Bastien Guerry authored
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      Address some byte-compiler warnings. · 666ffc7e
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/org/ob-abc.el (org-babel-expand-body:abc): Use dolist.
      (org-babel-execute:abc): Fix regexp quoting.
      * lisp/org/ob-calc.el (org--var-syms): Rename from `var-syms'.
      * lisp/org/ob-lilypond.el (ly-compile-lilyfile): Remove redundant let-binding.
      * lisp/org/ob-table.el (sbe): Move debug declaration.
      * lisp/org/org-clock.el (org--msg-extra): Rename from `msg-extra'.
      * lisp/org/org.el (org-version): Avoid var name starting with _.
      (org-inhibit-startup, org-called-with-limited-levels)
      (org-link-search-inhibit-query, org-time-was-given)
      (org-end-time-was-given, org-def, org-defdecode, org-with-time):
      * lisp/org/org-colview.el (org-agenda-overriding-columns-format):
      * lisp/org/org-agenda.el (org-agenda-multi, org-depend-tag-blocked)
      * lisp/org/ob-python.el (py-which-bufname, python-shell-buffer-name):
      * lisp/org/ob-haskell.el (org-export-copy-to-kill-ring):
      * lisp/org/ob-exp.el (org-link-search-inhibit-query):
      * lisp/org/ob-R.el (ess-eval-visibly-p):
      * lisp/org/ob-core.el (org-src-window-setup): Declare before use.
      (org-babel-expand-noweb-references): Remove unused `blocks-in-buffer'.
      * lisp/org/ox-odt.el (org-odt-hfy-face-to-css):
      * lisp/org/org-src.el (org-src-associate-babel-session, org-src-get-lang-mode):
      * lisp/org/org-bibtex.el (org-bibtex-get, org-bibtex-ask, org-bibtex)
      * lisp/org/ob-tangle.el (org-babel-tangle, org-babel-spec-to-string)
      (org-babel-tangle-single-block, org-babel-tangle-comment-links):
      * ob-table.el (sbe):
      * lisp/org/ob-sqlite.el (org-babel-sqlite-expand-vars):
      * lisp/org/ob-sql.el (org-babel-sql-expand-vars):
      * lisp/org/ob-shen.el (org-babel-execute:shen):
      * lisp/org/ob-sh.el (org-babel-execute:sh, org-babel-sh-evaluate):
      * lisp/org/ob-scala.el (org-babel-scala-evaluate):
      * lisp/org/ob-ruby.el (org-babel-ruby-table-or-string)
      * ob-python.el (org-babel-python-table-or-string)
      * lisp/org/ob-picolisp.el (org-babel-execute:picolisp):
      * lisp/org/ob-perl.el (org-babel-perl-evaluate):
      * lisp/org/ob-maxima.el (org-babel-execute:maxima):
      * lisp/org/ob-lisp.el (org-babel-execute:lisp):
      * lisp/org/ob-java.el (org-babel-execute:java):
      * lisp/org/ob-io.el (org-babel-io-evaluate):
      * ob-haskell.el (org-babel-execute:haskell):
      * lisp/org/ob-fortran.el (org-babel-execute:fortran):
      * ob-exp.el (org-babel-exp-code):
      * lisp/org/ob-emacs-lisp.el (org-babel-execute:emacs-lisp):
      * lisp/org/ob-ditaa.el (org-babel-execute:ditaa):
      * ob-core.el (org-babel-execute-src-block, org-babel-sha1-hash)
      (org-babel-parse-header-arguments, org-babel-reassemble-table)
      (org-babel-goto-src-block-head, org-babel-mark-block)
      (org-babel-expand-noweb-references, org-babel-script-escape)
      * lisp/org/ob-clojure.el (org-babel-execute:clojure):
      * ob-calc.el (org-babel-execute:calc):
      * lisp/org/ob-awk.el (org-babel-execute:awk):
      * ob-abc.el (org-babel-execute:abc):
      * ob-R.el (org-babel-expand-body:R):
      * lisp/org/ob-C.el (org-babel-C-execute): Avoid deprecated ((lambda) ...).
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      Add missing ChangeLog from previous commit · 32d15ad9
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Fix and standardize some copyright and license notices · 439d6b1c
      Glenn Morris authored
      * ob-abc.el: Add year, part of Emacs, standardize license text.
      * ob-ebnf.el: Part of Emacs, standardize license text.
      * ob-makefile.el: Fix years.
      * org-macro.el, ox-beamer.el, ox-latex.el, ox-org.el: Part of Emacs.
      * ox-ascii.el, ox-md.el, ox.el: Use range for years, part of Emacs.
      * ox-html.el: Part of Emacs.
      (org-html-scripts): Add 2013 to copyright years.
      (org-html-infojs-template): Set copyright holder to FSF.
      * ox-icalendar.el: Part of Emacs, fix years.
      * ox-texinfo.el: Copyright to FSF, use range for years.
    • Bastien Guerry's avatar
    • Bastien Guerry's avatar
    • Bastien Guerry's avatar
      Remove org-docbook.el, which is not in Org 8.2.3a. · ae0cb536
      Bastien Guerry authored
      Fix error in org.texi header.
      Thanks to Sean Sieger and Michael Albinus for reporting this.
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      * lisp/progmodes/ruby-mode.el (ruby-smie-grammar): Disambiguate between · 7b08f97e
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      binary "|" operator and closing block args delimiter.  Remove
      FIXME comment referring to Ruby 1.8-only syntax.
      (ruby-smie--implicit-semi-p): Not after "|" operator.
      (ruby-smie--closing-pipe-p): New function.
      (ruby-smie--forward-token, ruby-smie--backward-token): Use it.
      (ruby-smie-rules): Indent after "|".
    • Bastien Guerry's avatar
    • Bastien Guerry's avatar
      Merge Org version 8.2.3a. · 271672fa
      Bastien Guerry authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      * ps-print.el (ps-face-attribute-list): Handle anonymous faces · f201cf3a
      Glenn Morris authored
      Fixes: debbugs:15827
    • Martin Rudalics's avatar
      Fix doc-string of display-buffer-other-frame. (Bug#15868) · e6f759f9
      Martin Rudalics authored
      * window.el (display-buffer-other-frame): Fix doc-string.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      * xterm.c (syms_of_xterm): staticpro Qalt, Qhyper, Qmeta, and Qsuper. · b3671617
      Paul Eggert authored
      This is safer, and it's what w32fns.c does.
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    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      * configure.ac: test portability fix · 45088549
      Glenn Morris authored
        (I can never remember whether this is still relevant or not)
    • Dani Moncayo's avatar
      Remove nt/msysconfig.sh · f4f38fad
      Dani Moncayo authored
      * configure.ac [MINGW32]: Source nt/mingw-cfg.site.
      * make-dist: Don't distribute nt/msysconfig.sh.
      * nt/msysconfig.sh: Remove.
      * nt/INSTALL: Update for this.
      * nt/mingw-cfg.site: Comment.
    • Dani Moncayo's avatar
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      * buffer.c (Fforce_mode_line_update): Don't fall off end of function · bd7cd30a
      Paul Eggert authored
      that requires a return value.
      (Fset_buffer_modified_p): Take advantage of this change to do
      a tail call.
  4. 11 Nov, 2013 4 commits