1. 28 Feb, 1995 5 commits
  2. 27 Feb, 1995 1 commit
  3. 26 Feb, 1995 8 commits
  4. 25 Feb, 1995 13 commits
  5. 24 Feb, 1995 9 commits
  6. 23 Feb, 1995 4 commits
    • Boris Goldowsky's avatar
    • Boris Goldowsky's avatar
      (open-line): indent when inserting fil-prefix. · 3db1e3b5
      Boris Goldowsky authored
      (do-auto-fill): Use unjustify-current-line when necessary.
      (indent-new-comment-line): Indent before fill-prefix.
    • Boris Goldowsky's avatar
      (current-left-margin): careful of EOB. · 34c3f2b8
      Boris Goldowsky authored
      (move-to-left-margin): Never move past left-margin, even in funny
      justify modes.
      (set-left-margin): include following whitespace.
      (set-left-margin, increase-left-margin): indent rigidly.
      (increase-left-margin): allow negative left-margins
      (increase-right-margin): allow negative right-margin
      (beginning-of-line-text): new fn.
    • Boris Goldowsky's avatar
      (set-fill-prefix): start from left-margin. · 1095bc3c
      Boris Goldowsky authored
      (fill-region-as-paragraph): don't delete hard newlines.  ignore whitespace
      at beginning of region.  Remove justification indentation.
      (fill-region): Don't use paragraph-movement commands when use-hard-newlines
      is true, just search for hard newlines.
      (current-justification): take care at EOB.
      (set-justification): new argWHOLE-PAR.  Callers changed.
      (justify-current-line): Error if JUSTIFY arg is not reasonable.
      Better interaction if there is a fill-prefix.
      "Line too long" warning removed.
      (unjustify-current-line, unjustify-region): New functions.