1. 29 Oct, 2011 14 commits
  2. 28 Oct, 2011 19 commits
  3. 27 Oct, 2011 7 commits
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      Amend to indent and fontify macros "which include their own semicolon" · 536610a4
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      correctly, using the "virtual semicolon" mechanism.
      cc-defs.el: Update "virtual semicolon" comments.
      cc-engine.el (c-crosses-statement-barrier-p): Recoded to scan one line at
      at time rather than having \n and \r explicitly in c-stmt-delim-chars
      (for some modes, e.g. AWK).
      (c-forward-label): Amend for virtual semicolons.
      (c-at-macro-vsemi-p, c-macro-vsemi-status-unknown-p): New functions
      cc-fonts.el (c-font-lock-declarations): Take account of the new C macros.
      cc-langs.el (c-at-vsemi-p-fn, c-vsemi-status-unknown-p-fn): move to
      earlier in the file.
      (c-opt-cpp-symbol, c-line-comment-start-regexp): New language variables.
      (c-opt-cpp-macro-define): Make into a full language variable.
      (c-stmt-delim-chars, c-stmt-delim-chars-with-comma): Special value for
      AWK Mode (including \n, \r) removed, no longer needed.
      cc-mode.el (c-mode, c++-mode, objc-mode): Invoke
      cc-vars.el (c-macro-with-semi-re, c-macro-names-with-semicolon): New
      (c-make-macro-with-semi-re): New function
      cc-mode.texi (Indentation Commands): Mention "macros with semicolons".
      (Other Special Indentations): Add an xref to "Macros with ;".
      (Customizing Macros): Add stuff about syntax in macros.  Add an xref to
      "Macros with ;".
      (Macros with ;): New page.
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      Auto-commit of loaddefs files. · 01db225d
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      More gnutls memory fixes. · 435c1d67
      Chong Yidong authored
      * src/gnutls.c (emacs_gnutls_deinit): Deinit the gnutls_state if it is
      non-NULL, regardless of GNUTLS_INITSTAGE.
      (Fgnutls_boot): Cleanups.  Call emacs_gnutls_deinit if we signal
      an error.  Set process slots as soon as we allocate them.
      * src/gnutls.h (GNUTLS_LOG, GNUTLS_LOG2): Fix macros.
      * src/process.c (make_process): Set gnutls_state to NULL.
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      Add doc-strings to some cl float parameters. · 416a2c45
      Glenn Morris authored
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-extra.el (cl-float-limits): Add doc string.
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl.el (most-positive-float, most-negative-float)
      (least-positive-float, least-negative-float)
      (least-positive-normalized-float, least-negative-normalized-float)
      (float-epsilon, float-negative-epsilon): Add doc-strings,
      based on those in cl.texi.
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-extra.el (most-positive-float, most-negative-float)
      (least-positive-float, least-negative-float)
      (least-positive-normalized-float, least-negative-normalized-float)
      (float-epsilon, float-negative-epsilon):
      Remove unnecessary declarations.
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      Make set-visited-file-name reload local variables if needed. · 51bc5f8b
      Glenn Morris authored
      * lisp/files.el (set-visited-file-name):
      If the major-mode changed, reload the local variables.
      Fixes: debbugs:9796