1. 18 Feb, 2001 2 commits
  2. 17 Feb, 2001 36 commits
  3. 16 Feb, 2001 2 commits
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      Many small clarifications. · f02d86a3
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      New node File Name Cache, broken out of the File Convenience node.
      Use @command.
      Eliminate invalid @vindex.
      Delete duplicate index entries.
      Delete vc-ignore-vc-files and vc-handle-cvs.  Add vc-handled-backends.
      Clarify Auto Compression mode, Tar mode, Diff mode, Smerge mode,
      and Archive mode.  Rewrite Shadow File node.  Rewrite Timestamp text.
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      *** empty log message *** · f3f053f3
      Gerd Moellmann authored