1. 03 May, 1998 3 commits
  2. 02 May, 1998 14 commits
  3. 01 May, 1998 19 commits
  4. 30 Apr, 1998 4 commits
    • Geoff Voelker's avatar
      (WM_MOUSEWHEEL): Define relative to WM_MOUSELAST. · f11f6cce
      Geoff Voelker authored
      (MSH_MOUSEWHEEL): New macro.
    • Geoff Voelker's avatar
      (msh_mousewheel): Declare. · e7efd97e
      Geoff Voelker authored
      (w32_read_socket): Check for mousewheel events.
    • Geoff Voelker's avatar
      (msh_mousewheel): New variable. · 93fbe8b7
      Geoff Voelker authored
      (w32_msg_pump): Register that Emacs accepts mousewheel events.
      (w32_wnd_proc): Check for mousewheel events.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      Generalized region skipping added. · f5136913
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Checks comments only in code.
      Added backward compatible support for customize.
      (ispell-query-replace-choices, ispell-message-dictionary-alist)
      (ispell-grep-command, ispell-grep-options, ispell-look-command)
      (ispell-look-options, ispell-use-ptys-p, ispell-local-dictionary)
      (ispell-dictionary-alist): Now customizable.
      Fixed type of custom variables: ispell-help-in-bufferp.
      (ispell-use-framepop-p): New variable.
      (ispell-dictionary-alist): Added dictionaries: castellano, castellano8
      czech, esperanto, esperanto-tex, norsk, russian.
      Capitalize XEmacs correctly, and change lucid to xemacs in code:
      (ispell-menu-lucid): Renamed to ispell-menu-xemacs.
      Changed string compares for version number to be correct for XEmacs.
      Fixed to work with string properties.
      (ispell-recursive-edit-marker): new marker saving return point.
      (ispell-skip-region-alist): New variable defining regions.
      (ispell-tex-skip-alists): New variable for LaTeX regions.
      (ispell-skip-sgml): Now buffer-mode aware.
      (ispell-highlight-p): Support block cursors.
      (ispell-message-text-end): Don't check signatures.
      (ispell-comments-and-strings): New command, added to menu.
      (ispell-int-char): New function for character incrementing.
      (ispell-word): Produces message on error when called from
      ispell-minor-mode.  Potential infinite loop removed.
      (ispell-command-loop): prevent XEmacs modeline hiding.
      Allow temporary split of dedicated windows.  Improve recursive
      edit support.  Support block cursors.
      (ispell-show-choices): New function cleaning up command loop.
      (ispell-highlight-spelling-error-generic): Block cursor support added.
      (ispell-highlight-spelling-error-xemacs): Block cursor, name change.
      (ispell-overlay-window): dedicated window splitting, XEmacs changes.
      (ispell-parse-output): Displays ispell process error messages.
      (check-ispell-version): Interactive mode that shows ispell versions.
      (ispell-begin-skip-region-regexp): New region skipping function.
      (ispell-begin-tex-skip-regexp): New tex mode region skipping function.
      (ispell-begin-skip-region): New region skipping function.
      (ispell-tex-arg-end): New tex mode region skipping function.
      (ispell-skip-region): New region skipping function.
      (ispell-get-line): New function to clean up command loop.
      (ispell-process-line): New function cleaning up command loop.
      (ispell-continue): Improve recursive editor support.
      (ispell-complete-word): Interior fragment support improved.
      (ispell-message): Region skipping vastly improved.