1. 28 Oct, 2009 4 commits
  2. 27 Oct, 2009 9 commits
  3. 26 Oct, 2009 10 commits
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      Fix typos in comments. · 057bce6f
      Juanma Barranquero authored
      * minibuf.c (Fall_completions): Fix typo in docstring.
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      (PURESIZE_RATIO): Increase back to 10/6. · 242bc74c
      Andreas Schwab authored
    • Juanma Barranquero's avatar
      * window.c (grow_mini_window): Comment out "delta >= 0" assertion. · 522d013a
      Juanma Barranquero authored
        For delta < 0, skip check that only makes sense when the mini-window
        is going to be enlarged.  (Bug#4534)
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-perl-file-truename): New defconst. Perl · 293c24f9
      Michael Albinus authored
      code contributed by yary <not.com@gmail.com> (tiny change).
      (tramp-handle-file-truename, tramp-get-remote-perl): Use it.
      Check also for "perl-file-spec" and "perl-cwd-realpath"
      (tramp-handle-write-region): In case of APPEND, reuse the tmpfile
      * net/tramp.el (tramp-perl-file-name-all-completions): New
      (tramp-get-remote-readlink): New defun.
      (tramp-handle-file-truename): Use it.
      (tramp-handle-file-exists-p): Check file-attributes cache, assume
      file exists if cache value present.
      (tramp-check-cached-permissions) New defun.
      (tramp-handle-file-readable-p): Use it.
      (tramp-handle-file-writable-p): Likewise.
      (tramp-handle-file-executable-p): Likewise.
      (tramp-handle-file-name-all-completions): Try using Perl to get
      partial completions.  When perl not available, combine `cd' and
      `ls' into single remote operation and use shell expansion to get
      partial remote directory contents.  Set `file-exists-p' cache for
      directory and any files returned by ls.  Change cache handling to
      support partial directory contents.  Use error message emitted by
      remote `cd' or Perl code for local tramp-error.
      (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-directly): Avoid separate
      tramp-send-command-and-check call.
      (tramp-handle-process-file): Merge three remote ops into one.  Do
      not flush all caches when `process-file-side-effects' is set.
      (tramp-handle-write-region): Avoid tramp-set-file-uid-gid if
      file-attributes shows uid/gid to be set already.
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * net/tramp-imap.el (tramp-imap-file-name-handler-alist): Ignore · 36f1267e
      Michael Albinus authored
      (tramp-imap-make-iht): Use `user' and `ssl' with `imap-hash-make'.
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      * textmodes/tex-mode.el (tex-dvi-view-command) · a7610c52
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      (tex-show-queue-command, tex-open-quote):
      * progmodes/ruby-mode.el (auto-mode-alist)
      (interpreter-mode-alist): Purecopy strings.
      * emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (emacs-lisp-mode-map): Purecopy item names.
      * emacs-lisp/derived.el (define-derived-mode): Purecopy the doc
      string for the hook, keymap and abbrev table.
      * emacs-lisp/byte-run.el (make-obsolete): Purecopy the current name.
      * x-dnd.el (x-dnd-xdnd-to-action):
      * startup.el (fancy-startup-text, fancy-about-text): Change to
      defconst from defvar.
      * ps-print.el (ps-page-dimensions-database): Purecopy initial value.
      * mouse.el (mouse-buffer-menu-mode-groups, x-fixed-font-alist):
      Purecopy initialization strings.
      * mail/sendmail.el (mail-header-separator)
      * mail/rmail.el (rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names)
      (rmail-ignored-headers, rmail-retry-ignored-headers)
      (rmail-highlighted-headers, rmail-secondary-file-directory)
      * files.el (null-device, file-name-invalid-regexp)
      (inhibit-first-line-modes-regexps): Purecopy initialization
      (interpreter-mode-alist): Use mapcar instead of mapc.
      * buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-mode-map): Purecopy name.
      * bindings.el (mode-line-major-mode-keymap): Purecopy name.
      (debug-ignored-errors): Purecopy strings.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (pcomplete-std-complete): Obey pcomplete-use-paring. · 0667de21
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (pcomplete, pcomplete-parse-buffer-arguments, pcomplete-opt)
      (pcomplete--here): Use push.
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  4. 25 Oct, 2009 5 commits
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      (pcomplete-unquote-argument-function): New var. · 2d085307
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (pcomplete-unquote-argument): New function.
      (pcomplete--common-suffix): Always pay attention to case.
      (pcomplete--table-subvert): Quote and unquote the text.
      (pcomplete--common-quoted-suffix): New function.
      (pcomplete-std-complete): Use it and pcomplete-begin.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (bookmark-bmenu-list): Don't use switch-to-buffer if · 955ef430
      Stefan Monnier authored
      we're inside a dedicated or minibuffer window.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * cedet/semantic/fw.el (semantic-alias-obsolete) · eefa91db
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (semantic-varalias-obsolete): Make the `when' arg mandatory.
      * cedet/semantic/decorate/mode.el (semantic-decorate-pending-decoration-hooks):
      * cedet/semantic/wisent.el (wisent-lex-make-token-table):
      * cedet/semantic/util.el (semantic-file-token-stream)
      * cedet/semantic/tag.el (semantic-tag-make-assoc-list)
      * cedet/semantic/tag-file.el (semantic-find-nonterminal)
      (semantic-find-dependency, semantic-find-nonterminal)
      * cedet/semantic/lex.el (semantic-flex-start, semantic-flex-end)
      (semantic-flex-text, semantic-flex-make-keyword-table)
      (semantic-flex-keyword-p, semantic-flex-keyword-put)
      (semantic-flex-keyword-get, semantic-flex-map-keywords)
      (semantic-flex-keywords, semantic-flex-buffer, semantic-flex-list):
      * cedet/semantic/java.el (semantic-java-prototype-nonterminal):
      * cedet/semantic/idle.el (semantic-before-idle-scheduler-reparse-hooks)
      * cedet/semantic/edit.el (semantic-edits-incremental-reparse-failed-hooks):
      * cedet/semantic/db-mode.el (semanticdb-mode-hooks):
      * cedet/semantic.el (semantic-toplevel-bovine-table)
      (semantic-before-toplevel-bovination-hook, semantic-init-hooks)
      (semantic-init-mode-hooks, semantic-init-db-hooks)
      (semantic-bovination-working-type): Provide the `when' arg.
    • Karl Fogel's avatar
      * bookmark.el: Update documentation, especially documentation · 7c85c02b
      Karl Fogel authored
        of `bookmark-alist' and of the bookmark file format.
        Patch by Drew Adams, with minor tweaks from me.  (Bug#4195)
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      * keyboard.c (read_char_x_menu_prompt): Don't demand a prompt · 18060980
      Chong Yidong authored
      string in menu maps (Bug#4471).
  5. 24 Oct, 2009 12 commits