1. 22 Jan, 1995 3 commits
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      (tempo-insert-template): Quoted transient-mark-mode · 785c4478
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Expansion around region now puts point at the first mark.
      (tempo-region-start, tempo-region-stop): New variables
      (tempo-insert-template, tempo-insert): Don't affect the
      mark.  Check for Transient Mark mode
      (tempo-find-match-string): Removed the stupid 1+ again
      (tempo-use-tag-list): Set tempo-match-finder to completion-function.
      (tempo-match-finder): Renamed variable from
      tempo-default-match-finder.  Change the value too.
      (tempo-collection, tempo-dirty-collection): New variables.
      (tempo-user-elements): New variable.
      (tempo-insert): New argument ON-REGION.
      New elements 'l and 'r.  Use tempo-is-user-element.
      (tempo-is-user-element): New function.
      (tempo-invalidate-collection, tempo-build-collection): New functions.
      (tempo-find-match-string): Reinserted bugfix for re-search-backward.
      (tempo-complete-tag): Complete rewrite.
      (tempo-insert): Added the 'o tag.
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      (term-version): Increased to 0.94. · 7fee1912
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (term-if-emacs19, term-if-xemacs, term-ifnot-xemacs):  New macros
      to conditionalize at compile-time for different emacs versions.
      (various places):  Use them (instead of term-is-XXXX).
      (term-is-emacs19):  Removed, no longer needed.
      Change keybindings to not use C-c LETTER, for
      term-char-mode, term-line-mode.  Keybindings for term-pager-enable
      and term-pager-disable replaced by one for term-pager-toggle.
      (term-pager-toggle):  New function.
      (term-fake-pager-enable, term-fake-pager-disable):
      Define as aliases, so that menubar code will find proper keybindings.
      (term-char-mode):  Make no-op if already in char mode.
      (term-line-mode):  Make no-op if already in line mode.
      (term-mode-map):  Add keybinding for no-op term-line-mode, so
      code to display menubar keybindings doesn't lose it.  (Needed
      as long as char-mode and line-mode share term-terminal-menu.)
      (term-raw-escape-map):  Likewise for term-char-mode.
      (term-char-mode, term-line-mode):  Better documentation strings.
       Added menubar for pager sub-mode.
      (term-command-hook):  Disabled the feature that allowed
      inferior to send a lisp command to emacs - too big a security hole.
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  2. 21 Jan, 1995 5 commits
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