1. 20 Dec, 2017 4 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Fix some more aliases to user options · 7af7f5e1
      Glenn Morris authored
      * lisp/cus-edit.el (custom-mode-hook):
      * lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-default-coding-system):
      * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-indent, python-guess-indent)
      (python-shell-completion-pdb-string-code, python-use-skeletons):
      Define aliases to user options before the options are defined.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Fix some flymake aliases · 79fb4b54
      Glenn Morris authored
      * lisp/progmodes/flymake-proc.el (flymake-xml-program)
      (flymake-compilation-prevents-syntax-check, flymake-master-file-dirs)
      (flymake-master-file-count-limit, flymake-allowed-file-name-masks):
      * lisp/progmodes/flymake.el (flymake-start-syntax-check-on-find-file):
      Define aliases to user options before the options are defined.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Unbreak a fileio test on non-Mac OS X systems · 964dd38c
      Glenn Morris authored
      * test/src/fileio-tests.el (fileio-tests--symlink-failure):
      Don't use an undefined coding system.
      ; No need to merge to master, since breaking commit wasn't merged.
    • Robert Pluim's avatar
      Fix updating scrollbar sizes when scaling is in effect · 4122d540
      Robert Pluim authored
      * src/gtkutil.c (xg_update_scrollbar_pos): Update width of
      scrollbar when scaling is in effect.
      (xg_update_horizontal_scrollbar_pos): Update scrollbar size
      when scaling is in effect.
  2. 19 Dec, 2017 1 commit
    • Ted Zlatanov's avatar
      Collect GnuTLS extensions and use them to set %DUMBFW if supported · 21a212f9
      Ted Zlatanov authored
      * lisp/net/gnutls.el (gnutls-boot-parameters): Use it to set %DUMBFW
      only when it's supported as "ClientHello Padding" (Bug#25061).
      * src/gnutls.c (Fgnutls_available_p): Get extension names and
      put them in the GnuTLS capabilities, using a hard-coded limit
      of 100 since GnuTLS MAX_EXT_TYPES is not exported.
  3. 18 Dec, 2017 3 commits
  4. 17 Dec, 2017 5 commits
    • Charles A. Roelli's avatar
      python.el doc fixes · c51e797b
      Charles A. Roelli authored
      * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-shell-accept-process-output):
      (python-info-beginning-of-backslash): Doc fixes.
    • Tak Kunihiro's avatar
      Make 'mouse-drag-and-drop-region' more robust and customizable · c62ced5b
      Tak Kunihiro authored
      * lisp/mouse.el
      (mouse-drag-and-drop-region-cut-when-buffers-differ): New option
      to permit 'mouse-drag-and-drop-region' to cut text also when source
      and destination buffers differ.
      (mouse-drag-and-drop-region-show-tooltip): New option to toggle
      display of tooltip during mouse dragging on graphic displays.
      (mouse-drag-and-drop-region-show-cursor): New option to toggle
      moving point with mouse cursor during mouse dragging of region.
      (mouse-drag-and-drop-region): New face to highlight original
      text while dragging.
      (mouse-drag-and-drop-region): Make use of new options and face.
      Ignore errors during tracking.
    • Oscar Fuentes's avatar
      Backport: Don't compare arguments that can be nil (Bug#28039) · 2e9eba20
      Oscar Fuentes authored
      copy-region-as-kill can be called passing nil as `beg' and
      `end'. Magit does that, which caused an error when this advice was in
      * lisp/ses.el (ses--advice-copy-region-as-kill): avoid comparison
        unless `beg' and `end' are non-nil.
    • Noam Postavsky's avatar
      Don't mess up syntax-ppss cache in electric-pair (Bug#29710) · 89cfdbf7
      Noam Postavsky authored
      In Emacs 25 and above, calling `scan-sexps', `parse-partial-sexp', or
      similar may update the syntax-ppss cache if
      `parse-sexp-lookup-properties' is non-nil.  Therefore, when calling
      any of these functions with a different than normal syntax-table, the
      cache must be cleaned afterwards.
      * lisp/elec-pair.el (electric-pair--with-uncached-syntax): New macro.
      (electric-pair--syntax-ppss, electric-pair--balance-info): Use it.
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  5. 16 Dec, 2017 10 commits
  6. 15 Dec, 2017 17 commits