1. 16 Oct, 1995 3 commits
  2. 15 Oct, 1995 6 commits
  3. 14 Oct, 1995 13 commits
  4. 13 Oct, 1995 3 commits
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      Initial revision · a69315a1
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (hippie-expand): Removed bug - don't undo from another buffer. · 510cbc92
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (he-reset-string): Removed bug - don't move markers.
      (he-capitalize-first): New function, defining new "case".
      (he-transfer-case): New function.
      (he-transfer-case-ok): Function removed.
      (he-substitute-string,he-ordinary-case-p,he-string-member): Use the
      new functions above, for the new case handling.
      (he-file-name-chars): New variable.
      (he-file-name-beg): Use `he-file-name-chars'.
      he-file-directory-p,he-concat-directory-file-name): New functions
      to handle VMS and PC filename formats more accurately.
      (try-complete-file-name,try-complete-file-name-partially): Use the
      new functions above.
      try-expand-dabbrev-all-buffers): Use `case-fold-search' from the
      original buffer.
      (he-line-beg): Removed bug that made point move.
      (try-expand-all-abbrevs): Check that abbrev tables exist before use.
      (try-expand-dabbrev-visible): New try function.
      (he-search-window): New variable used by `try-expand-dabbrev-visible'.
      (he-dab-search-regexp): Function removed.
      (he-dab-search): Renamed to `he-dabbrev-search'.
      (he-dabbrev-search): Find only whole matching symbols.
      (he-dabbrev-skip-space): New variable.
      (he-dabbrev-beg): Use `he-dabbrev-skip-space'.
      (try-expand-dabbrev-from-kill,he-dabbrev-kill-search): New try
      function, with requisites.
      (try-expand-whole-kill,he-whole-kill-search,he-kill-beg): New try
      function, with requisites.
      (he-search-loc2): New variable, used by `try-expand-whole-kill'
      and `try-expand-dabbrev-from-kill'.
      (hippie-expand-try-functions-list): Added the try functions
      `try-complete-file-name-partially', `try-expand-dabbrev-from-kill'
      and `try-complete-lisp-symbol-partially'.
      (Several functions): Adjusted and corrected use of `he-tried-table'.
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      Minor fixes. · 6df87f14
      Edward M. Reingold authored
  5. 12 Oct, 1995 13 commits
  6. 11 Oct, 1995 2 commits