1. 06 Jun, 2006 3 commits
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      (org-archive-subtree): Use end-of-subtree as insertion · 7d143c25
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	point and control the number of empty lines.
      	(org-paste-subtree): Limit the number of empty lines at the end of
      	the inserted tree.
      	(org-agenda): Use buffer name of current file for narrowing.
      	(org-export-as-xml): Command removed.
      	(org-export-xml-type): Option removed.
      	(org-mode-map): Call `org-export-as-xoxo' directly.
      	(org-get-indentation): New optional argument LINE.
      	(org-fix-indentation, org-remove-tabs): New functions.
      	(org-export-as-ascii, org-ascii-level-start): Determine and apply
      	correct indentation for headlines that are converted it items.
      	(org-skip-comments): Remove table lines that contain narrowing
      	cookies but no other non-empty fields.
      	(org-set-tags): Allow groups of mutually exclusive tags.
      	(org-cmp-time): Sort 24:21 before items without time.
      	(org-get-time-of-day): Fixed the interpretation of 12pm and 12am.
      	(org-open-at-point): Require double colon also for numbers.
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      Correction for AUTHORS. · d9e17d28
      Kim F. Storm authored
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