1. 08 Apr, 2003 5 commits
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      (coding_system_accept_latin_extra_p): New function. · 7de6cd0a
      Kenichi Handa authored
      (find_safe_codings): Pay attention to characters registered in
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      (code_convert_region): Fix last change. · 24a948a7
      Kenichi Handa authored
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      *** empty log message *** · 2310d84c
      Kenichi Handa authored
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      (code_convert_region_unwind): Set · 1c7457e2
      Kenichi Handa authored
      Vlast_coding_system_used to the argument.
      (code_convert_region): If post-read-conversion function changed
      the value of last-coding-sytem, keep the new value in
      coding->symbol so that it won't be overridden.
      (run_pre_post_conversion_on_str): Likewise.
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      (utf-16-le-decode-loop) · 4fbc4b17
      Kenichi Handa authored
      (utf-16-be-decode-loop): New temporary variables.
      (ccl-decode-mule-utf-16-le): Use utf-16-le-decode-loop.
      (ccl-decode-mule-utf-16-be): Use utf-16-be-decode-loop
      (ccl-decode-mule-utf-16): New CCL programs.
      (utf-16-le-encode-loop, utf-16-be-encode-loop): New temporary
      (ccl-encode-mule-utf-16-le): Use utf-16-le-encode-loop.
      (ccl-encode-mule-utf-16-be): Use utf-16-be-encode-loop
      (ccl-encode-mule-utf-16-be-with-signature): New CCL programs.
      (mule-utf-16-post-read-conversion): New function.
      (mule-utf-16-le-with-signature, mule-utf-16-be-with-signature),
      (mule-utf-16): New coding systems.
      (utf-16-le-with-signature, utf-16-be-with-signature),
      (utf-16): Aliases of the above coding systems.
  2. 07 Apr, 2003 5 commits
  3. 06 Apr, 2003 17 commits
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  5. 04 Apr, 2003 5 commits