1. 03 Mar, 2006 11 commits
  2. 02 Mar, 2006 6 commits
  3. 01 Mar, 2006 21 commits
  4. 28 Feb, 2006 2 commits
    • Bill Wohler's avatar
      (mh-folder-list): Fix problem with passing in a folder and getting · 898dda92
      Bill Wohler authored
      nothing back. Fix problem with passing in empty string and getting the
      entire filesystem (or infinite loop). Don't append slash to folder.
      These fixes fix problems observed with the pick search. Thanks to
      Thomas Baumann for the help (closes SF #1435381).
    • Nick Roberts's avatar
      (gdb-speedbar-refresh): Rename from · 7dda1909
      Nick Roberts authored
      gdb-speedbar-timer-fn.  Use speedbar-refresh instead of
      (gdb-var-update-handler, gdb-var-update-handler-1): Use it.
      (gdb-speedbar-expand-node): Use speedbar-delete-subblock
      instead of gdb-speedbar-timer-fn.