1. 09 Mar, 1993 10 commits
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      (query-replace-map): New keymap. · 81bdc14d
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (perform-replace): Use query-replace-map.
      (query-replace, query-replace-regexp, map-query-replace-regexp):
      (replace-string, replace-regexp): Don't print `done' if unread chars.
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      *** empty log message *** · 11a364d9
      Jim Blandy authored
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      (rmail-update-summary): New function. · d41d75fb
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (rmail-new-summary): New arg redo-form.  Considerable rewrite
      of how and when buffers are selected.
      (rmail-summary-mode): New local vars rmail-summary-redo,
      revert-buffer-function, post-command-hook, rmail-current-message.
      (rmail-summary-expunge): Use rmail-update-summary.
      (rmail-summary-get-new-mail): Likewise.
      (rmail-summary-expunge-and-save): Likewise.
      (rmail-summary-input): Don't update summary at all.
      (rmail-summary-reply): Do the work inside save-window-excursion,
      then switch to the mail buffer.
      (rmail-summary-retry-failure): Likewise.
      (rmail-summary-edit-current-message): Delete spurious autoload.
      (rmail-summary-summary): Function deleted.
      Use plain rmail-summary on h and C-M-h.
      (rmail-summary-rmail-update): New function.
      Big rewrite from weiner@pts.mot.com.
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      (rmail-delete-forward): Go to summary buf to change D mark. · bd1f0f84
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Always do the motion in the rmail buffer; let that handle summary.
      (rmail-undelete-previous-message): Likewise.
      (rmail-select-summary): New macro.
      (rmail-show-message): Use rmail-select-summary.
      (rmail-get-new-mail): Likewise.
      (rmail-expunge): Likewise.
      (rmail-bury): Record Rmail buffer to bury it later.
      Major changes from Bob Weiner <weiner@pts.mot.com>
      Handle some Emacs 18 function names to run in 18.
      This is to facilitate working with Weiner.
      (rmail-reply-prefix): New variable.
      (rmail-reply): Use that variable to add to subject.
      (rmail-retry-failure): Change binding to M-m.
      (rmail-forward): Look for >From as well as for From.
      Handle case where neither is found.
      (rmail-last-regexp): New variable.
      (rmail-mode): Make rmail-last-regexp local.
      (rmail): Don't update rmail-mode data for old buffer
      if it's not in rmail mode.
      Error if in Rmail Edit mode.
      (rmail-bury): New command, plus key binding.
      (rmail-summary-by-topic): New key binding.
      (rmail-insert-inbox-text): Check for pop case earlier.
      (rmail-convert-to-babyl-format): Handle Content-Length field.
      (rmail-maybe-display-summary): New function.
      (rmail-redisplay-summary): New user option.
      (rmail-undelete-previous-message, rmail-delete-forward):
      (rmail-get-new-mail, rmail-show-message): Update summary buffer if any.
      Call rmail-maybe-display-summary to put it back on screen.
      (rmail-only-expunge): Renamed from rmail-expunge.
      (rmail-expunge): New function.
      (rmail-message-recipients-p, rmail-message-regexp-p): New functions.
      (rmail-summary-exists, rmail-summary-displayed): New functions.
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      (set-mark): Activate the mark. · af39530e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (mark): Handle region-active.  New optional arg FORCE.
      (exchange-point-and-mark, push_mark): Pass FORCE.
      (set-mark-command): Likewise.
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      entered into RCS · af9157b9
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      Initial revision · b0dbaa21
      Richard M. Stallman authored
  2. 08 Mar, 1993 10 commits
  3. 07 Mar, 1993 20 commits
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      Include intervals.h. · 497ba7a1
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (read_key_sequence): Use get_local_map.
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      Include termhooks.h. · 6ba6e250
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (push_key_description): Handle all modifiers.
      Handle large character codes.
      (Fkey_description): Move the meta bit, if arg is string.
      (Fsingle_key_description): Don't alter integer value.
      Make tem long enough.
      (Flookup_key): Use meta_modifier as meta-bit if from vector.
      (Fdefine_key): Likewise.
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      (Fget_text_property): Use textget. · dc70cea7
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (Fnext_single_property_change): Likewise.
      (Fprevious_single_property_change): Likewise.
      (syms_of_textprop): Set up Qcategory, Qlocal_map.
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      *** empty log message *** · 5f1d59f4
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (read_key_sequence): · d3cc13fa
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Use meta_modifier for meta keys when handling function_key_map.
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      (isearch-other-meta-char): Call listify-key-sequence. · e7cb0106
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (isearch-unread): Don't call it here.
      (isearch-mode-map): Bind the ASCII-equivalent function keys.
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      (vc-update-change-log): Check that ChangeLog is writable · 02da6253
      Paul Eggert authored
      before starting the expensive rcs2log process.
      Use call-process instead of shell-command to invoke rcs2log;
      this avoids undesired shell escapes and is more robust about errors.
      Put mark at point-min, so that the new insertion is in the region.
      (vc-checkin-hook): Fix `runs-hooks' typo.
      (vc-checkout-writeable-buffer-hook): New var.
      (vc-next-action): Fix bug: initial checkin was botched when C-x v v
      was applied to a new file while vc-initial-comment was non-nil.
      (vc-register): Don't barf when registering a new, empty buffer.
      (vc-directory): The `No files are currently registered'
      message was wrongly worded, because sometimes the message talks
      about locked files, not registered files.
      (vc-file-tree-walk): Change (apply 'funcall ...) to (apply
      ...), since the 'funcall is redundant.
      When traversing a directory tree, message
      "Traversing directory XXX" so that the user can see what progress is
      being made.  Traversal can take a long time.  Omit first argument,
      since it is always the current directory.  All callers changed.
      (vc-file-tree-walk-internal): New function.
      (vc-do-command, vc-diff, vc-version-diff, vc-backend-diff):
      Remove redundant calls to `format'.
      (vc-diff): Remove unused variable `old'.
      (vc-version-diff): When recursively generating a difference
      listing, don't append the latest output unless diff was actually run;
      otherwise, you'll get the output from the previous file by mistake.
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      (Qmodification_hooks): Renamed from Qmodification. · 23ad4658
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (syms_of_textprop): Changed accordingly.
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      (verify_interval_modification): Handle insertions · 294efdbe
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      specially.  For non-insertions, check only the chars being changed.
      `modification-hooks' property is now a list of functions.
      (set_point): Ignore chars outside current restriction.
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      (save_excursion_save): Save mark_active of buffer. · 9772455e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (save_excursion_restore): Restore mark_active of buffer.
      Run activate-mark-hook if it's on, or deactivate-mark-hook if it turns off.
      (region_limit): Error if mark inactive, if transient-mark-mode.
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      (x_alt_mod_mask, x_super_mod_mask, x_hyper_mod_mask): New variables. · a3c44b14
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (x_find_modifier_meanings): Set them.
      (x_convert_modifiers): Check for them.
      (XTread_socket): Handle BackSpace, etc, function keys.
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      (alt_modifier, super_modifier, hyper_modifier): · 3076b39d
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (shift_modifier, ctrl_modifier, meta_modifier):
      Renumber the bits.
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      (follow_key): Downcase shift_modifier as well as ASCII. · 86e5706b
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (command_loop_1): Run pre-command-hook and post-command-hook.
      Set this_command before running pre-command-hook.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Set up vars for those hooks.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Handle gaps in modifier_names.
      (modifier_names): Reorder to match termhooks.h.
      (parse_modifiers_uncached): Detect `s-', not `super-'.
      (apply_modifiers_uncached): Make `s-', not `super-'.
      (lispy_function_keys): Add codes starting at 0xff00
      and running through 0xffff.
      (read_char): Move metabit when fetching from string macro.
      (command_loop_1): Clear Vdeactivate_mark before cmd.
      Clear mark_active if command set Vdeactivate_mark.
      Run deactivate-mark-hook at that time, or activate-mark-hook.
      (syms_of_keyboard): Define variable deactivate-mark.
      (syms_of_keyboard): New lisp var unread-command-char.
      (Finput_pending_p): Test unread_command_char.
      (Fdiscard_input, quit_throw_to_read_char, init_keyboard): Set it.
      (read_char): Fetch from it.
      (Fthis_command_keys, Fread_key_sequence):
      Fix calls to make_event_array.
      (make_lispy_event): Put meta and shift modifiers
      into an integer.
      (read_avail_input): Set the modifiers field in the events read.
      (kbd_buffer_get_event): Pass thru integer event untruncated.
      (read_char): Likewise.
      (read_key_sequence, read_char): Only -1 means EOF.
      (kbd_buffer_store_event): Don't ignore 0200 bit in quit char.
      (follow_key): Use new meta bit flag.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (syms_of_lread): Set up Qascii_character. · 7bd279cd
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (Fread_char, Fread_char_exclusive): Use that property
      to convert symbols like tab, return, M-return,... to ASCII.
      Include termhooks.h.
      (read_escape): Handle \H, \A, \s.  Use ..._modifier.
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      (reset_buffer_local_variables): Reset mark_active. · c48f61ef
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (syms_of_buffer): New buffer-local var `mark-active'.
      (init_buffer_once): Initialize mechanism for it.