1. 05 Oct, 2009 2 commits
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      * bookmark.el · 13901bcb
      Karl Fogel authored
        (bookmark-get-bookmark, bookmark-get-bookmark-record,
         bookmark-set-name, bookmark-prop-get, bookmark-prop-set,
         bookmark-get-annotation, bookmark-set-annotation, bookmark-get-filename,
         bookmark-set-filename, bookmark-get-position, bookmark-set-position,
         bookmark-get-front-context-string, bookmark-set-front-context-string,
         bookmark-get-rear-context-string, bookmark-set-rear-context-string,
         bookmark-location, bookmark-jump, bookmark-jump-other-window,
         bookmark-handle-bookmark, bookmark-relocate, bookmark-insert-location,
         bookmark-rename, bookmark-insert, bookmark-delete, bookmark-time-to-save-p,
         bookmark-edit-annotation-mode, bookmark-edit-annotation): Improve doc
         strings to say whether bookmark can be a string or a record or both,
         and make other consistency and clarity fixes.
        (bookmark-get-handler, bookmark--jump-via, bookmark-write-file,
         bookmark-default-annotation-text, bookmark-yank-word,
         bookmark-maybe-load-default-file, bookmark-maybe-sort-alist,
         bookmark-import-new-list, bookmark-maybe-rename,
         bookmark-bmenu-show-filenames, bookmark-bmenu-hide-filenames,
         bookmark-bmenu-bookmark): Give these doc strings.
        (bookmark-bmenu-check-position): Give this a doc string, but also
         add a FIXME comment about how the function may be pointless.
        (bookmark-default-handler): Rework doc string and change a parameter
         name, to clarify that this takes a bookmark record not a bookmark name.
        (bookmark-set): Change a parameter name to indicate its meaning,
         and improve the doc string a bit.
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