1. 22 Aug, 1997 6 commits
  2. 20 Aug, 1997 7 commits
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      (ps-print-face-extension-alist): Doc fix. · 6c8f2753
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (ps-new-faces): Function deleted.
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      A lot of comment and doc fixes. · 87a16a06
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Replace: 'nil by nil, '() by nil, 't by t.
      (ps-print-version): New version number (3.05).
      (ps-zebra-stripe, ps-number-of-zebra, ps-line-number)
      (ps-print-background-image, ps-print-background-text): New variables
      to customize zebra stripes, line number, image background and text
      background features, respectively.
      (ps-adobe-tag): Tagged to PostScript level 3.
      (ps-print-buffer, ps-print-buffer-with-faces)
      (ps-print-region, ps-print-region-with-faces)
      (ps-spool-buffer, ps-spool-buffer-with-faces)
      (ps-spool-region, ps-spool-region-with-faces): Call more primitive
      functions for PostScript printing (functions below).
      (ps-print-with-faces, ps-print-without-faces)
      (ps-spool-with-faces, ps-spool-without-faces): More primitive
      functions for PostScript printing.
      (ps-line-lengths, ps-nb-pages-buffer, ps-nb-pages-region)
      (ps-line-lengths-internal, ps-nb-pages): Doc fixes.
      (ps-print-prologue-1): a lot of PostScript programming:
      /dobackgroundstring, /dounderline, /UL: Postscript functions deleted.
      /reencodeFontISO, /F, /BG, /HL, /W, /S, /BeginDSCPage, /BeginPage,
      /EndPage: adjusted for new effects (outline, shadow, etc).
      /PLN, /EF, /Hline, /doBox, /doRect, /doShadow, /doOutline,
      /FillBgColor, /doLineNumber, /printZebra, /doColumnZebra,
      /doZebra, /BeginBackImage, /EndBackImage, /ShowBackText: New procedures.
      (ps-current-underline-p, ps-set-underline): Var and fn deleted.
      (ps-showline-count, ps-background-pages, ps-background-all-pages)
      (ps-background-text-count, ps-background-image-count): New variables.
      (ps-header-font, ps-header-title-font)
      (ps-header-line-height, ps-header-title-line-height)
      (ps-landscape-page-height): Set initial value to nil.
      (ps-print-face-extension-alist, ps-print-face-map-alist):
      New variables for face remapping.
      (ps-new-faces, ps-extend-face-list, ps-extend-face):
      New functions for face remapping.
      (ps-override-list, ps-extension-to-bit-face)
      (ps-extension-to-screen-face, ps-extension-bit)
      (ps-initialize-faces, ps-map-font-lock, ps-screen-to-bit-face):
      New internal functions for face remapping.
      (ps-get-page-dimensions): Fix error message.
      (ps-insert-file): Doc fix and programming enhancement.
      (ps-begin-file, ps-end-file, ps-get-buffer-name, ps-begin-page)
      (ps-next-line, ps-plot-region, ps-face-attributes)
      (ps-face-attribute-list, ps-plot-with-face)
      (ps-generate-postscript-with-faces): Handle new output features.
      (ps-generate): save-excursion inserted to return back point at
      position before calling ps-print.
      (ps-do-spool): Access dos-ps-printer variable through symbol-value.
      (ps-prsc, ps-c-prsc, ps-s-prsc): Use backquote.
      (ps-basic-plot-whitespace, ps-emacs-face-kind-p): Internal blank
      line eliminated.
      (ps-float-format, ps-current-effect): New internal variables.
      (ps-output-list, ps-count-lines, ps-background-pages)
      (ps-get-boundingbox, ps-float-format, ps-background-text)
      (ps-background-image, ps-background, ps-header-height)
      (ps-get-face): New internal functions.
      (ps-control-character): Handle control characters.
      (ps-gnus-print-article-from-summary): Updated for Gnus 5.
      (ps-jack-setup): Replace 'nil by nil, 't by t.
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      Doc fixes. · eb0401dd
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      Minor doc fixes. · bc6d0d71
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (browse-url-temp-dir): New variable.
      (browse-url-of-buffer): Use browse-url-temp-dir.  Don't construct
      a temporary file name which includes an arbitrary buffer name to
      avoid losing on non-unixy systems.
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      (NULL): Define, if not defined. · a03eaf1c
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (mail-yank-original): Bind mark-even-if-inactive · ac9f0310
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      around the indentation and citation hooks code.
      (mail-send-nonascii): Make the default t.
  3. 19 Aug, 1997 20 commits
  4. 18 Aug, 1997 7 commits