1. 05 Jan, 2009 19 commits
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      (basic-save-buffer): Protect buffer-modified flag around first swap. · f79e69b9
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (pmail-show-message): Protect buffer-modified flag around swap.
      (pmail-change-major-mode-hook): Likewise.
      (pmail-use-collection-buffer, pmail-swap-buffers-maybe): Likewise.
      (pmail-error-bad-format): Always phrase the error as about an invalid message.
      (pmail-convert-file-maybe): Don't use pmail-error-bad-format.
      (pmail-mode-map): Move pmail-widen to C-c C-w.
      (pmail-mode-1): Don't alter mode-line-modified.
      (pmail-perm-variables): Turn off undo in view buffer.
      (pmail-variables): Turn off undo.
      (pmail-show-message): Delete useless calls to `widen'.
      Avoid passing thru temp buffer if we don't need
      base64 or quoted printable decoding for whole message.
      (pmail-keywords): Variable deleted.
      (pmail-last-label, pmail-last-multi-labels): Moved to pmailkwd.el.
      (pmail-perm-variables): Don't mess with pmail-last-label.
      Don't mess with pmail-keywords.
      (pmail-copy-headers): Doc fix.
      (pmail-set-header): New function.
      (pmail-get-keywords): Doc fix.
      (pmail-get-labels): New function.
      (pmail-display-labels): Use pmail-get-labels.
      (pmail-set-attribute): Mark pmail-buffer modified
      if we change an attribute.
      (pmail-apply-in-message): New function.
      (pmail-message-labels-p): Function moved to pmailsum.el.
      (pmail-message-recipients-p, pmail-message-regexp-p): Likewise.
      (pmail-current-subject, pmail-current-subject-regexp): Fns deleted.
      (pmail-simplified-subject, pmail-simplified-subject-regexp): New fns.
      (pmail-next-same-subject): Fetch each msg's subject and compare.
      (pmail-speedbar-move-message): Use pmail-output.
      (pmail-construct-io-menu): Use pmail-output.
      (pmail-default-pmail-file): Variable deleted.
      (pmail-auto-file): Use pmail-output.
      (pmail-mode-map): Remove pmail-output-to-babyl-file.
      Add pmail-output-as-seen.
      (pmail-mode): Update output commands in doc string.
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      Require pmail; delete compiler defvars. · 4e756c24
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Delete most declare-function calls.
      (pmail-keywords, pmail-deleted-label, pmail-attributes): Vars deleted.
      (pmail-attribute-p, pmail-keyword-p): Fns deleted.
      (pmail-keywords, pmail-parse-file-keywords, pmail-install-keyword):
      (pmail-force-make-label, pmail-quote-label-name): Fns deleted.
      (pmail-last-label, pmail-last-multi-labels): Vars moved from pmail.el.
      (pmail-read-label): Don't switch buffers, don't parse file keywords.
      (pmail-set-label): Major rewrite.
      (pmail-next-labeled-message): Call pmail-get-labels and match it.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (pmail-message-labels-p): Function moved from pmail.el and rewritten. · 91552da9
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (pmail-message-recipients-p): Likewise.
      (pmail-message-regexp-p): Likewise.
      (pmail-message-recipients-p-1): New subroutine.
      (pmail-message-regexp-p-1): Likewise.
      (pmail-summary-by-topic): Use pmail-simplified-subject.
      Delete subject-re variable.
      (pmail-message-subject-p): Total rewrite.
      (pmail-message-senders-p): Total rewrite.
      (pmail-new-summary-1): Call FUNCTION in the main Pmail buffer.
      (pmail-get-summary): Doc fix.
      (pmail-create-summary-line): Renamed from
      pmail-get-create-summary-line, and major rewrite.
      (pmail-get-summary-labels): Doc fix.
      (pmail-create-summary): Major rewrite.  Construct line counts here.
      (pmail-header-summary): Renamed from pmail-make-basic-summary-line.
      Return list of two strings.
      (pmail-summary-next-same-subject): Extract subjects and compare.
      (pmail-summary-output): Renamed from pmail-summary-output-to-babyl-file.
      Use pmail-output.
      (pmail-summary-output-as-seen): Renamed from pmail-summary-output.
      Use pmail-output-as-seen.
      (pmail-summary-construct-io-menu): Use pmail-summary-output.
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      (x_set_frame_parameters): Make sure height (width) get · 56f668f7
      Martin Rudalics authored
      applied when fullwidth (fullheight) is set.  (Bug#1522)
    • Martin Rudalics's avatar
      (display-buffer): Fix last fix. · 29c45500
      Martin Rudalics authored
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      Add 2009 to copyright years. · ae940284
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Fix typos. · 70403f65
      Juanma Barranquero authored
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      * desktop.el (desktop-save-in-desktop-dir): Use `abbreviate-file-name' · a609d13b
      Juanma Barranquero authored
        to shorten the desktop file directory shown in message.
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      Add missing copyright header. · d92c06c7
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Mention INSTALL.CVS. · 05a82329
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Update copyright for 2009. · c73a0562
      Glenn Morris authored
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      (Copyright): Update copyright for 2009. · b433a991
      Glenn Morris authored
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      (print_version): Update copyright for 2009. · 32c4b970
      Glenn Morris authored
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      (version): Update copyright for 2009. · 12de22a5
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Fix typo in previous. · 1746e0c3
      Glenn Morris authored
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      (emacs-copyright): Update for 2009. · 061a7c0e
      Glenn Morris authored
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