1. 29 Sep, 1992 3 commits
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      * frame.c (Fselect_frame, Fframe_root_window, · 8693ca83
      Jim Blandy authored
      	Fframe_selected_window, Fnext_frame, Fmake_frame_visible,
      	Fmake_frame_invisible, Ficonify_frame): Doc fixes.
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      entered into RCS · 30e4c427
      Jim Blandy authored
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      * ralloc.c: Since the users of the relocating allocation code · 98b7fe02
      Jim Blandy authored
      	handle memory exhaustion, it's better to return an error code to
      	them than to call abort.
      	(obtain): If we cannot allocate more memory, don't call
      	abort.  Instead, return non-zero iff the allocation is successful.
      	(get_more_space): If obtain fails, return zero.
      	(get_bloc): Return zero if we can't allocate the new bloc.
      	(r_alloc_sbrk): Return zero if we can't allocate more memory.
      	(r_alloc): If we can't allocate more memory, set *PTR to zero and
      	return zero.
      	(r_re_alloc): If we can't allocate more memory, leave *PTR
      	unchanged, and return zero.
      	* ralloc.c (warnfunction): Renamed to warn_function; users changed.
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