1. 22 Sep, 2009 9 commits
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      (change-log-fill-forward-paragraph): New function. · 905b7d38
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (change-log-mode): Use it so fill-region DTRT.
      Set fill-indent-according-to-mode here rather than in
      (change-log-fill-paragraph): Remove.
    • Juanma Barranquero's avatar
      * info.el (Info-try-follow-nearest-node): Use the URL extracted by · baa7f3de
      Juanma Barranquero authored
        `Info-get-token', instead of `browse-url-url-at-point'.  (Bug#4508)
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (calendar-mode-map): Make mouse-1 and 3 clicks on the scroll-bar · daedbbc2
      Glenn Morris authored
      scroll the calendar window rather than the buffer.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (cal-menu-scroll-menu): Add a sub-section with commands that move · d8899a74
      Glenn Morris authored
      point (as opposed to scrolling).
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      elint stuff · 49b289c0
      Glenn Morris authored
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      (elint): New custom group. · 76f2c576
      Glenn Morris authored
      (elint-log-buffer): Make it a defcustom.
      (elint-scan-preloaded, elint-ignored-warnings)
      (elint-directory-skip-re): New options.
      (elint-builtin-variables): Doc fix.
      (elint-preloaded-env): New variable.
      (elint-unknown-builtin-args): Add an entry for encode-time.
      (elint-extra-errors): Make it a variable rather than a constant.
      (elint-preloaded-skip-re): New constant.
      (elint-directory): Skip files matching elint-directory-skip-re.
      (elint-features): New variable, local to linted buffers.
      (elint-update-env): Initialize elint-features.  Possibly add
      elint-preloaded-env to the buffer's environment.
      (elint-get-top-forms): Bind elint-current-pos, for log messages.
      Skip quoted forms.
      (elint-init-form): New function, extracted from elint-init-env.
      Make non-list forms a warning rather than an error.
      Add the mode-map for define-derived-mode.  Handle define-minor-mode,
      easy-menu-define, put that adds an error-condition, and provide.
      When requiring cl, also require cl-macs.  Really require cl, to handle
      some cl macros.  Store required libraries in the list elint-features,
      so as not to re-load them.  Treat cc-require like require.
      (elint-init-env): Call elint-init-form to do the work.
      Handle eval-and-compile and such like.
      (elint-add-required-env): Do not clear messages.
      (elint-special-forms): Add handlers for function, defalias, if, when,
      unless, and, or.
      (elint-form): Add optional argument to ignore elint-special-forms,
      useful to prevent recursive calls from handlers.  Doc fix.
      Respect elint-ignored-warnings.
      (elint-form): Respect elint-ignored-warnings.
      (elint-bound-variable, elint-bound-function): New variables.
      (elint-unbound-variable): Respect elint-bound-variable.
      (elint-get-args): Respect elint-bound-function.
      (elint-check-cond-form): Add some simple handling for (f)boundp and
      featurep tests.
      (elint-check-defalias-form): New handler.
      (elint-check-let-form): Make an empty let a warning rather than an error.
      (elint-check-setq-form): Make an empty setq a warning rather than an
      error.  Respect elint-ignored-warnings.
      (elint-check-defvar-form): Accept null doc-strings.
      (elint-check-conditional-form): New handler.  Does some simple-minded
      checking of featurep and (f)boundp tests.
      (elint-put-function-args): New function.
      (elint-initialize): Use elint-scan-doc-file rather than
      elint-find-builtin-variables.  Use elint-put-function-args.
      Possibly scan preloaded-file-list.
      (elint-scan-doc-file): Rename from elint-find-builtin-variables and
      extend to handle functions as well.
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      * linum.el (linum-delete-overlays, linum-update-window): · 245be23c
      Juanma Barranquero authored
        Do not modify the right margin.  (Bug#3971)
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