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    • Jim Blandy's avatar
      * termhooks.h: In order to avoid declaring struct input_event · 23c6349c
      Jim Blandy authored
      	(which contains Lisp_Objects) in those .c files which need access
      	to the terminal hooks but don't #include lisp.h (like cm.c), test
      	to see if the macro CONSP is #defined.  We used to test XINT, but
      	config.h will #define that everywhere on systems that use tailored
      	tagging schemes.
  8. 22 Jun, 1993 1 commit
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      * keyboard.c (make_lispy_event): Added detection of double-click · fbcd35bd
      Jim Blandy authored
      	and triple-click events.
      	(parse_modifiers_uncached, apply_modifiers_uncached): Same.
      	(read_key_sequence): Coerce double-clicks to clicks, and triple-clicks
      	to double-clicks or clicks, by analogy with drag events.
      	(double_click_time): Added variable.
      	* termhooks.h: Added multi-click event modifier bits.
  9. 04 May, 1993 1 commit
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      * lisp.h (CHAR_ALT, CHAR_SUPER, CHAR_HYPER): New constants, in · d82222e1
      Jim Blandy authored
      	case we need them.
      	* termhooks.h (alt_modifier, super_modifier, hyper_modifier,
      	shift_modifier, ctrl_modifier, meta_modifier): Define these in
      	terms of the CHAR_mumble macros, to avoid having the same thing
      	defined in two places.
      	Make the modifier manipulation functions more robust.  The old way
      	caused a bug once, and probably would again.
      	* termhooks.h (alt_modifier, super_modifier, hyper_modifier,
      	shift_modifier, ctrl_modifier, meta_modifier): Shift these all
      	down one bit in value, to avoid sign extension problems.
      	* lisp.h (CHAR_META, CHAR_CTL, CHAR_SHIFT): Fix these definitions too.
      	* keyboard.c (lispy_modifier_list): Ignore modifier bits beyond
      	what our table of modifier names can handle.
      	(apply_modifiers): Don't abort if you see extra modifier bits,
      	just remove them.
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    • Jim Blandy's avatar
      * termhooks.h (mouse_position_hook): Doc fix. · ec3f896c
      Jim Blandy authored
      	(set_vertical_scrollbar_hook): This doesn't return anything any
      	more, and doesn't take a struct scrollbar * argument any more.
      	(condemn_scrollbars_hook, redeem_scrollbar_hook,
      	judge_scrollbars_hook): Doc fixes.
      	* term.c (mouse_position_hook): Doc fix.
      	(set_vertical_scrollbar_hook): This doesn't return
      	anything any more.  Doc fixes.
      	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event): Receive the scrollbar's
      	window from *mouse_position_hook and pass it to
      	make_lispy_movement, instead of working with a pointer to a struct
      	(make_lispy_event): We don't need a window_from_scrollbar function
      	anymore; we are given the window directly in *EVENT.
      	Unify the code which generates
      	text-area mouse clicks and scrollbar clicks; use the same code to
      	distinguish clicks from drags on the scrollbar as in the text area.
      	Distinguish clicks from drags by storing a copy of the lispy
      	position list returned as part of the event.
      	(button_down_location): Make this a lisp vector, rather than an
      	array of random structures.
      	(struct mouse_position): Remove this; it's been replaced by a lisp
      	(make_lispy_movement): Accept the scrollbar's window as a
      	parameter, rather than the scrollbar itself.
      	If FRAME is zero, assume that the other arguments are garbage.
      	(syms_of_keyboard): No need to staticpro each window of
      	button_down_location now; just initialize and staticpro it.
      	* window.c (window_from_scrollbar): Function deleted; no longer
      	* xdisp.c (redisplay_window): Just pass the window to
      	set_vertical_scrollbar hook; don't pass the scrollbar object too.
      	* xterm.c (XTmouse_position): Don't return a pointer to the
      	scrollbar for scrollbar motion; instead, return the scrollbar's
      	* termhooks.h (struct input_event): Replace the frame member with
      	a Lisp_Object member by the name of frame_or_window.  Doc fixes.
      	Remove the scrollbar member; instead, use frame_or_window to hold the
      	window whose scrollbar was clicked.
      	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_store_event, kbd_buffer_get_event,
      	make_lispy_event): Adjust references to frame member of struct
      	input_event to use frame_or_window now.
      	* xterm.c (construct_mouse_click, XTread_socket): Same.
  15. 24 Dec, 1992 1 commit
    • Jim Blandy's avatar
      * frame.h (struct frame): New fields `can_have_scrollbars' and · 20a558dc
      Jim Blandy authored
      	accessors, for both the MULTI_FRAME and non-MULTI_FRAME.
      	* window.h (struct window): New field `vertical_scrollbar'.
      	* xterm.h (struct x_display): vertical_scrollbars,
      	judge_timestamp, vertical_scrollbar_extra: New fields.
      	(struct scrollbar): New struct.
      	PIXEL_TO_CHAR_HEIGHT): New accessors and macros.
      	* frame.c (make_frame): Initialize the `can_have_scrollbars' and
      	`has_vertical_scrollbars' fields of the frame.
      	* term.c (term_init): Note that TERMCAP terminals don't support
      	(mouse_position_hook): Document new args.
      	(set_vertical_scrollbar_hook, condemn_scrollbars_hook,
      	redeem_scrollbar_hook, judge_scrollbars_hook): New hooks.
      	* termhooks.h: Declare and document them.
      	(enum scrollbar_part): New type.
      	(struct input_event): Describe the new form of the scrollbar_click
      	event type.  Change `part' from a Lisp_Object to an enum
      	scrollbar_part.  Add a new field `scrollbar'.
      	* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event): Pass appropriate new
      	parameters to *mouse_position_hook, and make_lispy_movement.
      	* xfns.c (x_set_vertical_scrollbar): New function.
      	(x_figure_window_size): Use new macros to calculate frame size.
      	(Fx_create_frame): Note that X Windows frames do support scroll
      	bars.  Default to "yes".
      	* xterm.c: #include <X11/cursorfont.h> and "window.h".
      	(x_vertical_scrollbar_cursor): New variable.
      	(x_term_init): Initialize it.
      	(last_mouse_bar, last_mouse_bar_frame, last_mouse_part,
      	last_mouse_scroll_range_start, last_mouse_scroll_range_end): New
      	(XTmouse_position): Use them to return scrollbar movement events.
      	Take new arguments, for that purpose.
      	(x_window_to_scrollbar, x_scrollbar_create,
      	x_scrollbar_set_handle, x_scrollbar_remove, x_scrollbar_move,
      	XTset_scrollbar, XTcondemn_scrollbars, XTredeem_scrollbar,
      	XTjudge_scrollbars, x_scrollbar_expose,
      	x_scrollbar_background_expose, x_scrollbar_handle_click,
      	x_scrollbar_handle_motion): New functions to implement scrollbars.
      	(x_term_init): Set the termhooks.h hooks to point to them.
      	(x_set_window_size): Use new macros to calculate frame size.  Set
      	vertical_scrollbar_extra field.
      	(x_make_frame_visible): Use the frame accessor
      	FRAME_HAS_VERTICAL_SCROLLBARS to decide if we need to map the
      	frame's subwindows as well.
      	(XTread_socket): Use new size-calculation macros from xterm.h when
      	processing ConfigureNotify events.
      	(x_wm_set_size_hint): Use PIXEL_TO_CHAR_WIDTH and
      	PIXEL_TO_CHAR_HEIGHT macros.
      	* ymakefile (xdisp.o): This now depends on termhooks.h.
      	(xterm.o): This now depends on window.h.
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