1. 12 Apr, 2006 10 commits
  2. 11 Apr, 2006 18 commits
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      Revision: emacs@sv.gnu.org/emacs--devo--0--patch-210 · 14e6dc54
      Miles Bader authored
      Merge from gnus--rel--5.10
      Patches applied:
       * gnus--rel--5.10  (patch 81-82)
         - Update from CVS
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (vc-ensure-vc-buffer): Only change current-buffer, not the window config. · 8a8f8697
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (vc-annotate-display-select): Select the buffer so that current-buffer
      (and selected-window) is the output buffer at the end of vc-annotate.
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      Revision: emacs@sv.gnu.org/emacs--devo--0--patch-208 · 21bc768b
      Miles Bader authored
      Creator:  Michael Olson <mwolson@gnu.org>
      Sync from erc--emacs--0
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      *** empty log message *** · e2db3e59
      J.D. Smith authored
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      (vc-annotate-display-mode): Made default 'fullscale. · da7c8a12
      J.D. Smith authored
      	(vc-annotate-color-map): New 18 element constant
      	value/saturation, rotating hue colormap, from red->blue.
      	(vc-annotate-mode-menu): "Default" -> "By Color Map Range".
      	(vc-annotate-display-select): Switch to annotate-mode elsewhere.
      	(vc-annotate): To avoid killing the required local variables,
      	set them before the end of `with-output-to-temp-buffer', and
      	after first switching to annotate-mode.
      	(vc-annotate-warp-version): Add buffer argument in goto-line to
      	ensure annotation, not source, is scrolled.
      	(vc-annotate-color-map): Added custom TTY color map for
      	8-color terminals, to use all of the colors in a sensible order.
      	256-color terminals work well with the standard map.
      	(vc-annotate-lines): Only strip the first color character if it
      	is "#", to allow for terminal-style named colors.
      	(vc-annotate-warp-version): Pass buf to `goto-line' to ensure
      	the correct buffer is scrolled.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (byte-compile-file): Bind enable-local-variables to :safe, · aa9addfa
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      and make normal-mode obey it.
    • Richard M. Stallman's avatar
      (enable-local-variables): Allow value :safe. · a5ce12c3
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (normal-mode): Doc fix.
      (hack-local-variables): Implement enable-local-variables = :safe.
      (hack-local-variables-confirm): Don't prevent quitting.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (unload-feature): A bit of sanity check of · ab215e72
      Stefan Monnier authored
      load-history entries.  Cancel timer-vars before unbinding them.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (hexl-isearch-search-function): Fix regexp-building code to · 37dc4767
      Stefan Monnier authored
      quote special chars, and make the trick work on the hex part of the
      buffer as well.
      (hexl-mode, hexl-save-buffer, hexl-mode-exit)
      (hexl-maybe-dehexlify-buffer): Use restore-buffer-modified-p.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (normal-splash-screen): Fix last change so we don't wait · 866d0913
      Stefan Monnier authored
      2 minutes if we don't show the splash screen.
    • Juanma Barranquero's avatar
      *** empty log message *** · 83163ec7
      Juanma Barranquero authored
    • Carsten Dominik's avatar
      (org-export-plain-list-max-depth) · ab27a4a0
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(org-radio-targets, org-activate-camels)
      	(org-table-spaces-around-invisible-separators): Options removed.
      	(org-time-stamp-rounding-minutes, org-remember-templates)
      	(org-ellipsis, org-activate-links, org-descriptive-links): New
      	(org-remember-apply-template, org-current-time)
      	(org-link-unescape, org-link-escape)
      	(org-string-width, org-table-clean-line, org-html-do-expand)
      	(org-edit-agenda-file-list, org-store-new-agenda-file-list)
      	(org-read-agenda-file-list): New functions.
      	(org-table-create-or-convert-from-region): New commands
      	(org-table-toggle-vline-visibility): Command removed.
      	(org-table-convert-region): Made a command.
      	(orgtbl-deleta-backward-char,orgtbl-delete-char): Commands
      	removed, replaced with the normal org- functions.
      	(org-self-insert-command): Don't trigger realign unnecessarily
      	when blanking a field that is not full.
      	(org-mode): `Set buffer-invisibility-spec' for links.
      	(org-activate-links2): Hide link part and only show descriptive
      	part of the link.
      	(org-insert-link): Modified for new linking system.
      	(org-store-link): Store description separately, for use by
      	(org-table-align): Use `org-string-width'.
      	(defgroup): Completely new group structure for custom variables.
      	(org-agenda-files): Option: Single file name allowed.  Function:
      	Optional argument unrestrited means ignore any restricitons.
      	(org-install-agenda-files-menu): Find a buffer in Org-mode before
      	trying to modify the menu.  Use generalized access to
      	(org-agenda-list, org-todo-list, org-cycle-agenda-files)
      	(org-agenda-file-to-front, org-remove-file, org-diary)
      	(org-tags-view, org-export-icalendar-all-agenda-files)
      	(org-export-icalendar-combine-agenda-files): Use generalized
      	access to `org-agenda-files'.
      	(org-remember-handler): Correctly preserve heading if present.
      	(org-table-insert-row, org-table-insert-hline): Deal with
      	invisible characters.
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      *** empty log message *** · 8a70fed7
      Carsten Dominik authored
    • Carsten Dominik's avatar
      (Link format): New section, emphasis on bracket links. · 26ca33ed
      Carsten Dominik authored
      	(External links): Document bracket links.
      	(FAQ): Expanded to cover shell links and the new link format.
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      * lisp.h (wrong_type_argument): Mark as NO_RETURN. · db926d80
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * data.c (wrong_type_argument): Try to avoid compiler warnings due
      to the fact the function is now marked as NO_RETURN.
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    • Bill Wohler's avatar
      (defcustom): Create Common Keywords section in docstring. · 81117bdd
      Bill Wohler authored
      (defface, defgroup): Replace definitions of a select few keywords with
      a reference to the Common Keywords in defcustom.
      (defcustom, defface, defgroup): Replace reference to Customization
      chapter in manual with hyperlink.
  3. 10 Apr, 2006 12 commits