1. 24 Oct, 1997 11 commits
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      (w32_mouse_position): Handle INSIST < 0. · 95fa970d
      Karl Heuer authored
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      (Fmouse_pixel_position, Fmouse_position): · 66e827dc
      Karl Heuer authored
      Pass -1 as INSIST arg to mouse_position_hook.
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      The menu now used toggle and radio for some items. · baec1250
      Karl Heuer authored
      (reftex-default-context-regexps): `caption' now prefers the
      optional short caption.
      (reftex-offer-label-menu): Fixed bug which could kill master
      buffer of external document.
      (reftex-select-item,reftex-get-buffer-visiting): Compatibility
      code works now the other way round.
      (reftex-select-external-document): Now gives a message when no
      external documents are available.
      (reftex-find-duplicate-labels): Single key strokes to exit or to
      do a query replace.  Made more user friendly in general.
      (reftex-section-levels,reftex-default-context-regexps): Move
      definition of these variables to configuration section.
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      (locate-library): Comment out the code that searches · dd557bb8
      Karl Heuer authored
      for compressed files.
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      (outline-font-lock-keywords): Highlight the · ef5c41bd
      Karl Heuer authored
      whole line, not just the part that matches the regexp.
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      (hook): Use `widget-group-match' instead of · 4743fc91
      Karl Heuer authored
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      Added three suggestions from Carsten · 4cbc9d5a
      Oliver Seidel authored
      Dominik <dominik@strw.LeidenUniv.nl>:
      - recommend autoloading instead of require
      - inserting from different buffer didn't work
        (now fixed -- I pray)
      - provided public entry point to insert items
        from normal lisp code
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      Paul Stodghill <stodghil@CS.Cornell.EDU> writes: · 2e590030
      Oliver Seidel authored
      When invoked with a prefix, todo-insert-item
      should not prompt for a category.  (He adds:
      At least that's what I think.)
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      Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@icp.inpg.fr> writes: · 0aa18b36
      Oliver Seidel authored
      I was just annoyed with the fact that there is no way
      to dynamically control the insertion accuracy.  I mean:
      the variable `todo-insert-threshold' does the job, but
      it is not very handy if one wants to mix the two
      behaviors (bisection and "insert right here under the
      Therefore I did a quick hack in the function
      `todo-insert-item'.  Now by giving a prefix argument to
      the insert command (i.e. by typing "C-u i"), entries
      are inserted exactly at the line where the cursor is.
      It would be better to give the value of
      `todo-insert-threshold' as a numeric argument of
      `todo-insert-item' (like "M-8 i"), but it's too late
      now for continuing to hack.
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      (list-input-methods): Improve the · 562b13ae
      Kenichi Handa authored
      message shown when LEIM is not installed.
    • Kenichi Handa's avatar
      (quail-translation-keymap): KP_Enter key · 5611ce7c
      Kenichi Handa authored
      emulates `C-SPC'.  `mouse-2' bound to
      (quail-completion-list-translations): Set text property
      `mouse-face' of character `translations' to `highlight'.  Changed
      `newline' to `insert "\n"' to prevent text property inheritance.
      (quail-mouse-choose-completion): New function bound to `mouse-2'
      selects highlighted characters from *Quail Completions* buffer.
      (quail-choose-completion-string): New function called by
  2. 23 Oct, 1997 29 commits