1. 21 Nov, 2004 10 commits
  2. 20 Nov, 2004 25 commits
  3. 19 Nov, 2004 5 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · 0434d288
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      (calc-selection-cache-entry): Moved declaration to earlier in the · 8416e352
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      (calc-selection-cache-num, calc-selection-cache-comp)
      (calc-selection-cache-offset, calc-selection-true-num)
      (calc-final-point-line, calc-final-point-column)
      (calc-original-buffer): Declare them.
      (calc-fnp-op, calc-fnp-num): New variables.
      (calc-find-nth-part, calc-find-nth-part-rec)
      (calc-select-previous): Replace op and num by declared variables.
      (calc-rsf-old, calc-rsf-new): New variables.
      (calc-replace-sub-formula, calc-replace-sub-formula-rec):
      Replace variables old and new by declared variables.
      (calc-sel-reselect): New variable.
      (calc-auto-selection, calc-enter-selection, calc-edit-selection)
      (calc-sel-evaluate, calc-sel-expand-formula, calc-sel-expand-formula)
      (calc-sel-mult-both-sides, calc-sel-add-both-sides):  Replace variable
      reselect with declared variable.
      (calc-edit-disp-trail): Declare it.
      (calc-finish-selection-edit):  Replace variable disp-trail by declared
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      (calc-edit-disp-trail): New variable. · 7fc684b3
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      (calc-edit-finish, calc-finish-stack-edit): Replace variable
      disp-trail by declared variable.
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      *** empty log message *** · c85b0022
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      (calc-rewrite-selection): Make rules a local variable. · 40ead937
      Jay Belanger authored
      (calc-rewr-sel): New variable.
      (calc-rewrite-selection, calc-locate-selection-marker, calc-rewrite):
      Use the declared variable calc-rewr-sel instead of sel.
      (math-rewrite):  Use let* to declare variables.
      (math-mt-many): Declare it.
      (math-rewrite-whole-expr): New variable.
      (math-rewrite, math-rewrite-phase): Replace variable expr by declared
      (math-import-list): Declare it.
      (math-rewrite-heads-heads, math-rewrite-heads-skips)
      (math-rewrite-heads-blanks ): New variables.
      (math-rewrite-heads, math-rewrite-heads-rec): Replace variables heads,
      skips and blanks by declared variables.
      (math-regs, math-num-regs, math-prog-last, math-bound-vars)
      (math-conds, math-copy-neg, math-rhs, math-pattern, math-remembering)
      (math-aliased-vars): Declare them.
      (math-rwcomp-subst-old, math-rwcomp-subst-new)
      (math-rwcomp-subst-old-func, math-rwcomp-subst-new-func):
      New variables.
      (math-rwcomp-substitute, math-rwcomp-subst-rec): Replace variables
      old, new, old-func and new-func by declared variables.
      (math-rwcomp-assoc-args, math-rwcomp-addsub-args):  Remove unnecessary
      (math-rewrite-phase): Declare it.
      (math-apply-rw-regs): New variable.
      (math-apply-rewrites, math-rwapply-replace-regs,
      math-rwapply-reg-looks-negp): Replace variable regs by declared variable.
      (math-apply-rw-ruleset): New variable.
      (math-apply-rewrites, math-rwapply-remember): Replace variable ruleset
      by declared variable.