1. 21 Jul, 2008 9 commits
  2. 20 Jul, 2008 7 commits
  3. 19 Jul, 2008 3 commits
  4. 18 Jul, 2008 3 commits
  5. 17 Jul, 2008 9 commits
    • Jason Rumney's avatar
      (change_frame_size): Remove extern declaration. · 8d59c5ed
      Jason Rumney authored
      (resize_event, maybe_generate_resize_event): Pass SAFE arg to
    • Adrian Robert's avatar
      revert changes to getloadavg.c · db94bf9c
      Adrian Robert authored
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    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      * s/sol2.h: · 35ad0545
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * s/sol2-4.h: Reorganize conditionals.
    • Dan Nicolaescu's avatar
      * ecrt0.c: Remove code depending on m68000, not used anymore. · 2749d28e
      Dan Nicolaescu authored
      * fns.c (hash_remove): Make static.
      * lisp.h (hash_remove): Don't prototype.
      * m/ibmrs6000.h:
      * m/ibms390x.h:
      * m/macppc.h: Remove boilerplate comments.
      * m/sparc.h (A_TEXT_OFFSET, A_TEXT_SEEK): Remove, only used on
      Solaris, which does not need them.
      * m/vax.h: Remove comments about unsupported systems.
      * s/darwin.h: Reorganize ifdefs.
    • Adrian Robert's avatar
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
      * s/cygwin.h (LIB_STANDARD_LIBSRC): Don't define. · 32cc3925
      Andreas Schwab authored
      * Makefile.in (INSTALL_SCRIPT): Remove duplicate definition.
      (LIB_STANDARD_LIBSRC): Don't define.
    • YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar
      Mention setsid after vfork. · 69955d31
      YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * Makefile.in: Undef LIB_STANDARD before defining it to silence warning · facfbbbd
      Stefan Monnier authored
      in case it was defined already.
      USE @GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES@ rather than envvars.
      * nsterm.m (ns_term_init): Pass Qt and Qnil rather than YES/NO to
      (applicationShouldTerminate, setValuesFromPanel): Use EQ to compare
      * nsterm.h (Fx_display_grayscale_p, Fx_display_planes)
      (ns_defined_color, ns_color_to_lisp): Declare.
      * nsselect.m (ns_handle_selection_request, ns_handle_selection_clear)
      (Fns_own_selection_internal): Make the big ugly hack more explicit, so
      it's accepted even with USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE.
      * nsmenu.m (ns_update_menubar): Use EQ to compare Lisp_Objects.
      (update_frame_tool_bar): Remove apparently obsolete tests for
      non-integerness of f->tool_bar_lines.
      (windowShouldClose, addButton, clicked, runDialogAt): Make the big ugly
      hack more explicit, so it's accepted even with USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE.
      * nsfont.m (nsfont_driver): Use just 0 rather than an invalid cast.
      (nsfont_open): Don't confuse NULL for Qnil.
      * nsfns.m (ns_implicitly_set_icon_type): Use EQ to compare Lisp_Objects.
      * menu.h (find_and_call_menu_selection):
      * menu.c (find_and_call_menu_selection): Use just int for vector size.
      (find_and_return_menu_selection): Always return something.
      * frame.h: Include dispextern.h for Display_Info.
      (display_x_get_resource): Declare.
      * configure.in: Extract and substitute GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES.
  6. 16 Jul, 2008 9 commits