1. 08 Jan, 2001 6 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · a758f97d
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      Update to version 4.0. Provide support for · f3e03a42
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      EDT scroll margins at top and bottom of the window.  Provide an
      emulation of the EDT SUBS command (bound to GOLD-Enter, by
      default).  Enhance edt-quit, bound to GOLD-q by default, to warn
      user when file-related buffer modifications exist.  Provide
      support for running EDT Emulation in XEmacs.  Provide customize
      access to some user updatable variables.  Add Commentary section
      to file header.  Fixed a few minor bugs and cleaned up some code.
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      Update to version 4.0. Provide support · 90b6fe58
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      for detecting a keypress that generates an ASCII key sequence.
      (Previously, only a keypress that generates a vector was
      recognized.)  Embed Window Manager name into name of the generated
      EDT Emulation initialization file since the initialization file is
      Window Manager specific.  Add Commentary section to file header.
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      Updated to reflect EDT Emulation version 4.0 · 4f6e7915
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      (isearch-old-signal-hook): Removed. · 7e56ea04
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      (isearch-mode): Add isearch-done to kbd-macro-termination-hook
      instead of setting signal-hook-function.
      (isearch-done): Remove isearch-done from kbd-macro-termination-hook.
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      (Qkbd_macro_termination_hook): New variable. · 2136b408
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (syms_of_macros): Initialize and staticpro it.
      (pop_kbd_macro): Run kbd-macro-termination-hook.
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