1. 06 May, 2013 5 commits
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      More missing :version tags for defcustoms · a8899b6b
      Glenn Morris authored
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      * unexelf.c: Fix some 32-bit integer problems, notably when debugging. · 5ee94506
      Paul Eggert authored
      Include <limits.h>, <stdbool.h>, <intprops.h>, <verify.h>.
      Verify that ElfW (Half) fits in int.
      (fatal): Use same signature as lisp.h.
      (UNEXELF_DEBUG): New macro, replacing DEBUG, so that people can
      configure and build with -DUNEXELF_DEBUG without worrying about
      other modules that use DEBUG.
      (DEBUG_LOG) [UNEXELF_DEBUG]: New macro.  All debug code that prints
      possibly-wide integers now uses it instead of plain fprintf.
      (entry_address): New function, which avoids problems with 32-bit
      overflow on 64-bit hosts.
      (round_up): Don't assume the remainder fits in int.
      (find_section): Use bool for boolean.  Simplify debug code.
      (unexec): Don't assume file sizes fit in int or size_t.
      Omit unnecessary trailing newline in 'fatal' format.
      Use strerror rather than outputting decimal error number.
      Remove unused code when emacs is not defined;
      this file relies on Emacs now.
      Don't assume e_phnum and e_shnum are positive.
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      * regex.c: Fix problems when DEBUG is defined. · dc4a2ee0
      Paul Eggert authored
      (extract_number, extract_number_and_incr): Define regardless of
      whether DEBUG is defined; that's simpler and makes the code less
      likely to go stale in the normal case when DEBUG is not defined.
      Return int rather than taking an int * arg.  All callers changed.
      Remove, replacing with ...
      (DEBUG_PRINT): New macro.  All callers changed.
      (print_fastmap, print_partial_compiled_pattern) [DEBUG]:
      (print_compiled_pattern, print_double_string) [DEBUG]:
      Use prototype rather than old-style definition.
      (print_partial_compiled_pattern, print_compiled_pattern) [DEBUG]:
      (POP_FAILURE_POINT, re_match_2_internal) [DEBUG]:
      Don't assume ptrdiff_t, size_t, and long are the same width as int.
      (POINTER_TO_OFFSET): Return ptrdiff_t, not regoff_t.
      This matters only when DEBUG is defined.
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      * make-docfile.c (search_lisp_doc_at_eol) [DEBUG]: Fix typo, · 8c13f3d6
      Paul Eggert authored
      by removing references to no-longer-existing locals.
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      * lisp/progmodes/octave.el (octave-texinfo-font-lock-keywords): Remove. · 1e2c18df
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (octave-font-lock-texinfo-comment): Use texinfo-font-lock-keywords with
      some tweaks, instead.
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