1. 07 Jun, 2017 2 commits
  2. 06 Jun, 2017 9 commits
  3. 05 Jun, 2017 19 commits
  4. 04 Jun, 2017 10 commits
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      Remove an unused error symbol · 2aa8b156
      Philipp Stephani authored
      * src/emacs-module.c (syms_of_module): Remove unused error symbol
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      Support quitting in modules · 66da3f4a
      Philipp Stephani authored
      The idea is that modules should call env->should_quit from time to
      time and return as quickly as possible if it returns true.
      * src/emacs-module.c (module_should_quit): New module function.
      (initialize_environment): Use it.
      (funcall_module): Process potential pending quit.
      * src/eval.c (maybe_quit): Add reference to module_should_quit.
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      Use more specific errors for module load failure · d3720172
      Philipp Stephani authored
      * src/emacs-module.c (syms_of_module): Add more specific error
      (Fmodule_load): Use them.
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      Remove an unneeded assertion · 27445a82
      Philipp Stephani authored
      * src/emacs-module.c (module_copy_string_contents): Remove unneeded
      assertion.  If this assertion triggers, we raise an error anyway.
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      Guard against signed integer overflows · a8a93b11
      Philipp Stephani authored
      * src/emacs-module.c (module_extract_integer)
      (module_copy_string_contents, module_make_string): Guard against
      signed integer overflows.
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      Add a couple more assertions to the module code · 54970624
      Philipp Stephani authored
      These can help module authors debug crashes.
      * emacs-module.c (module_non_local_exit_check)
      (module_non_local_exit_clear, module_non_local_exit_get)
      (module_non_local_exit_signal, module_non_local_exit_throw)
      (module_copy_string_contents, module_make_string)
      (funcall_module, initialize_environment): Add assertions
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      ; Grammar fix · fb3a9fd3
      Philipp Stephani authored
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      ; Small comment fix · 034275eb
      Philipp Stephani authored
      * emacs-module.c (MODULE_FUNCTION_BEGIN): Don't say that the error
      value should be a sentinel value, because in almost all cases it
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      Use ATTRIBUTE_MAY_ALIAS where alias violations are likely · 9be8b2bf
      Philipp Stephani authored
      In particular, alias violations are likely for the return values of
      dlsym(3), which get cast around arbitrarily.
      * src/emacs-module.c (Fmodule_load): Use ATTRIBUTE_MAY_ALIAS.
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      Simplify interface of dynlib_attr. · 366e25a6
      Philipp Stephani authored
      Instead of returning bool, set the argument pointers to NULL if the
      information is not available.
      * src/dynlib.c (dynlib_addr): Don't return bool.