1. 05 Apr, 2001 23 commits
  2. 04 Apr, 2001 13 commits
  3. 03 Apr, 2001 4 commits
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (mh-folder-hist): New var. · 9832760a
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (mh-prompt-for-folder): Use it and pass `default' to completing-read.
    • Andrew Innes's avatar
      (TIT_GB): Delete quail/PY.elc and · 4c1dadb1
      Andrew Innes authored
      (NON_TIT_BIG5): Delete $(srcdir)/quail/quick-b5.elc and
      (NON_TIT_CNS): Delete.
      (CHINESE_NON_TIT): Delete $(NON-TIT-CNS).
      (CHINESE_CNS): Delete.
      (KOREAN): Add ${srcdir}/quail/hanja3.elc.  From Kenichi Handa
      (MISC_DIC): New variable.
      (CHINESE): Delete $(CHINESE_CNS).
      (WORLD): Add $(MISC_DIC).
      (all): Depends on $(MISC_DIC).
      (.NOTPARALLEL, .NO_PARALLEL): New special targets.
      ($(MISC_DIC)): New target.
      (clean mostlyclean): Delete also $(NONTIT), $(WORLD), $(MISC_DIC)
      and $(MISC_DIC:.elc=.el).
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      Fix a typo forther -> farther. · 97357fc9
      Gerd Moellmann authored
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (postprocess_image): New function. · ad18ffb1
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (lookup_image): Call it for all image types except PostScript.
      (x_kill_gs_process): Call postprocess_image.