1. 03 Jun, 1998 8 commits
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      Handle the new convention that `position' values · ad077db0
      Karl Heuer authored
      in a string's intervals start from zero.
      (validate_interval_range, interval_of, Fnext_property_change)
      (property_change_between_p, Fnext_single_property_change)
      (Fprevious_property_change, Fprevious_single_property_change):
      (Ftext_property_any, Ftext_property_not_all): Implement that.
      Undo previous change.
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      (create_root_interval): Initialize position to 0 · 944d4e4b
      Karl Heuer authored
      for a string.
      (interval_start_pos): New function.
      (find_interval): Handle string positions starting at 0.
      (adjust_intervals_for_insertion): Likewise.
      (adjust_intervals_for_deletion): Likewise.
      (compare_string_intervals): Likewise.
      (graft_intervals_into_buffer): Set `position' in reproduce_tree value.
      (copy_intervals): Init `position' to 0.
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      (DECODE_FILE, ENCODE_FILE): · afee9150
      Karl Heuer authored
      Use code_convert_string_norecord.
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      (code_convert_string_norecord): New function. · ecec61c1
      Karl Heuer authored
      Does encoding or decoding but doesn't set Vlast_coding_system_used.
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      (find-function-noselect): Don't call · 961c963d
      Karl Heuer authored
      format twice with the error message.  Quote the function name
      before splicing into regexp.
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      (list-character-sets-1): New subroutine. · 13cef08d
      Karl Heuer authored
      (list-character-sets): Use it.
      (list-coding-systems-1): New subroutine.
      (list-coding-systems): Use it.
      (list-input-methods-1): New subroutine.
      (list-input-methods): Use it.
      (mule-diag): Avoid method of displaying text in *Help* then copying it.
      Instead, insert it directly into *Mule-Diagnosis*.
      Use list-character-sets-1, list-coding-systems-1, list-input-methods-1.
      Copy the code from list-fontsets and list-coding-categories.
      Improve the display buffer's header.
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      (toggle-read-only): When exiting View mode, locally · ca597f41
      Karl Heuer authored
      set view-read-only to t so another toggle will re-enable View mode.
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  2. 02 Jun, 1998 8 commits
  3. 01 Jun, 1998 24 commits