1. 08 Mar, 2008 11 commits
  2. 07 Mar, 2008 23 commits
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      (c-in-knr-argdecl): Limit number of paren/bracket pairs parsed, to solve · 6b6481ed
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      performance problem.
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      (Limitations and Known Bugs): State that the number of parens/brackets in · f1bb4ee1
      Alan Mackenzie authored
      a k&r region is limited.
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      *** empty log message *** · af379c86
      Alan Mackenzie authored
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      * bookmark.el (bookmark-set): Don't check for · f9bf6950
      Bastien Guerry authored
      `bookmark-make-name-function' since `bookmark-buffer-file-name'
      already takes care of this.
      (bookmark-buffer-name): Removed Info-mode specific code.
      (bookmark-buffer-file-name): Removed Info-mode specific code.
      * info.el (bookmark-get-info-node): Define this function in
      info.el, not in bookmark.el.
      (Info-mode): Set `bookmark-make-name-function' to
      `Info-bookmark-make-name' locally.
      (Info-bookmark-make-name): New function.
      * bookmark.el (bookmark-make-name-function): New variable.
    • Karl Fogel's avatar
      * emacs-cvs/lisp/bookmark.el · 9dfcb52e
      Karl Fogel authored
        (bookmark-set): Make `bookmark-make-record-function' buffer-local,
        not `bookmark-make-cell-function' (the old name).
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    • Tassilo Horn's avatar
      (image-bookmark-make-record): Delete obsolete · 05d42c21
      Tassilo Horn authored
      second arg.
    • Tassilo Horn's avatar
      (doc-view-bookmark-make-record): Delete obsolete · c039a3b2
      Tassilo Horn authored
      second arg.
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      *** empty log message *** · 290afd83
      Juanma Barranquero authored
    • Jan Djärv's avatar
      (vc-status-menu-map-filter): Return orig-binding if · 934b91bf
      Jan Djärv authored
      boundp 'vc-ignore-menu-filter.
      (vc-status-tool-bar-map): Make it defvar.
      (vc-status-mode): vc-status-tool-bar-map now variable.
      (vc-status-toggle-mark): toggle-mark-file => vc-status-toggle-mark-file.
    • Karl Fogel's avatar
      Change a return type, for greater extensibility. See · e0385bf4
      Karl Fogel authored
      and its thread for discussion leading to this change.
      * emacs-cvs/lisp/bookmark.el:
      (bookmark-jump-noselect): Return an alist instead of a dotted pair.
      (bookmark-jump, bookmark-jump-other-window, bookmark-insert)
      (bookmark-bmenu-2-window, bookmark-bmenu-other-window)
      (bookmark-bmenu-switch-other-window): Adjust accordingly.
      (bookmark-make-cell-function): Adjust documentation accordingly.
      * emacs-cvs/lisp/image-mode.el
      (image-bookmark-jump): Adjust return type accordingly; document.
      * emacs-cvs/lisp/doc-view.el
      (doc-view-bookmark-jump): Adjust return type accordingly; document.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Regenerate. · 360bc628
      Glenn Morris authored
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      Remove leading `*' from defcustom doc-strings. · e85393d4
      Glenn Morris authored
      (calendar-time-display-form, calendar-latitude)
      (calendar-longitude, solar-equinoxes-solstices): Remove autoload cookies.
      (calendar-latitude, calendar-longitude): Move functions after
      (diary-sabbath-candles-minutes): Move to start.
      (solar-setup): Use or rather than if.
      (solar-sin-degrees, solar-cosine-degrees, solar-tangent-degrees):
      Remove condition-case.
      (solar-atn2): Use zerop.
      (solar-equinoxes-solstices): Doc fix.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (calendar-dst): New custom group. · ec1ee609
      Glenn Morris authored
      (calendar-daylight-savings-starts, calendar-daylight-savings-ends)
      (calendar-time-zone, calendar-daylight-time-offset)
      (calendar-standard-time-zone-name, calendar-daylight-time-zone-name)
      (calendar-daylight-savings-ends-time): Convert from defvar to defcustom.
      (calendar-daylight-savings-starts, calendar-daylight-savings-ends):
      Move to start.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (calendar-version): Use emacs-version and make it obsolete. Move to end. · c4632735
      Glenn Morris authored
      (calendar-offset, view-diary-entries-initially)
      (view-calendar-holidays-initially, all-hebrew-calendar-holidays)
      (all-christian-calendar-holidays, all-islamic-calendar-holidays)
      (all-bahai-calendar-holidays, calendar-load-hook)
      (initial-calendar-window-hook, today-visible-calendar-hook)
      (today-invisible-calendar-hook, calendar-move-hook)
      (diary-nonmarking-symbol, hebrew-diary-entry-symbol)
      (islamic-diary-entry-symbol, bahai-diary-entry-symbol)
      (diary-include-string, sexp-diary-entry-symbol)
      (abbreviated-calendar-year, american-date-diary-pattern)
      (european-date-diary-pattern, european-calendar-display-form)
      (american-calendar-display-form, print-diary-entries-hook)
      (list-diary-entries-hook, diary-hook, diary-display-hook)
      (nongregorian-diary-listing-hook, mark-diary-entries-hook)
      (nongregorian-diary-marking-hook, diary-list-include-blanks)
      (holidays-in-diary-buffer, general-holidays, oriental-holidays)
      (local-holidays, other-holidays, hebrew-holidays-1)
      (hebrew-holidays-2, hebrew-holidays-3, hebrew-holidays-4)
      (hebrew-holidays, christian-holidays, islamic-holidays)
      (bahai-holidays, solar-holidays, calendar-setup)
      (calendar-week-start-day): Remove autoload cookies.
      (diary-glob-file-regexp-prefix): Doc fix.
      (calendar-goto-info-node): Use `info' rather than `Info-find-node'.
      (Info-find-emacs-command-nodes, Info-find-node): Remove declarations.
      (calendar-week-start-day, calendar-debug-sexp): Move to start.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * bookmark.el (bookmark-map, bookmark-read-annotation-mode-map): · 79363d93
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Move initialization into declaration.
      (bookmark-get-info-node, bookmark-set-info-node): Remove.
      (bookmark-make, bookmark-make-cell-for-text-file): Remove `info-node' arg.
      (bookmark-info-current-node): Remove.
      (bookmark-jump-noselect): Rename from bookmark-jump-internal.
      Add relocation fallback.  Set bookmark-current-bookmark.
      (bookmark-default-handler): Rename from bookmark-jump-noselect.
      Remove relocation fallback.  Don't set bookmark-current-bookmark.
      (bookmark-set): Let it be used even if there's no buffer-file-name
      as long as there is a bookmark-make-cell-function.
      * info.el (Info-bookmark-jump): Remove relocation fallback.
      Don't set bookmark-current-bookmark.
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    • Glenn Morris's avatar
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (appt-issue-message) · c6b162e9
      Glenn Morris authored
      (appt-message-warning-time, appt-audible, appt-visible)
      (appt-msg-window, appt-display-mode-line, appt-display-duration)
      (appt-display-diary): Remove autoload cookies.
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      Remove leading `*' from defcustom doc-strings. · 613966a5
      Glenn Morris authored
      (sc-mode-map-prefix): Doc fix.  Make it a defcustom.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      (org-agenda-sunrise-sunset): Require solar. · 100a4141
      Glenn Morris authored
      (calendar-longitude, calendar-latitude, calendar-location-name):
      Declare for compiler.
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      (w32_registry): Take font_type argument. Use ANSI · c960bff8
      Jason Rumney authored
      when charset not specified. Only translate ANSI to unicode when
      font_type is truetype.
      (w32font_coverage_ok): New function.
      (add_font_entity_to_list): Use it to filter unsuitable fonts.
  3. 06 Mar, 2008 6 commits