1. 12 Jul, 2012 19 commits
  2. 11 Jul, 2012 21 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Remove unneeded #define POSIX · 30fe9bf4
      Glenn Morris authored
      * src/s/gnu-linux.h, src/s/sol2-6.h: No longer define POSIX,
      unused since 2011-01-17 change to systty.h.
      * admin/CPP-DEFINES: Related edit.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      All platforms using configure support HAVE_PTYS and HAVE_SOCKETS · ee1cf5cf
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.ac (HAVE_PTYS, HAVE_SOCKETS): Define unconditionally.
      * src/s/aix4-2.h, src/s/bsd-common.h, src/s/cygwin.h, src/s/darwin.h:
      * src/s/gnu-linux.h, src/s/hpux10-20.h, src/s/template.h:
      * src/s/usg5-4-common.h: Move HAVE_PTYS and HAVE_SOCKETS to configure.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      More CL cleanups and reduction of use of cl.el. · a464a6c7
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * woman.el, winner.el, vc/vc-rcs.el, vc/vc-hooks.el, vc/vc-hg.el:
      * vc/vc-git.el, vc/vc-dir.el, vc/vc-bzr.el, vc/vc-annotate.el:
      * textmodes/tex-mode.el, textmodes/sgml-mode.el, tar-mode.el:
      * strokes.el, ses.el, server.el, progmodes/js.el, progmodes/gdb-mi.el:
      * progmodes/flymake.el, progmodes/ebrowse.el, progmodes/compile.el:
      * play/tetris.el, play/snake.el, play/pong.el, play/landmark.el:
      * play/hanoi.el, play/decipher.el, play/5x5.el, nxml/nxml-mode.el:
      * net/secrets.el, net/quickurl.el, midnight.el, mail/footnote.el:
      * image-dired.el, ibuffer.el, ibuf-macs.el, ibuf-ext.el, hexl.el:
      * eshell/eshell.el, eshell/esh-io.el, eshell/esh-ext.el:
      * eshell/esh-cmd.el, eshell/em-ls.el, eshell/em-hist.el:
      * eshell/em-cmpl.el, eshell/em-banner.el:
      * url/url.el, url/url-queue.el, url/url-parse.el, url/url-http.el:
      * url/url-future.el, url/url-dav.el, url/url-cookie.el:
      * calendar/parse-time.el, test/eshell.el: Use cl-lib.
      * wid-browse.el, wdired.el, vc/vc.el, vc/vc-mtn.el, vc/vc-cvs.el:
      * vc/vc-arch.el, tree-widget.el, textmodes/texinfo.el:
      * textmodes/refill.el, textmodes/css-mode.el, term/tvi970.el:
      * term/ns-win.el, term.el, shell.el, ps-samp.el:
      * progmodes/perl-mode.el, progmodes/pascal.el, progmodes/gud.el:
      * progmodes/glasses.el, progmodes/etags.el, progmodes/cwarn.el:
      * play/gamegrid.el, play/bubbles.el, novice.el, notifications.el:
      * net/zeroconf.el, net/xesam.el, net/snmp-mode.el, net/mairix.el:
      * net/ldap.el, net/eudc.el, net/browse-url.el, man.el:
      * mail/mailheader.el, mail/feedmail.el:
      * url/url-util.el, url/url-privacy.el, url/url-nfs.el, url/url-misc.el:
      * url/url-methods.el, url/url-gw.el, url/url-file.el, url/url-expand.el:
      Dont use CL.
      * ibuf-ext.el (ibuffer-mark-old-buffers): Use float-time.
      * eshell/esh-opt.el (eshell-eval-using-options): Quote code with
      `lambda' rather than with `quote'.
      (eshell-do-opt): Adjust accordingly.
      (eshell-process-option): Simplify.
      * eshell/esh-var.el:
      * eshell/em-script.el: Require `esh-opt' for eshell-eval-using-options.
      * emacs-pcase.el (pcase--dontcare-upats, pcase--let*)
      (pcase--expand, pcase--u1): Rename pcase's internal `dontcare' pattern
      to `pcase--dontcare'.
      * emacs-cl.el (labels): Mark obsolete.
      (cl--letf, letf): Move to cl-lib.
      (cl--letf*, letf*): Remove.
      * emacs-cl-lib.el (cl-nth-value): Use defalias.
      * emacs-cl-macs.el (cl-dolist, cl-dotimes): Add indent rule.
      (cl-progv): Rewrite.
      (cl--letf, cl-letf): Move from cl.el.
      (cl-letf*): New macro.
      * emacs-cl-extra.el (cl--progv-before, cl--progv-after): Remove.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Port 'movemail' again to Solaris and similar hosts. · c214e35e
      Paul Eggert authored
      See Susan Cragin's report in
      * movemail.c (xmalloc): Also define if !DISABLE_DIRECT_ACCESS &&
      !MAIL_USE_MMDF && !MAIL_USE_SYSTEM_LOCK.  Move up, so it doesn't
      need a forward declaration.
      (main): Rewrite to avoid no-longer-present function 'concat', if
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      * s/sol2-6.h (HAVE_LIBKSTAT): Remove. · 63e47e07
      Paul Eggert authored
      Fixes: debbugs:11914
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Trivial re-ordering and comment updating · e091e1bd
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Move INTERRUPT_INPUT from src/s to configure · c43fb4c3
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.ac (INTERRUPT_INPUT): Move here from src/s.
      * src/s/darwin.h, src/s/gnu-linux.h, src/s/template.h:
      Move INTERRUPT_INPUT to configure.
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    • Juanma Barranquero's avatar
      nt/config.nt: Sync with autogen/config.in. · 116f7b54
      Juanma Barranquero authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Auto-commit of generated files. · 7e723570
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Simplify Vobarray checking in oblookup. · 2bce5643
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * lread.c (oblookup): Simplify Vobarray checking.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Removed some unnecessary undef INTERRUPT_INPUTs from src/s · 4b575b3c
      Glenn Morris authored
      * src/s/bsd-common.h, src/s/cygwin.h: No need to undefine INTERRUPT_INPUT,
      since nothing has defined it on these platforms.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Minor adjustments to interning code. · e8df9267
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * lisp.h (intern, intern_c_string): Redefine as static inline
      wrappers for intern_1 and intern_c_string_1, respectively.
      (intern_1, intern_c_string_1): Rename prototypes.
      * lread.c (intern_1, intern_c_string_1): Simplify Vobarray checking.
      * font.c (font_intern_prop): Likewise.  Adjust comment.
      * w32font.c (intern_font_name): Likewise.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Move SIGNALS_VIA_CHARACTERS from src/s to configure · 09f4e3b0
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.ac (SIGNALS_VIA_CHARACTERS): Move here from src/s.
      * src/s/aix4-2.h, src/s/bsd-common.h, src/s/cygwin.h, src/s/gnu-linux.h:
      * src/s/irix6-5.h: Move SIGNALS_VIA_CHARACTERS to configure.
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    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
      * coding.c (Fdefine_coding_system_internal): Use XCAR/XCDR instead · 34348bd4
      Andreas Schwab authored
      of Fcar/Fcdr if possible.
      * font.c (check_otf_features): Likewise.
      * fontset.c (Fnew_fontset): Likewise.
      * gnutls.c (Fgnutls_boot): Likewise.
      * minibuf.c (read_minibuf): Likewise.
      * msdos.c (IT_set_frame_parameters): Likewise.
      * xmenu.c (Fx_popup_dialog): Likewise.
      * w32menu.c (Fx_popup_dialog): Likewise.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      All the cool platforms support CLASH_DETECTION... · 172bedef
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.ac (CLASH_DETECTION): Define unconditionally.
      Every platform using configure supports it.
      * src/s/aix4-2.h, src/s/bsd-common.h, src/s/cygwin.h, src/s/darwin.h:
      * src/s/gnu-linux.h, src/s/hpux10-20.h, src/s/template.h:
      * src/s/usg5-4-common.h: Move CLASH_DETECTION to configure.
      * etc/PROBLEMS: Recommend customizing create-lockfiles rather than
      recompiling with CLASH_DETECTION unset.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Assume mkdir, rmdir. · bb352260
      Paul Eggert authored
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Remove src/s/gnu.h · 249685df
      Glenn Morris authored
      * configure.ac (opsysfile): Use bsd-common on gnu systems.
      * src/s/gnu.h: Remove file, which is now empty.