1. 30 Oct, 1995 2 commits
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      Comment change. · be010748
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      (tmm-old-mb-map): Initialize to nil. · fc225f66
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (tmm-delete-map): Don't use tmm-old-mb-map if nil.
      (tmm-add-prompt): Bind C-n and C-p.
      Put only the shortcuts into the completion buffer's map.
      Produce the completion list by hand so as not to sort it.
      (tmm-prompt): Start at the first item in the menu.
      Don't reverse tmm-km-list; reverse compl-list instead.
      Use try-completion in last-ditch attempt to find a match.
      Rename compl-list to history.
      (tmm-get-keybind): Put more local bindings last in a menu.
      Major rewrite.
      (tmm-menubar): Handle menu-bar-final-items.
      (tmm-remove-shortcuts): Function deleted.
      (tmm-add-shortcuts): If we can't find a letter shortcut,
      use a numeric shortcut.
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