1. 12 Oct, 2001 1 commit
  2. 27 Feb, 2001 1 commit
    • Andrew Choi's avatar
      * src/macfns.c: Rename everything containing *busy_cursor* and · 2e875e36
      Andrew Choi authored
      	similar to *hourglass*.
      	(x_set_font): If font hasn't changed, avoid recomputing faces and
      	other things, as in xfns.c.
      	(Qcancel_timer): New variable.
      	(syms_of_macfns): Rename x-busy-pointer-shape to
      	x-hourglass-pointer-shape, display-busy-cursor to
      	display-hourglass, busy-cursor-delay to hourglass-delay, as in
      	(x_set_tool_bar_lines): Modify as in xfns.c
      	(x_change_window_heights): New function.
      	* inc/macterm.h (struct x_output): Rename busy_cursor to
      	hourglass_cursor, busy_window to hourglass_window, busy_p to
      	hourglass_p, as in xterm.h.
      	* src/macmenu.c (set_frame_menubar): Run activate-menu-bar-hook with
      	safe_run_hooks, as in xmenu.c.
      	* src/macterm.c (do_check_ram_size): New function.
      	* src/Emacs.r: Add ALRT resource #129 for alert when there is over
      	256 MB RAM.
  3. 28 Jan, 2001 1 commit
    • Andrew Choi's avatar
      * alloc.c (allocate_string) [macintosh]: Call check_string_bytes · 83a96b4d
      Andrew Choi authored
      only if current_sblock has been initialized.
      * frame.c (Fdelete_frame) [macintosh]: Allow deletion of initial
      terminal frame even if it is the only visible frame.
      * src/macfns.c (QCconversion): Replaces QCalgorithm.
      * src/macfns.c (image_ascent, lookup_image): Adapt to change of
      image margins.
      * src/macterm.c (x_produce_image_glyph, x_draw_image_foreground)
      (x_draw_image_relief, x_draw_image_foreground_1)
      (x_draw_image_glyph_string): Adapt to change of image margins.
      * src/macterm.c (mac_to_x_fontname): Change charset name of
      Simplify Chinese fonts from gb2312 to gb2312.1980 and Korean fonts
      from ksc5601 to ksc5601.1989.
  4. 12 Dec, 2000 1 commit
  5. 22 Oct, 2000 1 commit
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      Initial check-in: changes for building Emacs under Mac OS. · 1a578e9b
      Andrew Choi authored
      2000-10-23  Andrew Choi  <akochoi@i-cable.com>
      	* dispextern.h [macintosh]: Include macgui.h instead of macterm.h.
      	* dispnew.c [macintosh]: Include macterm.h.
      	(init_display) [macintosh]: initialization for window system.
      	* emacs.c (main) [macintosh]: Call syms_of_textprop,
      	syms_of_macfns, syms_of_ccl, syms_of_fontset, syms_of_xterm,
      	syms_of_search, x_term_init, and init_keyboard before calling
      	init_window_once.  Also, call syms_of_xmenu.
      	* fontset.c (syms_of_fontset) [macintosh]: Set ASCII font of
      	default fontset to Monaco.
      	* frame.c [macintosh]: Include macterm.h.  Remove declarations of
      	NewMacWindow and DisposeMacWindow.
      	(make_terminal_frame) [macintosh]: Call make_mac_terminal_frame
      	instead of calling NewMacWindow and setting fields of
      	f->output_data.mac directly.  Call init_frame_faces.
      	(Fdelete_frame) [macintosh]: Remove unused code.
      	(Fmodify_frame_parameters) [macintosh]: Call
      	x_set_frame_parameters instead of mac_set_frame_parameters.
      	* frame.h [macintosh]: Define menu_bar_lines field in struct
      	frame.  Define FRAME_EXTERNAL_MENU_BAR macro.
      	* keyboard.c [macintosh]: Include macterm.h.
      	(kbd_buffer_get_event) [macintosh]: Generate delete_window_event
      	and menu_bar_activate_event type events as for X and NT.
      	(make_lispy_event) [macintosh]: Construct lisp events of type
      	MENU_BAR_EVENT as for X and NT.
      	* sysdep.c [macintosh]: Remove declaration for sys_signal.
      	Include stdlib.h.  Remove definition of Vx_bitmap_file_path.
      	(sys_subshell) [macintosh]: Remove definition entirely.
      	(init_sys_modes) [macintosh]: Do not initialize Vwindow_system and
      	Vwindow_system_version here.  Remove initialization of
      	(read_input_waiting): Correct the number of parameters passed to
      	Move all Macintosh functions to mac/mac.c.
      	* term.c [macintosh]: Include macterm.h.
      	* window.c [macintosh]: Include macterm.h.
      	* xdisp.c [macintosh]: Include macterm.h.  Declare
      	set_frame_menubar and pending_menu_activation.
      	(echo_area_display) [macintosh]: Do not return if terminal frame
      	is the selected frame.
      	(update_menu_bar) [macintosh]: Check FRAME_EXTERNAL_MENU_BAR (f).
      	Allow only the selected frame to set menu bar.
      	(redisplay_window) [macintosh]: Obtain menu bar to redisplay by
      	calling FRAME_EXTERNAL_MENU_BAR (f).
      	(display_menu_bar) [macintosh]: Check FRAME_MAC_P (f).
      	* xfaces.c [macintosh]: Include macterm.h.  Define x_display_info
      	and check_x.  Declare XCreateGC.  Define x_create_gc and
      	x_free_gc.  Initialize font_sort_order.
      	(x_face_list_fonts) [macintosh]: Use the same code as WINDOWSNT,
      	but call x_list_fonts instead of w32_list_fonts.
      	(Finternal_face_x_get_resource) [macintosh]: Do not call
      	(prepare_face_for_display) [macintosh]: Set xgcv.font.
      	(realize_x_face) [macintosh]: Load the font if it is specified in
      	(syms_of_xfaces) [macintosh]: Initialize Vscalable_fonts_allowed
      	to Qt.
      	* cus-edit.el (custom-button-face): Use 3D look for mac.
      	(custom-button-pressed-face): Likewise.
      	* faces.el (set-face-attributes-from-resources): Handle mac frames
      	in the same way as x and w32 frames.
      	(face-valid-attribute-values): Likewise.
      	(read-face-attribute): Likewise.
      	(defined-colors): Likewise.
      	(color-defined-p): Likewise.
      	(color-values): Likewise.
      	(display-grayscale-p): Likewise.
      	(face-set-after-frame-default): Likewise.
      	(mode-line): Same default face as for x and w32.
      	(tool-bar): Likewise.
      	* frame.el: Remove call to frame-notice-user-settings at end of
      	the file.
      	* info.el (Info-fontify-node): make underlines invisible for mac
      	as for x, pc, and w32 frame types.
      	* term/mac-win.el: New file.
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  15. 18 Sep, 2000 3 commits
  16. 15 Sep, 2000 3 commits
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (lookup_image): Build mask before applying an algorithm. · 14819cb3
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      Recognize algorithm `disabled'.
      (cross_disabled_images): New variable.
      (COLOR_INTENSITY): New macro.
      (x_detect_edges): Use COLOR_INTENSITY.
      (x_disable_image): New function.
      (syms_of_xfns): DEFVAR_BOOL cross_disabled_images.
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (ALLOC_XPM_COLORS): Define if we can use Emacs' color · b243755a
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      allocation functions with the XPM lib.
      (struct xpm_cached_color) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: New structure.
      (xpm_color_cache) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: New variable.
      (xpm_init_color_cache, xpm_free_color_cache, xpm_lookup_color)
      (xpm_alloc_color, xpm_free_colors) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: New
      (xpm_load) [ALLOC_XPM_COLORS]: Use Emacs' own color allocation
      functions, if possible, because these handle color allocation
      failure more gracefully.
      (Fimage_mask_p): New function.
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (QCmatrix, QCcolor_adjustment, QCmask, Qemboss) · 4a8e312c
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (Qedge_detection, Qheuristic): New symbols.
      (syms_of_xfns): Initialize new symbols.
      (lookup_image): Handle `:mask X', `:algorithm emboss', and
      `algorithm (edge-detection ...)'.
      (xbm_format, xpm_format, pbm_format, png_format, jpeg_format):
      (tiff_format, gif_format, gs_format): Add `:mask'.
      (GIF_MASK, GS_MASK): New enumerators.
      (x_laplace_read_row, x_laplace_write_row): Functions removed.
      (emboss_matrix, laplace_matrix): New variables.
      (x_to_xcolors, x_from_xcolors, x_detect_edges, x_emboss)
      (x_edge_detection): New functions.
      (x_laplace): Rewritten in terms of x_detect_edges.
      (x_build_heuristic_mask): If image has a mask, free it.
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  30. 02 May, 2000 1 commit
    • Gerd Moellmann's avatar
      (Qcenter): New variable. · 7c7ff7f5
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (enum image_value_type): Add IMAGE_ASCENT_VALUE.
      (parse_image_spec): Handle IMAGE_ASCENT_VALUE.
      (image_ascent): New function.
      (lookup_image): Recognize `:ascent center'.
      (xbm_format, xpm_format, pbm_format, png_format, jpeg_format)
      (tiff_format, gif_format, gs_format): Use IMAGE_ASCENT_VALUE.
      (xbm_load): Don't set image's ascent here.
      (xbm_image_p, xpm_image_p, pbm_image_p, png_image_p)
      (jpeg_image_p, tiff_image_p, gif_image_p, gs_image_p): Don't
      check ascent values here.
      (Fimagep, Flookup_image [GLYPH_DEBUG]: Removed.
      (syms_of_xfns) [GLYPH_DEBUG]: Don't defsubr removed functions.
      (syms_of_xfns): Initialize Qcenter.