1. 04 Mar, 2000 3 commits
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      Change many FRAME_X... macros to FRAME_WINDOW... or other · c3cee013
      Jason Rumney authored
      non-platform-specific equivalents.
      [WINDOWSNT]: include w32term.h, fontset.h and define X specific
      functions and macros as their w32 equivalents where
      non-platform-specifics are not available.
      [HAVE_X_WINDOWS]: Change most of these to HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM.
      (x_create_gc, x_free_gc) [WINDOWSNT]: Add W32 versions.
      (clear_font_table) [WINDOWSNT]: Call w32_unload_font.
      (frame_update_line_height): Use macros to access f->output_data.
      (defined_color): Remove FIXME comments; fixed.
      (x_face_list_fonts, prepare_face_for_display): Put X specifics into
      #ifdef blocks. Add WINDOWSNT blocks.
      (Fx_list_fonts): Use macros for accessing font data.
      (set_lface_from_font_name): Different default fonts for X and WINDOWSNT.
      (font_scalable_p) [WINDOWSNT]: Treat wildcard XLFD_AVGWIDTH as
      scalable for backward compatibility.
      (realize_tty_face) [MSDOS]: do the same for WINDOWSNT.
      (syms_of_xfaces) [WINDOWSNT]: Allow scalable fonts by default.
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      (w32faces.obj): Remove. · 1eb156f0
      Jason Rumney authored
      (xfaces.obj): Add.
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