1. 04 Jul, 2012 9 commits
  2. 03 Jul, 2012 16 commits
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      * fileio.c: Improve handling of file time marker. (Bug#11852) · dbeed9a6
      Paul Eggert authored
      (special_mtime): New function.
      (Finsert_file_contents, Fverify_visited_file_modtime):
      Use it to set special mtime values consistently.
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
      * fileio.c (Finsert_file_contents): Properly handle st_mtime · 636334d6
      Andreas Schwab authored
      marker for non-existing file.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      * src/lisp.h (Fread_file_name): Restore EXFUN · e2017fe2
      Glenn Morris authored
      (it's not a normal DEFUN and did not make it into globals.h).
    • Tom Tromey's avatar
      Auto-generate EXFUN using make-docfile · 404dbd37
      Tom Tromey authored
      	* window.c (Fset_window_margins, Fset_window_fringes)
      	(Fset_window_scroll_bars, Fset_window_vscroll): No longer static.
      	* textprop.c (Fprevious_property_change): No longer static.
      	* syntax.c (Fsyntax_table_p): No longer static.
      	* process.c (Fget_process, Fprocess_datagram_address): No longer
      	* keymap.c (Flookup_key, Fcopy_keymap): No longer static.
      	* keyboard.c (Fcommand_execute): No longer static.
      	Remove EXFUN.
      	* insdel.c (Fcombine_after_change_execute): No longer static.
      	* image.c (Finit_image_library): No longer static.
      	* fileio.c (Fmake_symbolic_link): No longer static.
      	* eval.c (Ffetch_bytecode): No longer static.
      	* editfns.c (Fuser_full_name): No longer static.
      	* doc.c: (Fdocumentation_property, Fsnarf_documentation): No
      	longer static.
      	* buffer.c (Fset_buffer_major_mode, Fdelete_overlay): No longer
      	* dired.c (Ffile_attributes): No longer static.
      	* composite.c (Fcomposition_get_gstring): No longer static.
      	* callproc.c (Fgetenv_internal): No longer static.
      	* ccl.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* buffer.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* dispextern.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* intervals.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* fontset.h: Remove EXFUN.
      	* font.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* dosfns.c (system_process_attributes): Remove EXFUN.
      	* keymap.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* lisp.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* w32term.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* window.h: Remove EXFUNs.
      	* xsettings.h: Remove EXFUN.
      	* xterm.h: Remove EXFUN.
      	* make-docfile.c (enum global_type) <FUNCTION>: New constant.
      	(struct global) <value>: New field.
      	(add_global): Add 'value' argument.
      	(compare_globals): Sort functions at the end.
      	(close_emacs_globals): New function.
      	(write_globals): Handle functions.
      	(scan_c_file): Call add_global for DEFUN.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Speed up generate-new-buffer-name for invisible buffers (bug#1229) · 8e4fd1e1
      Glenn Morris authored
      * src/buffer.c (Fgenerate_new_buffer_name):
      Speed up finding a new buffer for invisible buffers.
      * src/lisp.h (Frandom): Make it visible to C.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Fix block vector allocation code to allow VECTOR_BLOCK_SIZE · ca95b3eb
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      values which aren't power of 2.
      * alloc.c (VECTOR_FREE_LIST_SIZE_MASK): New macro.  Verify
      it's value and the value of VECTOR_BLOCK_SIZE.  Adjust users
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * src/alloc.c (mark_object): Revert part of last patch to use `switch'. · 7555c33f
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * src/lisp.h (Lisp_Misc, Lisp_Fwd): Move around to group better.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      * alloc.c (allocate_vector_block): Remove redundant · d12e8f5a
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      calls to mallopt if DOUG_LEA_MALLOC is defined.
      (allocate_vectorlike): If DOUG_LEA_MALLOC is defined,
      avoid calls to mallopt if zero_vector is returned.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      * alloc.c (check_string_bytes): If GC_CHECK_STRING_BYTES · 296094c3
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      is enabled, avoid dereferencing NULL current_sblock if
      running undumped.
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      * vc/ediff-diff.el (ediff-same-file-contents): Fix it for remote · b4886f6e
      Michael Albinus authored
      files on the same host.
    • Andreas Schwab's avatar
      Fixes: debbugs:11848 · b9d82339
      Andreas Schwab authored
      * help-fns.el (describe-function-1): Only call
      help-fns--autoloaded-p when we have a file name.
    • Chong Yidong's avatar
      * xml.el: Protect parser against XML bombs. · a76e6535
      Chong Yidong authored
      (xml-entity-expansion-limit): New variable.
      (xml-parse-string, xml-substitute-special): Use it.
      (xml-parse-dtd): Avoid infloop if the DTD is not terminated.
      * test/automated/xml-parse-tests.el: Update testcases.
    • Dmitry Antipov's avatar
      Cleanup basic buffer management. · 36429c89
      Dmitry Antipov authored
      * buffer.h (struct buffer): Change layout to use generic vector
      marking code.  Fix some comments.  Change type of 'clip_changed'
      to bitfield.  Remove unused #ifndef old.
      (GET_OVERLAYS_AT): Fix indentation.
      (for_each_per_buffer_object_at): New macro.
      * buffer.c (clone_per_buffer_values, reset_buffer_local_variables)
      (Fbuffer_local_variables): Use it.
      (init_buffer_once, syms_of_buffer): Remove unused #ifndef old.
      * alloc.c (allocate_buffer): Adjust to match new layout of
      struct buffer.  Fix comment.
      (mark_overlay): New function.
      (mark_buffer): Use it.  Use mark_vectorlike to mark normal
      Lisp area of struct buffer.
      (mark_object): Use it.  Adjust marking of misc objects
      and related comments.
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Tweak bug-reference-bug-regexp setting · b544fef2
      Glenn Morris authored
      * lisp/progmodes/bug-reference.el (bug-reference-bug-regexp):
      Allow linking to specific messages in debbugs reports (eg 123#5).
    • Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar
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