1. 30 Oct, 2010 1 commit
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      Unify mouse highlight code of MSDOS and GUI sessions. · d009ae66
      Eli Zaretskii authored
       xdisp.c (coords_in_mouse_face_p): Move prototype out of the
       HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM conditional.
       (x_y_to_hpos_vpos, frame_to_window_pixel_xy): Move out of the
       HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM block.
       (try_window_id) [HAVE_GPM || MSDOS]: Call
       (draw_row_with_mouse_face): Implementation for HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM
       (show_mouse_face): Call it, instead of calling draw_glyphs directly.
       (show_mouse_face, clear_mouse_face, coords_in_mouse_face_p)
       (cursor_in_mouse_face_p, rows_from_pos_range)
       (mouse_face_from_buffer_pos, mouse_face_from_string_pos)
       (note_mode_line_or_margin_highlight, note_mouse_highlight)
       (x_clear_window_mouse_face, cancel_mouse_face): Move out of the
       HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM block.  Ifdef away window-system specific
       (note_mouse_highlight): Call popup_activated for MSDOS as well.
       Clear mouse highlight if pointer is over glyphs whose OBJECT is an
       (mouse_face_from_buffer_pos): Add parentheses around && within ||.
       xmenu.c (popup_activated): Don't define on MSDOS.
       dispnew.c (mirror_make_current): Set Y coordinate of the
       mode-line and header-line rows.
       termchar.h (struct tty_display_info): Define mouse_face_*
       members not only for MSDOS.  Delete stray whitespace.
       <mouse_face_beg_x, mouse_face_beg_y, mouse_face_overlay>: New
       struct members.
       dispextern.h (DPYINFO_DEFINED) [HAVE_X_WINDOWS]: Define.
       (DPYINFO_DEFINED) [HAVE_NS]: Define.
       (Display_Info) [!DPYINFO_DEFINED]: Define here.
       (FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO): Define to NULL if not defined.
       (frame_to_window_pixel_xy, note_mouse_highlight)
       (x_clear_window_mouse_face, cancel_mouse_face, clear_mouse_face)
       (show_mouse_face, cursor_in_mouse_face_p): Move prototypes out of
       HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM conditional.
       (draw_row_with_mouse_face): Declare prototype.
       msdos.h (Display_Info): Don't define here.
       msdos.c (show_mouse_face, clear_mouse_face)
       (fast_find_position, IT_note_mode_line_highlight)
       (IT_note_mouse_highlight): Functions deleted.
       (IT_frame_up_to_date, dos_rawgetc): Call note_mouse_highlight
       instead of IT_note_mouse_highlight.
       (draw_row_with_mouse_face, popup_activated): New functions.
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