1. 27 May, 2015 9 commits
  2. 26 May, 2015 6 commits
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Handle curved quotes in info files · 5e9756e4
      Paul Eggert authored
      * lisp/calc/calc-help.el (calc-describe-thing):
      * lisp/info.el (Info-find-index-name)
      (Info-try-follow-nearest-node, Info-fontify-node):
      * lisp/vc/ediff-help.el (ediff-help-for-quick-help):
      In info files, process quotes ‘like this’ the same way we process
      quotes `like this'.  This catches a few places we missed earlier.
    • Dmitry Gutov's avatar
      xref-prompt-for-identifier: Use a list value · d86ef9fc
      Dmitry Gutov authored
      * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref-prompt-for-identifier): Allow list
      value, to be interpreted as a list of commands.
      (xref--prompt-p): New function.
      (xref--read-identifier): Use it.
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Teach MS-Windows font back-end return per-glyph ascent/descent · 53bedd3a
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      * src/w32font.h (struct w32_metric_cache): Add ascent and descent
      * src/w32font.c (w32font_text_extents): Compute, cache, and
      accumulate per-glyph ascent and descent values, instead of copying
      global values from the font.  If the values are not available from
      the font data, i.e., non-TTF fonts, fall back on font-global values.
      (compute_metrics): Compute and return per-glyph ascent and descent
      values, if returned by GetGlyphOutlineW, falling back on
      font-global values.  (Bug#20628)
      * src/w32term.c (w32_draw_rectangle): Add 1 pixel to width and
      height of rectangle to be drawn, to be compatible with
      XDrawRectangle.  Fixes glyphless-char display as hex codes in a
      box, when per-glyph ascent/descent values are used.
    • Artur Malabarba's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el: Don't sort without sorter · 45c92ddd
      Artur Malabarba authored
      (tabulated-list-print): Don't sort if sorter is nil
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      Fix Bug#20621 · f43306ae
      Michael Albinus authored
      * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-set-auto-save): Remove it.  There
      are major modes which set `auto-save-mode' on their own rules;
      Tramp shall not overwrite such settings.
      Fixes: debbugs:20621
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      * lisp/desktop.el: If modes aren't autoloaded, try simple guesswork. · db87b14e
      Glenn Morris authored
      (desktop-load-file): Guess that "foobar" defines "foobar-mode".
      (desktop-buffer-mode-handlers, desktop-minor-mode-handlers):
      Doc updates.
      (vc-dir-mode): Remove unnecessary autoload.
      ; Ref: http://debbugs.gnu.org/19226#14
  3. 25 May, 2015 14 commits
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      * lisp/term/xterm.el: Add gui-get-selection support via OSC-52 · 816a2b36
      Philipp Stephani authored
      (xterm--extra-capabilities-type): Add `getSelection'.
      (xterm--query): Add `no-async' argument.
      (xterm--init-activate-get-selection): New function.
      (terminal-init-xterm): Use it.
      (xterm--init-modify-other-keys): Rename from
      (xterm--init-bracketed-paste-mode): Rename from
      (xterm--init-activate-set-selection): Rename from
      (xterm--selection-char): New function.
      (gui-backend-set-selection): Use it.  Use the &context to only apply
      this method in terminals where we enabled the feature.
      (gui-backend-get-selection): New method.
    • Daniel Colascione's avatar
      Add C-language keyword constants to C++ · 49c8458d
      Daniel Colascione authored
      * lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-constant-kwds): Add C-language
      keyword constants to C++.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Make TAGS files more portable to MS-Windows · 1efdf7fe
      Paul Eggert authored
      * etc/NEWS: Document this.
      * lib-src/etags.c (readline_internal) [DOS_NT]:
      Don't treat CRs differently from GNUish hosts.
      * lisp/progmodes/etags.el (etags-goto-tag-location):
      Adjust STARTPOS to account for the skipped CRs in dos-style files.
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix a typo in last commit · ac59d538
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      * lib-src/etags.c (C_entries): Fix a typo.
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_1:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_2:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_3:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_4:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_5:
      * test/etags/CTAGS.good: Update due to the change in etags.c.
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix tagging of class members in C-like OO languages · 9c66c5a0
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      * lib-src/etags.c (longopts): Add new option --class-qualify and
      its shorthand -Q.
      (print_help): Add help text for --class-qualify.
      (main): Add handling of -Q.
      (consider_token, C_entries) <omethodparm>: Append argument types
      to Objective C methods only if --class-qualify was specified.
      Qualify C++, Objective C, and Java class members with their class
      names only if --class-qualify was specified.
      (C_entries): If --class-qualify was not specified, remove the
      namespace and class qualifiers from tag names of C++ methods.
      This allows to use etags.el as xref back-end without the
      tag-symbol-match-p method, which greatly increases the number of
      potentially false positives.  (Bug#20629)
      * doc/man/etags.1: Update to document the new --class-qualify
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_1:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_2:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_3:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_4:
      * test/etags/ETAGS.good_5:
      * test/etags/CTAGS.good: Update due to changes in etags.c.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      (cl-generic-define-method): Side effects are evil (bug#20644) · 9b995d55
      Stefan Monnier authored
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el (cl-generic-define-method): Don't reuse
      cons-cells that might be used as keys in an `equal' hash-table.
    • Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen's avatar
      Make erc timestamps visible again · 969f3fb2
      Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen authored
      * lisp/erc/erc-stamp.el (erc-munge-invisibility-spec): Make
      timestamps visible again (if requested).
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix last change in etags.c that broke tagging compresed files · adc846ad
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      * lib-src/etags.c (process_file_name) [MSDOS || DOS_NT]: Fix
      quoting of decompression shell command for MS-Windows/MS-DOS.
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-tagbody): Scope cl--tagbody-alist · b15c6395
      Stefan Monnier authored
      Fixes: debbugs:20639
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      Fix typo in 89035e24 · 6b442df4
      Michael Albinus authored
    • Orivej Desh's avatar
      Fix IPv6 addresses in Tramp · 93760219
      Orivej Desh authored
      * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-make-copy-program-file-name):
      Add sqare brackets around host name.
      Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
    • Michael Albinus's avatar
      Inhibit `epa-file-handler' in Tramp · 89035e24
      Michael Albinus authored
      Fixes: debbugs:20634
      * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-via-buffer)
      (tramp-sh-handle-insert-file-contents-literally): Inhibit also
    • Stefan Monnier's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Use PAT rather than UPAT in docstring · dde09cdb
      Stefan Monnier authored
      (pcase-let): Document the behavior in case the pattern doesn't match.
  4. 24 May, 2015 8 commits
    • Artur Malabarba's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el: New optional print method · c205098b
      Artur Malabarba authored
      (tabulated-list-print): New optional argument, UPDATE.  If
      non-nil, the list is printed by only adding and deleting the
      changed entries, instead of erasing the whole buffer.  This method
      is much faster when few or no entries have changed.
      * doc/lispref/modes.texi (Tabulated List Mode): Document it.
      * etc/NEWS: Document it.
    • Artur Malabarba's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el: Improve printing · d3835098
      Artur Malabarba authored
      (tabulated-list--get-sorter): New function.
      (tabulated-list-print): Restore window-line when remember-pos is
      passed and optimize away the `nreverse'.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Simpilify etags TEX mode scanning · 675c90a3
      Paul Eggert authored
      * lib-src/etags.c (TEX_mode, TEX_esc, TEX_opgrp, TEX_clgrp):
      Remove static vars.
      (TeX_commands): Deduce escapes here instead.
      (TEX_LESC, TEX_SESC, TEX_mode): Remove; all uses removed.
      This removes the need for a reset_input call.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Improve etags I/O error reporting · 379d77df
      Paul Eggert authored
      * lib-src/etags.c:
      Don't include sys/types.h and sys/stat.h; no longer needed.
      (infilename): New static var.
      (process_file_name): Don't call 'stat'.  Instead, just open the
      file for reading and report any errors.  Don't bother making
      a copy of the file argument; it's not needed.  Be more careful to
      use the failing errno when reporting an error.
      Quote the real name better (though no perfectly)
      when passing it to the shell.
      (reset_input): New function, which reports I/O errors.
      All uses of 'rewind' changed to use this function.
      (perhaps_more_input): New function, which also checks for
      I/O errors.  All uses of 'feof' changed to use this function.
      (analyze_regex): Report an error if fclose fails.
      (readline_internal): Report an error if getc fails.
      (etags_mktmp): Return an error if close fails.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      etags.c: avoid side effects in 'if' · 3441b0cc
      Paul Eggert authored
      * lib-src/etags.c (process_file_name, Perl_functions)
      (TEX_decode_env): Hoist side effects into previous statement.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      .gitignore tweaks · efa6f10a
      Paul Eggert authored
      * .gitignore: Ignore all *.stamp files.  Sort.
      Ignore [0-9]*.txt (commonly used name for git patches)
      and /vc-dwim-log-* (vc-dwim temporary).
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files. · 319d65c7
      Glenn Morris authored
    • Eli Zaretskii's avatar
      Fix last change in etags.c, which failed the test suite · b98a2ef7
      Eli Zaretskii authored
      * lib-src/etags.c (intoken): Add '$' to the set, as it was there
      before the last change.
  5. 23 May, 2015 3 commits
    • Glenn Morris's avatar
      Remove charset map files from repository, generate in first bootstrap · 9f89ea1f
      Glenn Morris authored
      * admin/charsets/Makefile.in (${srcdir}/charsets.stamp): New.
      (all): Create the stamp file.
      (extraclean): Delete the stamp file.
      * src/Makefile.in (lispintdir, charsets): New variables.
      (${lispintdir}/cp51932.el, ${lispintdir}/eucjp-ms.el, ${charsets}):
      New rules.
      (emacs$(EXEEXT), temacs$(EXEEXT)): Depend on $charsets.
      * lisp/international/cp51932.el, lisp/international/eucjp-ms.el:
      * etc/charsets/*.map: Remove from repository.
      ; * admin/charsets/mapconv: Fix typo in output comment.
      ; * etc/charsets/README: Small update.
      ; * .gitignore: Update for charset changes.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Cleanup etags.c to use locale-independent code · fb11a5e1
      Paul Eggert authored
      Although this doesn't alter behavior (as etags doesn't use
      setlocale), the new version is more clearly locale-independent and
      the executable is a bit smaller on my platform.
      * lib-src/etags.c: Include <limits.h>, for UCHAR_MAX.
      Include <c-ctype.h> instead of <ctype.h>.
      (CHARS, CHAR, init, _wht, _nin, _itk, _btk, _etk, white, nonam, endtk)
      (begtk, midtk):
      Remove; no longer needed.
      (iswhite, ISALNUM, ISALPHA, ISDIGIT, ISLOWER, lowcase): Remove.
      All callers changed to use c_isspace, c_isalnum, c_isalpha, c_isdigit,
      c_islower, c_tolower, respectively.
      (notinname, begtoken, intoken, endtoken): Rewrite as functions
      instead of macros, and initialize the tables at compile-time
      rather than at run-time.
    • Paul Eggert's avatar
      Put default action first in src/Makefile · fa658b2e
      Paul Eggert authored
      * src/Makefile.in (all): Put this rule before lisp.mk.
      That way, plain 'make' works in the src directory again.