1. 09 Mar, 1993 5 commits
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      (rmail-update-summary): New function. · d41d75fb
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (rmail-new-summary): New arg redo-form.  Considerable rewrite
      of how and when buffers are selected.
      (rmail-summary-mode): New local vars rmail-summary-redo,
      revert-buffer-function, post-command-hook, rmail-current-message.
      (rmail-summary-expunge): Use rmail-update-summary.
      (rmail-summary-get-new-mail): Likewise.
      (rmail-summary-expunge-and-save): Likewise.
      (rmail-summary-input): Don't update summary at all.
      (rmail-summary-reply): Do the work inside save-window-excursion,
      then switch to the mail buffer.
      (rmail-summary-retry-failure): Likewise.
      (rmail-summary-edit-current-message): Delete spurious autoload.
      (rmail-summary-summary): Function deleted.
      Use plain rmail-summary on h and C-M-h.
      (rmail-summary-rmail-update): New function.
      Big rewrite from weiner@pts.mot.com.
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      (rmail-delete-forward): Go to summary buf to change D mark. · bd1f0f84
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      Always do the motion in the rmail buffer; let that handle summary.
      (rmail-undelete-previous-message): Likewise.
      (rmail-select-summary): New macro.
      (rmail-show-message): Use rmail-select-summary.
      (rmail-get-new-mail): Likewise.
      (rmail-expunge): Likewise.
      (rmail-bury): Record Rmail buffer to bury it later.
      Major changes from Bob Weiner <weiner@pts.mot.com>
      Handle some Emacs 18 function names to run in 18.
      This is to facilitate working with Weiner.
      (rmail-reply-prefix): New variable.
      (rmail-reply): Use that variable to add to subject.
      (rmail-retry-failure): Change binding to M-m.
      (rmail-forward): Look for >From as well as for From.
      Handle case where neither is found.
      (rmail-last-regexp): New variable.
      (rmail-mode): Make rmail-last-regexp local.
      (rmail): Don't update rmail-mode data for old buffer
      if it's not in rmail mode.
      Error if in Rmail Edit mode.
      (rmail-bury): New command, plus key binding.
      (rmail-summary-by-topic): New key binding.
      (rmail-insert-inbox-text): Check for pop case earlier.
      (rmail-convert-to-babyl-format): Handle Content-Length field.
      (rmail-maybe-display-summary): New function.
      (rmail-redisplay-summary): New user option.
      (rmail-undelete-previous-message, rmail-delete-forward):
      (rmail-get-new-mail, rmail-show-message): Update summary buffer if any.
      Call rmail-maybe-display-summary to put it back on screen.
      (rmail-only-expunge): Renamed from rmail-expunge.
      (rmail-expunge): New function.
      (rmail-message-recipients-p, rmail-message-regexp-p): New functions.
      (rmail-summary-exists, rmail-summary-displayed): New functions.
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      (set-mark): Activate the mark. · af39530e
      Richard M. Stallman authored
      (mark): Handle region-active.  New optional arg FORCE.
      (exchange-point-and-mark, push_mark): Pass FORCE.
      (set-mark-command): Likewise.
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      entered into RCS · af9157b9
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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      Initial revision · b0dbaa21
      Richard M. Stallman authored
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