1. 06 Jul, 2017 2 commits
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      Convert hex digits more systematically · d6662694
      Paul Eggert authored
      This makes the code a bit smaller and presumably faster, as
      it substitutes a single lookup for conditional jumps.
      * src/character.c (hexdigit): New constant.
      (syms_of_character) [HEXDIGIT_IS_CONST]: Initialize it.
      * src/character.h (HEXDIGIT_CONST, HEXDIGIT_IS_CONST): New macros.
      (hexdigit): New decl.
      (char_hexdigit): New inline function.
      * src/charset.c: Do not include c-ctype.h.
      * src/charset.c (read_hex):
      * src/editfns.c (styled_format):
      * src/image.c (xbm_scan):
      * src/lread.c (read_escape):
      * src/regex.c (ISXDIGIT) [emacs]:
      Use char_hexdigit insted of doing it by hand.
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      Don’t use -Woverride-init · 24faf6b0
      Paul Eggert authored
      I have some further changes in mind that would also need to
      disable the -Woverride-init warnings.  In practice these warnings
      seem to be more trouble than they’re worth, so disable them in the
      cc command line.
      * configure.ac: Disable -Woverride-init here ...
      * src/bytecode.c: ... rather than here.
  2. 05 Jul, 2017 20 commits
  3. 03 Jul, 2017 14 commits
  4. 02 Jul, 2017 4 commits
    • Noam Postavsky's avatar
      Split shr-copy-url dwim behavior into separate functions (Bug#26826) · 1b4f0a92
      Noam Postavsky authored
      * lisp/net/shr.el (shr-url-at-point, shr-probe-url)
      (shr-probe-and-copy-url, shr-maybe-probe-and-copy-url): New functions,
      split out from `shr-copy-url'.
      (shr-copy-url): Only copy the url, don't fetch it.
      (shr-map): Bind 'w' and 'u' to `shr-maybe-probe-and-copy-url', which
      has the same behavior as the old `shr-copy-url'.
      * etc/NEWS: Announce changes.
    • Alex Branham's avatar
      Make eww-search-words prompt for query if nothing selected · 1fd6ca40
      Alex Branham authored
      * lisp/net/eww.el (eww-search-words): Make eww-search-words prompt the
      user for a search query if the region is inactive or if the region is
      just whitespace.
      Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
    • Noam Postavsky's avatar
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-print.el (cl-print-compiled-button): t by default. · 9a65b577
      Noam Postavsky authored
      * lisp/emacs-lisp/debug.el (debugger-insert-backtrace):
      * lisp/help-fns.el (describe-variable): No need to let-bind
      `cl-print-compiled-button' to t anymore.
    • Philipp Stephani's avatar
      Electric quotes: Improve support for Markdown mode (Bug#24709) · 34d4720f
      Philipp Stephani authored
      Introduce a new user option 'electric-quote-context-sensitive'.  If
      non-nil, have ' insert an opening quote if sensible.
      Also introduce a new variable 'electric-quote-code-faces'.  Major
      modes such as 'markdown-mode' can add faces to this list to treat text
      as inline code and disable electric quoting.
      * lisp/electric.el (electric-quote-context-sensitive): New user
      (electric-quote-code-faces): New variable.
      (electric-quote-post-self-insert-function): Treat ' as ` if
      desired and applicable; disable electric quoting for given faces.
      * test/lisp/electric-tests.el (electric-quote-opening-single)
      (electric-quote-closing-single, electric-quote-opening-double)
      (electric-quote-markdown-in-code): New unit tests.