1. 25 Dec, 1999 1 commit
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      Version 1.2 is released. · e33e080c
      Gerd Moellmann authored
      (antlr): This package has a web page.
      Menu/keymap additions for commenting/uncommenting
      regions.  Suggested by Dale Davis <Dale_Davis@securify.com>.
      (antlr-mode-map): New binding [C-c C-c].
      (antlr-mode-menu): New entries.
      Respect Emacs conventions.
      ((require 'cl)): Only use during compilation.
      (antlr-language-for-option): New function to avoid using `find'.
      (antlr-mode): Use it.
      (antlr-with-syntax-table): Define new instead using XEmacs' one.
      (antlr-imenu-create-index-function): Change accordingly.
      (antlr-inside-rule-p): Ditto.
      (antlr-end-of-rule): Ditto.
      (antlr-end-of-body): Ditto.
      (antlr-beginning-of-rule): Ditto.
      (antlr-indent-line): Ditto.
      Really use `antlr-tab-offset-alist'.
      (antlr-set-tabs): Don't use hard-coded values.
      Minor navigation changes.  Not perfect, but this
      won't be possible without a huge time penalty.
      (antlr-skip-exception-part): Be more specific.
      (antlr-skip-file-prelude): Don't skip action prelude of next rule.
      Renamed from `antlr-skip-grammar-header'.
      (antlr-next-rule): Change accordingly.
      (antlr-end-of-body): Ditto.  Better error message.
      (antlr-beginning-of-body): Better error message.
      (antlr-imenu-create-index-function): Skip rule action prelude.
      Minor syntax highlighting changes.
      (antlr-font-lock-default-face): Deletia.
      (antlr-font-lock-tokendef-face): Changed color.
      (antlr-font-lock-tokenref-face): Changed color.
      (antlr-font-lock-literal-face): Changed color.
      (antlr-font-lock-additional-keywords): Minor changes.
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      Font-lock changes by Anders Lindgren. · 3476b54a
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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      *** empty log message *** · 2936437d
      Gerd Moellmann authored
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